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COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Affect Your Sexual Performance, but COVID-19 Might

Just in case you were wondering.

9/16/2021 5:07:00 AM

Just in case you were wondering.

Just in case you were wondering.

).On the other hand, there is some preliminary evidence that the coronavirus can cause issues with sexual performance—especially for those with penises. For instance, a small study published in the journalAndrologylooked at survey data for 100 sexually active men (25 had COVID-19 at some point, 75 did not). Their results showed that men who had COVID-19 were much more likely to report having erectile dysfunction than those who hadn't had the virus.

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Another recent study, this one published in theWorld Journal of Men's Health, actually looked at tissue samples from four people (two of whom had COVID-19 previously) undergoing surgery to treat severe erectile dysfunction. The researchers detected viral particles in tissue from both of the participants even though they had long gotten over their infections. They also found evidence of issues with endothelial cells (which line blood vessels) in those who'd had COVID-19, which suggests that the virus can actually affect sexual function by damaging those cells.

That's why theAmerican Society for Reproductive Medicine(ASRM) recommends COVID-19 vaccines to men who are eligible to receive them. “COVID-19 vaccines should be offered to men desiring fertility, similar to men not desiring fertility, when they meet criteria for vaccination,” the ASRM said in a statement. (The ASRM does note that some people develop a fever after vaccination, and a fever can temporarily reduce sperm production, “but that would be similar to or less than if the individual experienced fever from developing COVID-19 or for other reasons.” A recent study in

JAMAconfirmed that it's unlikely you'll experience a significant drop in sperm production after the vaccine.) Read more: SELF »

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Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19Bob Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications due to COVID-19 in recent weeks. F around and find out He died doing what he loved. I would not make him get this one, but it mighta helped. Not my choice. May he Rest In Peace. Now, let’s stop reporting on these cases with the tone and suggestion that they deserved to die.

Covid-19: NI records 10 Covid-linked deaths,1,304 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,478.

Colorado radio host who urged boycott of vaccines dies of Covid-19Bob Enyart, recalled by his co-host as ‘the wisest person I’ve known’, also reportedly mocked people who died of Aids The death of Bob Enyart, who was also a pastor at Denver Bible church, was announced two weeks after he had reportedly been taken to hospital. Photograph: aleksandr Lychagin/Alamy Bob Enyart, a rightwing talk radio host in Colorado who urged people to boycott vaccines for Covid-19, has died of Covid-19. Enyart’s death was reported two weeks after the Denver Bible church said he a RIP, I don't wish anyone dead even if they have been PROVEN wrong on more than one occassion.

Pope Francis Confused Why People Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccines“It’s a bit strange, because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” the Pontiff said. good Correct. However at present we're in a decade of anti intellectual and anti science fascists who masquerade as populists.

FDA Says Covid-19 Vaccines Remain Effective Without BoostersThe Food and Drug Administration said vaccines cleared in the U.S. currently provide protection against severe disease and death from Covid-19, potentially complicating the Biden administration’s deliberations over the need for booster shots We don’t buy bitcoin We earn bitcoin From Mining I'm ready to show 10 lucky people on how to earn 0.1 ($4,845) and more daily! No referral No withdrawal fees Interested people only Kindly send us a DM We need boosters to keep the window of opportunity open longer…

Few people medically exempt from getting COVID-19 vaccine: ExpertsMedical experts who have been keeping track of COVID-19 vaccines and their effectiveness, say there are very few situations and conditions which would force a patient to put off getting vaccinated. Religious Exemptions should not apply. Zealots are part of the Trump base movement, earning their living in science and technology based companies. Their personalities align with addictive substance abusers when following Trump and their wacky religious ways It's almost like you're trying to sell exemptions as an option. WTF is MSM doing lately? Pushing narratives clouds the idea that objectivity is a thing.