Covid-19 patient dies in Guernsey Bailiwick hospital

Covid-19 patient dies in Guernsey Bailiwick hospital

7/31/2021 8:43:00 PM

Covid-19 patient dies in Guernsey Bailiwick hospital

There are currently 45 known active cases in the Bailiwick, the government said.

The hospital was experiencing a high number of admissions and some delayed discharges, States of Guernsey saidA person has died with coronavirus in hospital in Guernsey, the government said.The states of Guernseyannounced on Twitterthe person who was being treated died on Friday.

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The government stated the Bailiwick currently had one case of Covid-19 in the hospital and 45 known active cases.It said 16 people hadin total, four of which were in hospital.There had been a further two "additional" or "presumptive" Covid-19 deaths, it said.

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