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Cosmo's 2020 List of 'It' Gifts Has Arrived

Cosmo's 2020 List of 'It' Gifts Has Arrived

11/24/2020 3:41:00 AM

Cosmo's 2020 List of 'It' Gifts Has Arrived

Don’t mind us, we'll just do all of your holiday shopping for you.

Ray LoweNov 24, 2020The past eight months have been a ride, to say the least. But hey, the holidays are finally here, and we’re looking forward to a little well-deserved cheer, preferably in the form of a pile of gifts. But before we can savor the pleasure of opening our own gifts, it’s time to get a head start on shopping for others. With so many other stressors and worries on your plate, finding and affording the right gift shouldn’t be one of them.

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Thanks to Klarna, we’ve found an easy way to search for gifts that you can pay for over time. So even if your 2020 budget is looking a little dour, you can still manage to snatch up the best present possible.We’ve compiled 100 (yes, you read that correctly) gifts that’ll suit just about everyone on your shopping list. No need to align with their chakras or dig deep into their sun and moon signs, this list is split up by personality. After scouring the internet, we’ve managed to find the ideal gift for each and every persona, from the art snob to the homebody (which, by now, is just about all of us). Bust out that Christmas gift list and get to shopping with these thoughtful picks.

THE BOUGIE FRIENDKnow that friend who would never dare board a flight in a pair of sweats (unless they had a designer label)? The one that’s bougie and unapologetic about it? We promise we’ve found a way to please the hardest ones on your list. They usually have an eye for quality…or, at least, an eye for what will bring them the most likes on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean you have to blow your bank account. You can still get them a gift that will showcase their champagne taste—even on your beer-on-tap budget.

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