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Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's home

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation after she read the names and addresses of several...

6/29/2020 3:52:00 PM

A video shows an unidentified couple in St. Louis pointing guns at protesters who were marching to demand the mayor's resignation after she read the names and addresses of some residents who supported defunding the police during an online briefing.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation after she read the names and addresses of several...

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation after she read the names and addresses of several residents who supported defunding the police department during an online briefing.

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Asocial media videoshowed the armed couple standing outside of their large home Sunday evening in the upscale Central West End neighborhood of the Missouri city.In the video, the unidentified couple shouted at protesters, while people in the march moved the crowd forward, urging participants to ignore them. People in the crowd included Black and white protesters.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether St. Louis police were aware of the incident. An email and phone call from The Associated Press to police weren’t immediately answered.The group of at least 500 people was heading toward Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home, chanting, “Resign Lyda, take the cops with you,” news outlets reported.

ADVERTISEMENTResignation demands come after a Friday Facebook live briefing, where Krewson read the names and addresses of several residents who wrote letters to the mayor suggesting she defund the police department.The video was removed from Facebook and Krewson apologized Friday, stating she didn’t “intend to cause distress.”

The names and letters are considered public records but Krewson’s actions received heavy backlash. Read more: The Associated Press »

I feel like people would be more behind this couple if they were wearing black hoodies and masks. And also waving the guns at cops. How come both of them are barefoot? If they attack all you need is a handful of Lego. McCloskeys on their property! AP can't tell the truth cuz they believe it's absolutely true that there is no absolute truth, absolutely! Wow, they posit truth to claim it doesn't exist? True? Round & round we go. How about this? Abortion is suicide by proxy. Care to deny?

Why didn’t they call the police? Appears she needs some firearms training. Is he holding an AR-15? Who has those for self defense?She might have been better served filming the protest going by. Just imagine crazy white people like this and no cops to protect you. Good for them!!! Trespass and get shot. Seems fairly simple even for window licking liberals.

Good to see citizens defending themselves against the BLM terrorists, arsonists, and destroyers of people's businesses and livelihoods. Anyone who backs BLM is no better. I see people protecting themselves against a group of people that they don’t know and don’t know what their intentions are Protesters be like- Defund the police! We can police ourselves....4 shootings in CHOP and several deaths. Arrest these lawful people! Where are the police?

And they are Democrats! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It his interview, this man says the Mayor does not even live on their street. This was staged THAT house only costs $1.15 mil A small condo in NYC is nearly $2 mil. I would gues that house would go for $15-25 mil in NY. Like the way you wrote your so called news report, the protesters went through their gate n was trespassing, the Law allows you to protect your property.... GOD BLESS THEM N I HOPE THEY WILL SURVIVE THIS BECAUSE OF SHABBY WRITERS...

Why don’t we send the mob to your house and see how safe you feel. Brandishing a weapon is actually punishable by 20 years in prison I'm protecting my home and the way people are acting these days. I must defend it They need to go to jail you’re leaving out some details here AP. The couple has been identified as Mark and Patricia McCloskey, personal-injury lawyers.

Oh Prager said today that a black college woman who looked at herself in the mirror and reflected on the fact that her lighter skin was probably the result of rape was an ingrate. He said a decent person would have focused on her current success & not the evil done to her ancestors You conveniently forget to mention that the protesters open a gate and entered onto private property and we’re marching around when they were confronted by a very alarmed couple looking to protect their “private “property!!!!

Here's something more appalling: Denis Prager said today that blacks should not dwell on slavery because the murders and rapes happened more than a hundred years ago not like the holocaust that happened less than a hundred years ago. Not for long will they be anonymous. Has no one taught them they can only shoot someone that breaks into their home to steal from them or harm them? The crazy unleashed by white supremacist Trump is off the charts! Nothing great about America now.

I have always looked to AP for unbiased journalism. This is not an example of that. On their private Street, there shouldn't be any private streets anywhere. These people are the top of the tree where the real hate lives. YOU FORGOT TO AD “WHILE STANDING ON THERE ON PROPERTY”!!!!! YOU SCUM BUCKETS Bet the little fuckers didn’t come near them!

Good for those people. 2A at its finest. Mark and Patricia McCloskey A couple of idiots. IF the crowd WAS armed as he claims...(A) Don’t come out of cover (B) Don’t give up the high ground. Had this been an actual armed “mob” with intent to harm, Ken & Karen would have been picked off by someone on the periphery. They were their own biggest danger

Gd for thm, will do the same Who broke a gate and invaded a private property Look how idiot is holding the gun close to her husband head. Busted gates! ap is in the lying business🤥 Missouri AR15 SaintLouis NEED MUCH MORE OF THIS. Meet the couple The mayor did what?! they broke down gates of a gated community and trespassed on private property this is breaking the law but i guess this is what they want mob rule

Isn’t that illegal? White privilege at its finest. Weapons and money. These two racists need to be locked up, but white power will not do that. White people didn’t kneel before the mob and allow their shit to just get ruined? It’s about time we some some of that for a change. The message is : FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT

Protesters who illegally entered a private gated community. Please report accurately. We pray the African American community in STL w/b moved to unite politically in order to have its voice heard from the highest level of City Hall. Amen. BLM PowerToThePeople About that - Breaking through a gate with riotous approach on private property and vastly outnumbering the resident - hard to believe the couple would dare to defend their home.

Unidentified? Isn’t that their house? Aren’t real estate records public information? This should t be hard, . Angrily exhibiting a weapon in the presence of one or more people Class D felony in MO Class D felony. Display of a weapon in a threatening manner is illegal under Missouri law. Shoulda shot em Hey AP, do you at least mention in the article that the protestors went through a small gate marked “private road” and were trespassing on residential property?

Left out the part where this mob tore down a gate in order to be there, and were trespassing on clearly marked private property. Shouldn't you mention the tore down a gate to access the private property. They have a right to protect thier home. Hollywood enough showing gang members and violence... Karen is the New Menace to Society! Bitch in the Burbs!

Liars. They were not protesters, they were criminal trespassers. Watching the videos, the fact that neither of them accidentally shot someone—or each other, the way they were sweeping those barrels around indiscriminately—is amazing. To those that don't understand why some people are for gun control: it's due to irresponsible owners like this.

There’s your pulitzerprize Everyone who calls for police defunding should never be given police help in case of emergency. Their names should be known to PD and help refused any time this person calls the cops for help. Mark and Patricia McCloskey Missouri law, A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons, except as otherwise provided by sections 571.101 to 571.121,Exhibits, in the presence of one or more persons, any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner; or, ACLU,USAO_WDMO

Sorry, with the rioters and looters. There is no reason to trust any of them. The people were defending themselves, so they didn't have to defend themselves. Kudos's to them. BLM, and Antifa are hate groups, and terrorist groups. No reason to trust the for you safety. 'Krewson apologized Friday, stating she didn’t “intend to cause distress.”' I don't think that's an apology.

So protesters can destroy whatever they want, but when someone stands up to defend his/her property from being looted or destroyed, they are the bad person? Whatever! Seems like unlawful brandishing. Hopefully they get their license to carry taken away. They are clearly a threat to society. Lol liberals are having a meltdown because someone legally beat them down.

Isn’t it amazing how the media had no issue with the armed terrorists outside of CHOP but are outraged over two law-abiding citizens arming themselves to defend their own home? 🤔 I hear DUMP retweeted this ..dont know if it is true or not , But if it is .. It tells it all .. Mostly peaceful couple Not unidentified at all.

I few things about your article....1) who cares if they are white? 2) who cares if their house is large,3) they were on their own property protecting that property based on history. I stopped reading this article Welcome to the future the 'protesters' are creating. A world where the police are neutered and only the wealthy can afford real protection. I didn't know becoming a third world nation was 'progress'.

Really? This is going to be the picture that their going to use as proof? Neither of them are pointing at people in the picture! Unless the woman is pointing at a 20' tall protester? I know some of them act like there are that tall when they are screaming in people's faces but? She stood there finger on trigger with gun pointed directly at them.

Oh my ... wypeepo going crazy 😜 Likely sharing Keir Stamer`s view about defunding the police. this is what people do without police, if you're wondering. equivocating over whether this specific instance is justified or not is willingly missing the point that *this is what your ideal world looks like*. you can't say we should break bottles then complain about the glass.

(3) Maybe, hold your guns, don’t point at people if there is no immediate threats. From this photo, the man did not appear to point his gun at the protests. The woman pointed her gun quite high. Tsk tsk tsk. Indeed very professional reporting by AP. Did you intentionally leave out some key information?

(1) do not know about the gun law in Missouri. So not sure if their action was legal or illegal. (2) support the right for peaceful demonstration. Also support the right to protect yourself, your family, and your home. TRUMP 2020 why are you still lying? you dont know who this couple is? half of 12 y.os on twitter know who they are how the fuck u writing this article and you dont know? you should fire this journalist considering they clearly dont care to their job

Epitome of hate! Good. I hope more do the same. 'Brandishing' firearms in a threatening manner like this is illegal in most places. They should be arrested. Their guns should be confiscated. And Trump's gleeful retweet of their photo is further proof of his unfitness to lead. “Couple Exercises Second Ammendment Right to Defend Their Home from Trespassers.” There, I fixed the headline for you.

Hopefully these ‘protesters’ will all be identified and charged with criminal trespass. Problem solved. Bahahaha they broke into a gated property. A Mob holding communist and anarchist flags. AP should be ashamed but this is planned. Protesters were on private property. This is old news already AP...get a grip!

They are not unidientified. We’ve seen theirnparlor and law practice so far. Lots more to come. It’s mark and patty mcclosky The Americans who are Americans are getting tired of these damaging protests! BarbP11 It's just a matter of time before something terrible happens and our President lacks the will or ability to stop any of it AllRoadsLeadToPutin ResignNow

If they were black, they’d be dead Keeping and bearing arms is and ought to be a nearly unlimited personal right. Whether it is prudent to come outside to confront a hostile mob is a different question. They are voting with the same hate this November Yup and the protestors moved on. But she scares me 😳

Holy mackerel, this actually happened! Now imagine if they were black or LatinX - what you'd see there right now is a giant crater where they were standing at the time 🤣🤦‍♀️ Let’s see if they get any charges... A briefly unidentified couple.... Lol the protestors trespassed a gated community. AP NEWS, Do people have rights? That couple has all the right to do what they did.

Can someone please go “march” on the property of the idiot who wrote this crazy misleading and false story has written on these “white people?” Angry mob breaks down gate and trespasses on private property is met with the 2nd amendment is the headline ...of course race bating is what you do best its the wild, wild west..we just keep going backwards

BE COOL HONEY BUNNY As always, 'journalism' fails to report all the facts. For example the group was marching over private land, no permits, no police presence. The white couple? Simply keeping a large group of unknown people away from their home. Reason to protest? Legit. Location? Not so much. This is the face of two pigs clinging to the last of their sanity knowing that the deal they made with the Devil is about come due. I love it!!!!

All these different points of views, when they could have come out, fist proudly in the air, shouting BLM. They could have chose to walk with them. They could have been upset at the cause, why the march was important. They could have seen a hundred different view points. This is Jake Fromm’s utopia FYI This is what you condone POLITICO. By promoting defunding the police m, this will become the norm... and I guarantee you that all hard working Americans will defend their lives and property from these thugs.

The group broke into a private, gated community by breaking through a gate. Shouldn’t we condone this behaviour? If we want to defund/abolish the police, then responsible home owners should take the active role of defending their property and community. Get rid of the police, and these folks will be free to protect their property as they see fit. Be careful what you wish for.

Is this what the 'well-regulated militia' referred to in the Second Amendment actually looks like? Seriously? ResignNowTrump TrumpIsKillingUs He is MARK McCLOSKEY. Arrest him for assault. Not wearing a mask can be just as dangerous as pointing a loaded gun at someone. Both can be deadly. The person's uncovered mouth has a high chance of shooting a deadly virus at other people every time they yell. Wearing a mask is like keeping the safety on.

Wow what a misleading headline. of course failed to mention they were on a private street in a private neighborhood. And now the video has surfaced of the mod pushing through a gate onto that private street. FakeNews That’s a human nature reaction, whenever you feel threatened,regardless of skin color

That’s America. That right there. Nothing great about that. Nothing! Couple was legally armed & protestors were trespassing & nothing on the news out of Chicago where a black man actually shot & killed two black teens bc they asked him how tall he was. Why is that? We’re they actually being threatened ? If not that’s not appropriate. I mean really.

When you went through that gate, you lost all credibility. Protest or not, it's not your right to trespass. Still a private community though There are many guns out there. Especially in the hands of white racists. Things can become very ugly, because the great Dominator in the White House is inflaming racial discrimination every day.

From the news aggregator Just a reminder. If they were 12 year old blacks, the police would have shot them dead. How r they still unidentifiable? “A couple exercised their Second Amendment right when confronted by those who over stepped their First Amendment right.” Fixed it for ya. We have to defend our property!! Specially without police!

Key follow up questions: were the marchers on the property of these people? Were the protestor saying anything threatening to these people? What are the Missouri laws related to open carry? TIL people in St Louis need M-16s to defend their homes from peaceful protesters. Mark & Patricia McCloskey of McCloskey Law Center

When we have seen a month’s worth of billions in property destruction and people being brutally beaten for defending their property and your big issue is with a couple defending their private property we are really missing the forest for the trees. More of this will happen if protestors DO NOT stop! Hey why did I have to look up 'Castle Doctrine' on my own and read how the state has a 'stand your ground' law? You could have easily put it in the article instead of filling it with stuff everyone has already heard.

Pictured: Examples of “responsible” gun owners. America , lol The only thing I see wrong with this, is the wife should of had an AR-15 too. It’s only fair. Democrats protest with their voice. Republicans protest with their guns. Who’s the smart one here? Krewson called out the names and letters which are considered public records. The mob has rights to protest so does the state have rights in outing their nonsense.

You forgot the part about them breaking onto private property. That’s Ken and Karen Aren't they each brandishing a firearm? Police have arrested people for that, why not them? More like mob entering their private property. Fools Mark Mc Closky, a medical malpractice attorney in Missouri. Defend your property when the police are not available because leftists want them removed.

Oh they are widely identified! GenCarlosQ17 And the protesters were singing love songs and giving out rainbow unicorn stickers too...ur so vain u probably think the songs were about u... tellthemtomarchinyourneighborhood Everyone please try to find some common ground somewhere the division must end! E.L.E humanrace

A better headline would be: “People protesting to defund police upset when AK Karen shows up to remind them of the alternative.” Good. Lock them up. ''unidentified'' They were doxed 10 hours ago or something lol. ...And no incident occurred!!! You gotta love a AK47 in the hands of a pissed off conservative, in the streets. Its like some 3rd world country.

the house Its good to see more people standing up and not taking this BS. If you want to protest, go to some park and protest peacefully. You should NOT be targeting people’s houses. That’s crossing the line. Someone not in the mood to kneel 😁😁😁 SPEECHLESS It's illegal in this country to point a gun at anyone unless you or someone else in your immediate area are in danger to great harm or death.

Sure go ahead protect your 'property' but he shoots that thing and it will be the Draft Riots scene in Gangs of New York Her finger is on the trigger she's getting ready to blow her hubby away. Maybe he has a big insurance policy. She needs NRA Safety Course! They illegally invaded into private property! Stupid and evil MSM FakeNews!

Private property. Private street. No trespassing signs. So why should they assume there wouldn’t be a bum rush up to their house with no police presence. You show overwhelming force potential to stave off potential attack. Common sense Fuck this Crackers Alternate ending: Bonnie and Clyde lived, escape, and retire. They become Wal-Mart shopping, Trump voting, ass-hats.

Looks like neither one of them had ever shot the guns before their life if they pointed the gun at somebody I'd say was attempted murder somebody should have shot them.☠☠😡 oh they have been identified they are LAWYERS hahahaha With what we have been seeing lately who can blame them? Disingenuous at best. These people broke into a gated property.

Fact check/ you are stone cold lying They didn't 'march past,' “peacefully.” They marched through a gate, into private property, past a big sign that said 'no trespassing.' They've been identified, go ahead and identify them please. Don't trespass. People have the right to defend their property. Oh, and they would've walked right past this sign, so spare me the 'public sidewalk' argument.

After they entered through a gate with a sign clearly stated 'No Trespassing'. On their personal property. Funny how all you news types leave this important point out of your headline. Privileged white people losing their shit. smh A black couple would've been dead as fuck for pulling a stunt like this. And Missouri would've changed their gun laws in an emergency session 8 hours later

You are truly the enemy of the people. No one was hurt, no property (other than the gate they broke through) was damaged. An armed society Is a polite society. You forgot to put “heroic couple” in your tweet. Dear you are not good at headlines, news, facts & stuff. Maybe consider PR or advertising, something where ethics and balance are less important. It appears that you have a future in that line of work.

Trespassing on private property ! Ap is fake news .... Good! Stop trying to intimidate people at their homes! What a long headline to 'unjustify' defending themselves from a murderous mob, where police were absent St Loius has a democratic mayor I watched this video and never saw the homeowner point the gun at the potential looters.... is FakeNews

I love it. Pink polo shirt . Yuppie witha gun . Hilarious . This group was not protesting peacefully, they were trespassing on private property with clear and conspicuous signage at all neighborhood entrances. Do an ounce of research before reporting lawful action of these residents. Hell, check GoogleMaps Street View; it’s not hard.

What are they so afraid of? Oh, never mind..... BLM racistAF unlawful or not, it was stupid! They entered a private gate onto a private street. The 'protestors' are lucky they didn't get shot. identify them You forgot to mention that the peaceful protesters were on the couple's lawn. They invaded their property. The homeowners were going to make sure that they don't get robbed.

Unidentified? They are identified. MARK AND PATRICIA McCLOSKEY. Their alcoholic beverages on their veranda and the illegal brandishing of weapons WHILE intoxicated were also seen by millions at this point! I wonder how the ABAesq feels about this? Why is it that every photo posted of these two their pointing their guns at eachother 🤣

They trespassed a private property ignoring the sign The right always assumes their the only one with guns lol. What you think i sold em all? Lol dre The mass public not only know their names, their faces, but their address of home residence as well. Not a smart move. She literally put a bullseye on their backs. SMH

She has her finger on the trigger and points it at the back of her “partners” head. Talk about gun safety negligence. Way to stoke those🔥 “A white couple”. FYI: i’m sure it was an oversight, to leave out , the protesters we’re on their driveway, they trespassed through the owners private gate. As a news organization I’m sure you wanna report the news thoroughly. AP is against self defense

Do they teach the karens to put the hand on the hip like that? Good for them! I bet they didn’t go much further did they? No one is gonna repond to a kind get off my property. In fact, they’d probably take it over. Never trust black lives matter ‘peaceful protesters’.. we have learned that much. eWho can help brighten up the vening?

It is people like these two who will start the war. The cowards are always the first to pull the trigger. Sure, they exhibit questionable trigger discipline. Especially the lady in the picture; that is something I was taught NOT to do in my CC permit classes. But they're not in the wrong to defend their property.

If I saw an a very large and angry group of people marching towards my house (all wearing masks), I would have my rifle ready. However, I probably would've stayed inside until they got very close. God help them if they tried to get inside. Protestors on private property. Crashing through a gate and illegally entering private property is “peaceful” to AP.

How terrible things have gotten in the 🇺🇸. The world admired the US for its innovation, global leadership, protector of democratic values. We now see frequent scenes of armed individuals threatening its own fellow citizens, divided and alone country. Sad.ProjectLincoln GOP There identified about a million times.

They were defending their property against the BLM thugs!!! This country is going crazy. You may have the right to have a gun, but what gives you the right to point a gun at someone who isn't threatening you? These people need to actual read the Bill of Rights. They were on private property. There has been rioting and looting. They were protecting their property.

You need to call out when some news is wrong. In this case I support the couple. They were protecting their property and lives. After what looters have done in most cities I would do the same what they are doing. I will pull my gun out if I see protestors on my lawn. Castle doctrine Looks like a scene out of the purge. Nothing scarier than scared, white boomers with guns!

Stop spreading wrong info...snowflakes FakeNews COVID freedom There’s a perfectly valid reason to not identify them if you don’t want but don’t lie about it What a long headline to 'unjustify' using defending themselves from a murderous mob, where police were absent Protestors were on their private property. Just because someone wants to protest doesn’t give them the right to do it at any location of their choice. Media should try being more honest instead of attack these two for defending their property from trespassers.

Apart from every other concern, these pastel psychos clearly have zero idea about handling firearms or trigger-control; they are a POOR advertisement for both self-defense and public safety. Sporadic Self Appointed Neighborhood Watchpersons Observe and Report ONLY. Trash reporting. You have the video of them trespassing

Firearm safety 1) All guns are always loaded 2)Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy 3)Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target 4)Identify your target, and what’s behind it Arrest the traitor in the White House What a stupid title It should read: Hero couple confront rioters breaking in private community.

They broke into private property. Patricia And Mark Mccloskey Is it really that much of a shocker that this couple would be afraid of a group that has committed violent assaults, arson and other damage to property and people? BLM and Antifa are both violent terrorist organizations. I would want to protect my *private* property, as well.

Worst romantic comedy ever. Crazy w!+3 people with guns. This is such a fake click bait. These people are protecting their property from the mob. Patricia And Mark Mccloskey This is exactly what should happen. The Left wanted this fight, this is what it's going to look like. People have the right to defend themselves.

The protestors broke down the gate of a private community. tresspasing. I think we know who would be willing to buy all those confederate statutes we have laying around. They have been identified. Mark McCloskey. He is a lawyer. Why hasn't he been arrested for unlawful use of a firearm? Theres more to this story than these misleading headlines. The reporting on this is trash

They trespassed on this couples private property and should have been shot Maybe just maybe the have a TV at home and seen what these animals are like For sure not unidentified. Read twitter before you post something. Trump retweeted that video to his supporters praising the couple before taking it down

nice trigger discipline Look at these small, weak people waving their toys around. Pathetic Headline should read Couple forced to defend themselves due to feckless politicians Alternate Headline: Mob confronted after they break into gated community Actually, they've been identified. Other news outlets have identified them. You're a bit slow. They're both personal injury attorneys

We know who they are Bonnie and Claude? make um famous They were identified last night So a mob was coming for them? We all know the beatings killings and firebombing the mobs are doing. Another misleading AP headline. They were at their home when approached by “protestors.” Protesters have been hurting people. No problem with them defending themselves and their property.

It’s ok to protect your home from an invasive mob that’s trespassing on private property. If they were black, we wouldn’t hear anything about it. They were /have been identified. You are not independent-stop saying that Live feed shows they entered through a gate onto private property. Not public property. Protesters were wrong

Good job protect Ur house 👌 Karen and Chad are the names They’ve been identified Protesters entered private property.... God damn assholes trying to defend their private property. Ken & Karen 😜 protesters earlier in the evening...

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as the group marched toward the mayor’s home, demanding her resignation. after people trespassed onto their property* TiffanyDCross The guy is a weak nothing, but the wife is a real piece of work. I don't know who she thinks she is but it ain't some rich pig living in a gaudy mansion. TiffanyDCross Lock them up!

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis , Missouri, as the group marched toward the mayor’s home, demanding her resignation Now if that was a black man he would be arrested Context needed, the so called protestors broke in to the gate it's not like they were just passing by Meanwhile, pointing the gun at this wife.

St. Louis mayor slammed for broadcasting names, addresses of 'defund the police' supportersThe mayor of St. Louis is facing backlash for reading aloud during a public briefing the full names and street addresses of protesters who are calling on the city to defund the police department. good.... hey they want their voices heard. This bitch was calling on the red hats to murder protesters. Put her in jail. Wow,get her gone.

Calls for resignation mount after St. Louis mayor releases names of individuals calling for police reformHundreds of protesters marched to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson Sunday night while chanting 'resign Lyda, take the cops with you,' according to CNN affiliate KMOV. I am a rapper i need $500 to launch my albums and songs Individualism no longer works in a large society interdependent for employment consumer trade health and security. Frontier self reliance days are over they ended with Fords first assemlly line The situation in Yemen has been dubbed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis by the U.N. Yemen SpeakingOut YemenCrisis YemeniLivesMatter

20 Questions With Louis the ChildWe talked to LouisTheChild about the message behind 'Here For Now,' what that sentiment means in our ever-changing world and more.

New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral is about to celebrate its first public Mass since MarchNew York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday will celebrate its first public Mass since March, when it stopped in-person attendance during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry. ThatBloke_Jesus will protect everyone. Nice...keep it up murica why this RUSH to reopen places? Like... haven't you learned at all