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Sex Positions, Top Sex Positions

Cosmo’s Best Sex Tips of All Time

Cosmo’s Best Sex Tips of All Time

10/23/2021 1:47:00 PM

Cosmo’s Best Sex Tips of All Time

The 10 best sex tips ever from Cosmopolitan. Here's your guide to over 50 yrs worth of our best sex advice.

By grindingagainst your partner's groin, instead of just bopping on top of it, you get way more much-needed clit stimulation.Use your tongue even more during sex.Everything from dirty talk, kissing, licking, you name it. Get your tongue in there and watch things go va-va-voom.

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Get the balls involved.Shaft stuff is cool, but ball stuff can really spice it up a notch. Tug, tickle, and squeeze them mid-play to up the intimacy.Use your hips to draw the letters “W,” “M,” and “O” when on top.Letters with these dips let you and your partner feel way more stimulation during vagina-on-top style sex.

Alternatively, tryspelling out “coconut” with your hipswhile on top.You get all the added stimulation from working your hips and grinding as opposed to just jackhammering yourself up and down on your partner.Try theAmazon sex position.Or any wild sex position. Sex is just as mental as it is physical, and trying out adventurous and empowering novelty positions can do way more for you than you’d think.

Ditch the eye contact inreverse cowgirl.While sex face-to-face certainly has its moments, change it up by getting on top and facing away from your partnerDuring missionary, lie on your back, and lift your legs up and over to one side.This makes you superrrr tight, and the angle of your hips means they'll hit spots that rarely get TLC.

Lean back instead of forward in reverse-cowgirl.It's a primo angle for you and gives your partner a phenomenal view of your fanny.Tighten and relax like you're Kegeling when you're close to climaxing.This alone can sometimes trigger an orgasm (and it feels amazing for someone with a penis too).

Skip the in-and-out thrusts andstirThis will stimulate every inch of you, whether you're using toys, fingers, or a penis.Rotate from vulva-on-top into reverse-cowgirl.Take your time—you'll avoid any crazy mishaps, plus a slow-mo approach just looks that much sexier. Not only are you hitting a series of new hot spots for both of you with each different angle, but they'll dig the 360-degree view of your gorgeous bod.

5. Practice non-penetrative intimacy.non-sexual touch.Find a way to work in hair stroking, back rubs, hand holding, anything PG that encourages you and your partner to show physical affection for one another.Kiss every day for more than just a couple of seconds.

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It wards off the perilous roommate effect, especially if you live together and lately have been spending more time doing chores together than checking each other out.Make hand jobs the main event.Sex is so much more than just penetrative sex, and backing away and focusing on other variations with the same intensity as you do penetration sex can zhoosh some hotness into your routine.

And when it comes to hand jobs, experts suggest using some light applied pressure. You want to act like your hands are creating a vagina for their penis, so a bit of snugness is good here.Work your nipples slowly through your shirt for a nipplegasm.Friction can be your friend here. You don't want like,

chafing, of course, but light touch and patience can go a long way here. Read more: Cosmopolitan »

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