Column: Vaccinated and back at the movies, together

Column: Vaccinated and back at the movies, together

5/6/2021 2:17:00 AM

Column: Vaccinated and back at the movies, together

After more than a year, my husband and I have a movie date ('Together Together') and it was very weird and extremely wonderful.

More CoveragePacific and ArcLight theaters will not reopen after the pandemic, company saysThen the lights went down and for two hours it was as if the pandemic did not exist, had never occurred. “Together Together” was sweet and smart and funny enough, but even if I had hated it, I was at the

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movies. A haven from heartbreak, anxiety and bad weather of all sorts, a place of necessary solitude, romantic anticipation, friendly bonding and familial celebration.After a year of crowded isolation, there were no interruptions from kids needing something; no ambient distraction courtesy of nearby leaf-blower or power tool; no hitting pause to check and see if the meatloaf was done yet. Having committed to it, the experience was literally out of my hands. I couldn’t use this time to also sort laundry or check my emails or do the dishes; couldn’t carry this screen from one room to another to see what the dogs were barking at this time or balance it on the counter while I did the dishes.

Advertisementat the moviesand for two glorious hours all I could do was watch and listen and be.That and fidget in my seat pretty much constantly. About an hour in, I wondered when the Laemmle’s seats had gotten so uncomfortable before realizing it was me. With the exception of my recent

in-flight viewingof the Oscars, I am no longer accustomed to watching two hours of anything in a stationary and upright position. Instead, I drape, and slump, and lean or, when watching on a personal screen, go horizontal. (I feel like the post-pandemic workspace is going to require a lot of personal couches.)

But remaining upright is something I am more than willing to relearn if I can do it in communal glory, if once again I can sit with my fellow humans in venues that demand mutual respect of space as well as air. I can’t wait to find my seat on a subway, at a concert, in a theater. I long to improve my posture and abs with the bleacher seating workout so beloved by parents of basketball players.

But it may take some practice, which is yet another reason to go back to the movies: Restore your powers of concentration and improve your posture while watching film and eating popcorn! It will feel like you never left, and with any luck, we will never have to leave again.

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