Covid Surge, Fourth Wave

Covid Surge, Fourth Wave

Covid Surge Finally Dying? U.S. Reports Fewest New Cases In Almost 8 Months

Is the Covid surge finally dying?

5/4/2021 10:03:00 AM

Is the Covid surge finally dying?

The new case count was under 30,000 for the first time since September.

ToplineThe U.S. added fewer than 30,000 new Covid cases over the past day—the fewest since early September, according to, as the fourth American Covid surge appears finally to be dying down.More than 100 million have now been fully vaccinated in the United States.

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gettyKey FactsThere were 29,367 cases added over the past day, Johns Hopkins reported—the lowest daily case increase since September 8.New cases have been steadily declining over the past few weeks, after peaking at an average of more than 70,000 a day in mid-April during the height of the fourth U.S. coronavirus surge.

Hospitalizations and deaths lag behind changes in new case counts, but both of those metrics are also showing declines.According to aNew York Timestracker, hospitalizations were at 41,929 on April 29 (the most recent date stats are available), down from a high of 47,643 on April 14.

The 7-day average for deaths is now at 694, according to the Times, putting the death count back on a declining track after a brief rise to more than 750 a day in mid-April.Crucial Quote"I'm pretty sure we're done with this so called 4th wave," Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, said last week."Thank goodness."

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Statements on Passing of Michael Collins

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk on the passing of Michael Collins:

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