Column: What to do about the Golden Globes?

Column: What to do about the Golden Globes?

2/28/2021 6:17:00 PM

Column: What to do about the Golden Globes?

After a Times report exposing the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.'s use of the Globes as a cash and perks cow, it's hard to know how to cover the awards.

More CoverageWhere to watch all the 2021 Golden Globe-nominated films. You’re welcomeAdvertisementEven as traditional ad revenue has dried up for many outlets, awards season remains a reliable spigot, if perhaps less gushing than it once was. Readers and viewers care about film and television, and in the ever-splintering landscape of film and television, Hollywood creators care even more than they once did about awards that are not named Emmy or Oscar (they have always cared about these). A Golden Globe may not be as prestigious as an Oscar, an Emmy or a guild honor, but an award is an award, and awards invariably lead to increased credibility, more opportunities, higher salaries and, for those who work in publicity, bonuses.

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Studios and streamers do not have special awards teams, and awards budgets, just because it’s fun to get dressed up for a couple of nights.More important, the HFPA wisely times its nominations and telecast as a precursor to the guild awards and Oscars. This allows the group to position the Globes as predictive of the Oscars (even though they very often are not). More important, it offers everyone an elongated awards season, with more time and an extra, fancy platform.

The longer everyone has to plug their project, the more For Your Consideration ads the studios will buy. Which is why so many media outlets that a decade or so ago snootily eschewed hyped-up awards coverage now have special sections with fancy pull-out covers, awards correspondents, photo booths, red carpet reporters and all manner of awards-centric video projects.

AdvertisementAll of which includes the Golden Globes.So when blame is assigned for the inordinate amount of influence this small and ethically-challenged group has amassed, the media must take its fair share, including the same Times that just exposed the scandal.

Being the hometown paper of Hollywood, The Times has long offered extended and extensive awards coverage. For years, many of our pieces about the Globes have inevitablyreminded readers that Globesare voted on by a very small group that not only has a reputation for boorish behavior during screenings, but also has been dogged by scandals involving ethics and transparency.

The HFPA’s troubles began in 1958 when former HFPA President Henry Gris resigned from its board on the grounds, according to a Variety article from that year, that certain awards were being given out “more or less as favors”; the issues continued in 1968 when NBC refused to air the awards after the FCC found that the broadcast misled viewers as to how the winners were chosen. (After major changes in the voting process, the Globes returned to NBC in 1974.)

Advertisementanalyzing the choices,reviewing the telecasts and often finding the, er, spirited atmosphere of the show a welcome contrast to the more staid Oscars.We’ll be covering them this year as well, although given the findings of our reporters, not to mention the limitations of the pandemic, that coverage will no doubt be different in content and tone.

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marymacTV 'ethically-challenged group' yet another one? really disappointed with this year's 'comedy nominations' but I don't want to be a member of the club which... marymacTV The LA Times is run by too many white people, that's why they write these types of articles all day long, hoping the mob won't turn on them....But like all the small businesses writing BLM on their windows, it never works, the mob goes after everyone eventually.

cmonstah marymacTV Turn the television off. cmonstah marymacTV Just don’t watch. I stopped watching years ago when I learned they accepted 💰 to get talent nominated. Not sure if that part was ever 💯 but insiders I spoke to didn’t deny it. Cancel them! Don’t watch Filled with foreign correspondents who feel they’re american and white already.

Oh, that’s easy. Tune in to watch the Tina/Amy monologue, then switch to Netflix.