Connecticut Become First State To Make Calls Free For İnmates And Their Families - Cnn

Connecticut Become First State To Make Calls Free For İnmates And Their Families - Cnn

Connecticut become first state to make calls free for inmates and their families

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6/23/2021 1:06:00 PM

A bill in Connecticut makes calls from prison free for the inmates and their families, becoming the first state to do so.

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Reparations for Descendants of Chattel Slaves in the US 🤔 so that’s why I constantly hear- 3 hots and a cot.. now it’s also free phone, health care etc.. no doubt many would be better off in our system than on the street.. homeless are being ignored, until they end up sadly incarcerated. 🙄 Good move. 💕 my home state of Connecticut.

This is good, calls should be free. Some households can hardly make ends meet, and they still want to talk to loved ones who’ve crossed the line. Often they’re each other’s sanity. Allowing them to talk for free eases tension and I’m sure assists in the reforming process. segmentis WE could have used this in prep school in the 70s. I know, 1st world problem

👍 I do love these 'OMG my tax money' replies to insignificant things like this but the billions upon billions given to a country like Israel doesn't even register on their ignorant radars 🙄😂

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