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Columbus statue toppled by Baltimore protesters

BREAKING: Baltimore protesters have pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and thrown it into the city's Inner Harbor.

7/5/2020 5:32:00 AM

BREAKING: Baltimore protesters have pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and thrown it into the city's Inner Harbor.

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore protesters pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it into the city's Inner Harbor on Saturday night. Demonstrators used ropes to topple the...

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore protesters pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it into the city’s Inner Harbor on Saturday night.Demonstrators used ropes to topple the monument near the Little Italy neighborhood, news outlets reported.Protesters mobilized by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police have called for the removal of statues of Columbus, among others. They say the Italian explorer is responsible for the genocide and exploitation of native peoples in the Americas.

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According to, the statue was dedicated in 1984 and owned by the city.ADVERTISEMENTStatues of Columbus have also been toppled or vandalized in cities such as Miami; Richmond, Virginia; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Boston, where one was decapitated. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Find them and let’s get their 10 year prison sentence started. So what was his crime? He was just looking for a new route to India. Yamiche That’s not helping anything. It’s not a problem, let them have their fun. Get some CCTV. I 🤔mean Columbus was racist and he probably used diesel for his boat 🚤 🤫🤭

Yamiche Good. These people are a product of a Democrat run Board of Education. So they are a little shaky on the facts.Good news is Baltimore has a bunch of Republicans who have just won some elections ..let’s hope for the best. RepKinzinger CC was a horrible human, open a history book DineshDSouza And the leadership threw up thei hands an said there is nothing they can do! How about they buck up an DO THE JOB THEY ARE BEING PAID FOR. Protect your citizens and call in the NG!

Jail. No mercy. Look at the picture of Reagan . No mercy I’m not a fan of the guy either but that’s still vandalism. Activism doesn’t excuse crime. If the community doesn’t want a statue, have a damn town meeting and VOTE to have it removed. All this does is make you (and by extension your cause) look barbaric. Be better.

Disgraceful. Lock those some bitches up!! columbus was the jeffrey epstein of the 15th century Retarded people Any removal of any statue should be accomplished by going through the proper channels. DineshDSouza Sounds like ISIS. Take over and destroy all signs of history. DineshDSouza Bunch of life-long losers who, together across their entire pointless lives, will never even come close to approaching the courage, vision, perseverance & achievements of Columbus. They can throw every statue of every great man of history into the sea, yet still always be losers.

Put them in jail The only thing that has been done is cause more hate more racism. Removing statues, etc., is like breaking the top of your tooth & leaving in the root. Defeats the purpose. history past learn teach change 10 year prison sentences then? good Christopher Columbus never discovered America

Why are there statues honoring a man who couldn't figure out the directions to get to USA. He belongs in the ocean because that's the only thing he discovered. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤔😬 That statue should have been thrown away many years ago. His role in history is a huge lie. That holiday should be for native Americans

Wanton destruction Cool. Columbus was such a douche he died in prison in his own time. Imagine being so horrible even by 16th century standards that he died in disgrace. Columbus as a “hero” is a lie. What did Columbus do anyways parrot_this Way to go! Yamiche About time DevinCow Good riddance. defundBaltimore

Yamiche Like the Boston Tea Party?! 😂🤯✌ But Americans cheered when they ripped down the statue of Saddam? Can't have it both ways guys 👍 Really pray to God for Trump to remain calm till elections, than I love the smell of napalm in the morning 😎 See these cucks in about 10 years DineshDSouza The USA is divided between those who are educated and those who aren’t. The latter throw statues into harbors and vandalize our country! Time to arrest

sandratrevino There are many other Italians worthy of a statue. Columbus, in the name ofSpain and Christianity was a terrorist. Really going for all the Confederate statues, aren't they? Finally! Can we stop celebrating rapist slaver who was bad at everything he tried to do day? HerschaftAP Oh that’s smart, because an inanimate object is the worst threat to people in Baltimore. Well everything should be better now!

parrot_this Let’s round them up and get their 10 years started ASAP! This is what Trump means by Make America Great Again. Groups search for consensus, individuals search for truth Columbus eradicated the Arowak Indian tribe in Jamaica. Tragic! DineshDSouza About as much a “protester”, as the guys who stormed th U.S. Embassy in Iran, were “students”!

Jali_Cat 10 years OH WOOOOOOOOOW 👀👀👀👀👀 Jali_Cat This will fix everything, well done! As an Italian American I protest to what they did, we will not except it! iansmadrig Works for me, since the Native Americans didn't need being 'Discovered'. Lol, I so don’t hate this Is that the guy who 'discovered' America like there wasn't people living there already?

Well he was an ethnic cleanser, kids learn that in school now. Full-term babies aborted, Vulnerable Seniors in Nursing Homes, Statues....you're next! Yamiche Great Why don't they just remigrate to the countries they came from... RepKinzinger Happy to see your response to the tearing down of the statue of Columbus. Insane indeed! What can be done about the riots across the nation. It is upsetting to many “everyday” citizens. When does it stop? Glad for Trump at this point! God forbid Biden wins. GG

Protest this. Then get back to me. Misguided. Assholes Not his fault he landed on the continent. He was looking for India🤷‍♂️ The peaceful protesters are not the ones who yanked it down Does this mean we won’t have Columbus Day off in the future...? Wtf... Good Ignorance of the fact that the sailors on the Santa Maria were volunteers looking for America. What did these vandals achieve?

So now that the the statues are falling are we removing the holidays named after the same people? Asking because this about to cut my banks vacations down by 10-12 😁 Yes go ahead get rid of the statue if it makes you happy but dispose of it properly FFS DineshDSouza Hope everyone that participated ends up in jail.

💪BLM These are not protesters they are terrorist paid terrorists Good. He was a vile man. It was the only time Columbus reached the shore of the American continent. [🥁 rim shot] I detect a racist slip is showing in that choice of picture. Columbus never even set foot in America and had nothing to do with the Cree, Navajo or Cherokee And certainly not Baltimore..

Why was this allowed? What did he had to with the cop shooting anyone? PROTESTERS ARE STUPID. I’m sure the statue slipped and fell into the water... I was taught theres a legal process to follow if you want to remove a statue- guess disagrees? 😢 how dare they do that? Anarchy Next, they need to 'topple' Donald Trump, a PutinsPuppet and the Devil himself. RemoveTrumpNow

Fuck Christopher Columbus and the genocide he brought from Europe From the sea he came and to the sea he shall return Let that sink in. DineshDSouza So destruction of government property and illegal dumping is okay now? This is a thing? If you're an American citizen, you're a recipient of his discovery. Throw yourself in the water.

Polluting the harbor and forcing tax payers to foot the bill for recovering it. Way to go dopey ass protestors. I though trump had this all under control 😂 SpeakerPelosi, this is occurring in a city once run by your father and your brother. Your silence is an insult to Italians. AudreyAurus1 Mutabaruka_Ja ...Christopher Columbus I Burning Spear!

hutchinson It's the past ffs has anybody alive today been affected? No, stop being complete dickheads And the fake news rejoice Idiots Good for them! 👏🏼 People that are caught doing shit like this should be banned from EVER receiving Federal / State aide, including student loans. It's about time, he was an asshole like Trump!

So more pollution into the water good job RepKinzinger Why weren’t they arrested Water boarding comes to mind? FREAKS Can't wait to see them put their hand out asking for federal dollars to rebuild. Protestors. Lol. No. They’re violent Marxists. Throwing a STATUTE into the water isn't anything compared to the HORRORS the real Columbus did to REAL Native Americans. Let's talk about THAT!

but but the great leader said only yesterday Columbus ' discovered america ' I suppose 70yr ago when trump started school thats what they taught? Columbus finally discovered water I’ve been saying all along that destroying this very statue will solve the astronomical murder rate of Baltimore. Well done!

Why dont they build up rather than tear down? nicknicknick01 Nice. Good. This is ridiculous 🤦‍♂️ Our Country The U.S. of America is No longer a Super Power. We have a leader who is destroying our country's history. To read that the statue of Columbus was destroyed. What happen in our history we should be proud of what our ancestors accomplished. JoeBiden nytimes mjfree

How far do protesters want to go with this. Why don't they tear up there dollar bills to or burn down Churches. People want change but don't want to change themselves. Find them. Jail them for 20 years. DineshDSouza 10 years in jail can’t wait to catch the assholes Where are the moderate politicians? There has to be one or does the media have that much control? Defund the politicians for continuously dividing us.

BobbyLongNews 🏆🏆🏆🏆 I Wonderful political ad to vote out democrats & Marxists, excuse me those are basically the same political opinion. Election2020 And who is prosecuting the offenders? What possess someone to take a piece of history and trash it. They are just criminals & destructive vandals - no better than those who beat GeorgeFloyd ! Protesters want to re-write history just like ClintonCrimeFamily does!

Dank af I have always been a bit confused why there is a day for Christopher Columbus? The Indians were already here. Also he has nothing to do with the founding of America. Sheep! Oh no!! Who’s next? Marco Polo?!? Scusi.. Just like the Boston Tea Party; only instead of tossing tasty tea into the harbor they threw the statue of a genocidal rapist into the water.

And you love it! Uhhhhh Next do that statue of Ronald Reagan in front of it. Your having a great time now AP and rest of dems. But regardless of election outcomes you are going to pay the price for the destruction of the black community and others and it’s not going to be pretty. No, you mean thugs. Protesters don't destroy property, criminals do. Let's hope they can be identified and tossed in jail where they belong.

maggieNYT 15th century exployer, ppl! Get a freaking life. DineshDSouza Maybe it will make its way down to the Caribbean where he ACTUALLY “discovered” North America. Aw man, that was somebody's 5th grade history teacher. Pretty cool how he's a diving instructor now. Heroes walk among us. DuffMacDonald When mob rules no one is safe. Be careful what you do. A nation has laws and people can vote to change them. Stop the riots.

News flash: just because a statue is taken down by anarchists doesn't mean that history is re-written. We remember history, the good and the bad so that we don't repeat it! So only the protesters get to decide what goes, what stays? That'll fix things for sure. All this destruction is only making them lose ppl that agree on police reform. So damn stupid.

The people of Little Italy must be pissed. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 julianahatfield But Trump JUST said he would 'never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues'. It's like they weren't even listening to his speech. 🤔 From one of the armpit cities of the US, is anyone really surprised!? Come on.. it's Baltimore.

DineshDSouza If it wasn't for Columbus, today everyone would be pulling down statues of Aztecs instead. charming Arrest them all! theslimdude Good news! Bring all the racist statues down!! Disgusting. DineshDSouza Why don’t they tear down the Egyptian pyramids because they were built by slaves? Prosecute them. Let them fool off in prison

The phony Left believes that only politically useful Black Lives Matter The phony Left doesn't care about the environment-at all. 10 yrs in jail is a long time. Italian hate Why? Wtf? So ridiculous!! If you want change, you need to vote, not destroy property JoeFreedomLove Why is this allowed to happen In my administration, people that destroy public property will be prosecuted! HomerJSimpson2020

DineshDSouza Imbeciles animals! 😡 Sorry MFers Backed by the Dems Sewer would be more fitting. Whoa... They are excited. I am not excited. I am angry. They need to stop this immediately! They can move on like out of the United States. And then they wonder why people are running them down with cars bwahahahaha

Funny how the press ignores protests unless something 'violent' happens. This is what happens when you give in to these thugs! They don’t know or care about history or justice, they are just vandals looking to destroy Hope it’s worth ten years in prison Gente stupida! La maggior parte delle statue di Colombo che ci sono i giro per l'America sono donazioni fatte dalla comunità italo-americana, che nei secoli scorsi ha sofferto molto, es: Sacco e Vanzetti o il linciaggio New Orleans del 14/3/1891.

Però nonostante ciò erano grati al nuovo mondo. E Colombo era un modo di tenere i legami con la madrepatria. L'ignoranza è una brutta cosa, attenzione americani che ai talebani che avete in casa, vi stanno portendo nel medio evo. maggieNYT He discovered America. He wasn't perfect but he discovered America.

👍✊❤️ TheHoff305 This offends me & should be ripped down ALONG with every other statue of this traitor. Obama was the great divider, in office (with his partner Sloppy Joe JoeBiden) for 8 yrs & he did nothing for ‘his’ people of color, not even Chicago. TAKE THIS STATUE DOWN ! Obama = DIVISION ASSHOLES. RESIST LIBERALS RESIST LIBERALS.

Those who think this has gone too far should have taken down the damn confederacy memorials decades ago. Criminals and idiots. DineshDSouza Thank you mayor of Baltimore Looks like no one is afraid of that Wee Man in the White House Glad we can put all that behind us. Lmao. DineshDSouza So destruction of property and polluting waterways....

So we build a better one that’s more beautiful and secure and throw those creeps in jail! maggieNYT Could care less, those are inanimate objects, put them in museums, in the meantime, let’s worry about the thousands of Americans dying everyday from the coronavirus, with the wealth in this country, the number of dead is outrageous!

While no supporter of Columbus, Columbus Day or statues of him, there is a legal process for removing statues as others already done... What was done in Baltimore was not it and is in fact a crime like any other. AP reported yesterday that Trump was crazy for saying the Radical Left was trying to tear down our history.

Restore 1491 DineshDSouza Protestors are peaceful. These are still rioters you propagandists. Afterwards they went back to shooting each other Breaking : angry mob vandalizes public statue That's sad that Baltimore doesn't care about the person that started their the great free life they enjoy Make the scumbag protestors pay for clean up

Outrageous! Good. Christopher Columbus still discovered America cant tear that down and even if he didn't the Spanish would've conquered the land either way the Indians were f*cked y'all really think they'd be left unmolested still chilling in tee pees in 2020 foh. Fuck Baltimore. They voted for this shit. Own it. The problems of blue cities are no longer my concern. Just let it burn to the ground.

This is fake news, that statue tripped and fell into the river, and I heard later they found weed at its house, and it had a previous DUI. VA FANCULO 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡😡😡🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 DineshDSouza Hope they think it's worth 10 years in prison! Hell yeah Oh, my. How will we ever know who accidentally discovered the Americas and committed genocide against indigenous peoples?

Yamiche Any Person or Group of people pulling down statures is helping Trump get re- elected. These people need to legislate and get statues removed properly. Don’t give Trump any ammunition for his Law and Order Campaign! Quit Helping Trump! Italians aren’t saying much about it Trump2024 I believe tax payers money paid for all the statues. Or at least city tax. They were not free

Throw Reagan 🤣👍 It’s about damn time... I get celebrating history, but this Asshole got lost, didn’t ‘discover’ anything but failure & kidnapped / sold young girls. He was trash. Why did he have a statue in the FIRST place? First Patriarchal Fucktard in America 🤷🏻‍♀️ Still discovering so long after his death.

Trump should be honoring our live soldiers instead of dead solgers that attempted to destroy our Union and Democray. I don't need statues of Jesus to believe in him and be a Christian. I also don't need statues of Columbus to celebrate Columbus Day. It changes nothing. Fuck it.... I’ve never understood celebrating Columbus. Vile man. Anyway, my concern is, that the message is going to get lost if these statues are removed through violence rather than debate and conversations.

Good! Let’s all get this stopped already What goes around, comes around. Italians in Baltimore should be ashamed to allow these thugs to come into thier neighborhood and start destroying things! Columbus didn’t discover jack squat DineshDSouza Jail them! Maybe protest the record setting murders in your neighborhoods

maggieNYT He tripped DineshDSouza Oh my gosh! When will the madness end? When will these animals be locked up? I’ve had enough! Stop calling them protestors American idiots. It's the kind of thing that makes it difficult to take protests seriously. Their message is lost every time they do something destructive.

DineshDSouza That’s awesome - I guess racism has been dealt a death knell? I would have asked for a specific policy that resolves what they consider racism. Who is stupid, the protesters or the media that inspires them? Leftists are assholes How could they trash such an important immigrant? So now we're giving credit to the ignorant, assuming they actually read something of historical value. On top of that, is 500 year old history even accurate?

Yamiche Wow BLMTerrorists yell, 'What a shithole. We don't want to live there!' Context: SorosFundsRiots and the BLMTerrorists don't really live there. Proofing the don't care about black lives. So Columbus set sail again? If you are unhappy with the statue, write to the city council to remove it. Vadalism is a crime.

Yamiche Wow Breaking YamiMamiDingDong celebrates the destruction of tax payer art by thugs and BLMTerrorists. Context: more proof DemocratsHateAmerica and FakeNewsMedia is EnemyOfThePeople and supports DementiaJoe. Its clear we need to VoteRedToSaveAmerica. DineshDSouza Assholes MrTrashWheel is going to struggle with dealing with that...

maggieNYT The reckoning...we can only kick the van down the road for so long, generations of folks have accepted sugar coated truths, no longer. This is a good place to start... In a civilized society you don’t destroy public or private property because it offends you. Good Do more DineshDSouza Democrats sure are destructive.

Well, I am calling to keep calm. 'Change' of 'symbols' must be a legal process (aoc 😉) with the join of the government = machines and workers. The point is: The budget for 'the new'. I suggest, in this case, changed after a citizen votation on radio; by example. FT WSJ BBC To-do list: Take Reagan's name off every building it's on.

Rioters (D) America will survive. It’s strong enough. You arent “protestors” if you are destroying property - you are rioters or vandals- use the proper terminology AP DineshDSouza Kindly Retweet and donate when you see this post🙏 A little support is all we ask for. Donate to the completion of our SickleCell center. SMILE SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION 2980002439 ECOBANK SickleCell Hospital foundation Abuja Nigeria GivingSunday ALittleActOfKindness

DineshDSouza Kindly Retweet and donate when you see this post🙏 A little support is all we ask for. Donate to the completion of our SickleCell center. SMILE SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION 2980002439 ECOBANK SickleCell Hospital foundation Abuja Nigeria GivingSunday ALittleActOfKindness Good trouble BREAKING (Correction): Group of anarchists and agitators seen violating Maylands Malicious Destruction Law (Title 6, Subtitle 1, §6-301) & Litter Control Law (Title 10, Subtitle 1, §10-110). Could face 5 years and $30,000 in fines if convicted.

We know only what they teach in schools and what we choose to believe. You misspelled Terrorists To-do list: Take down Reagan's name off every building it's on. Good Plenty of video of the crime on the internet, should be easy to identify at least half of them. Arrest them all and charge them under Trump's executive order.

drawandstrike 'Democrat' protesters. Who? Doesn't everyone know now that the statue is gone the history is erased!? How can anyone possibly remember who that guy was if the statue isn't there!! This story can't be true! Columbus is no longer real! The next time I want to be around lunatics, I'll visit the Inner Harbor.

The Inner Harbor is dead to me. Why America has a Christopher Columbus statue in the first place is beyond me. The C party. That’s called rioting. Not protesting. Protesting is peaceful. Rioting is destructive. They’re not protesters. They’re criminals. maggieNYT Good I hope someone gets arrested. As well they should, of all the Italians to be proud of, this genocide loving moron be not one

I mean you could work on repairing Baltimore but do you I bet you most of those agitators wouldn’t know any history behind the statues. So, they polluted DineshDSouza They are scum. And of course left it in the water to be dragged out by city workers. Fabulous. Pity that Reagan was not still there to join Columbus.


Columbus had nothing to do with North America or the United States. He landed in what’s now the Bahamas and Venezuela. Why he has ever been honored for anything is ridiculous. Oh well, Trump is commissioning more statues and monuments to be built because of these destructive douche bags. Trump2020LandslideVictory

Domestic terrorism. That’ll just piss off the Italians Protesters Vandals DineshDSouza NOW ALL THE BALTIMORE MOBSTERS WHO DID THAT NEED TO FOLLOW HIM WHOM THEY DROWNED: THROWN THEM ALL OUT PUSHING HARD INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE CITY INNER HARBOR WATERS AS WELL. Chinchillazllla AP mislabeles vandals as ‘protestors’ EnemyOfThePeople

DineshDSouza They have nothing better to do than destroy. DineshDSouza President Reagan said, “Our loss of liberty is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Remember that, believe it, we are now there. Wake up, America! Defend our country, our flag, our rights ... while you still can.

DineshDSouza ❤🤍💙 GOD BLESS AMERICA! Stand beside her, guide her thru the night with Light from above. Let America be the city on the hill to the rest of the world. LORD, every day we need your grace more and more. Thank you, LORD, that You are forever faithful, even when we are not. ❤🤍💙 They just removed it

DineshDSouza “MILLIONS FLEE TO HER ... BUT FEW FLEE FROM HER.” Our worst critics have the FREEDOM to leave at any time and yet ... even they choose to remain in the land of the FREE! Free because of our BRAVE! Thank you to all who’ve sacrificed to protect our sacred FREEDOM! Americans have no trouble pulling down statues of dictators in the middle east, but somehow have the gall to defend a doofus who can’t do math, enslaved people, massacred entire populations.

The Baltimore police need to hunt down these hoodlums and make examples of them... What are we paying for police for... Guard our nations treasures dam it! I’m learning so much more history as some of these statues come down. DevinCow So... Next: Howard Zinn textbooks for miseducation of a generation. Another trophy glorifying a failed human bites the dust.

DineshDSouza Black Lives matter for some blacks is out of control Stop the insanity! Disgraceful ❤ benbrown The Police should have stopped this scum. I say, we in Europe must wokely and mandatorily forget the existence of the new world! I hope it was one of those cost you 10 years statues. Suck Idiots (misspelling intended).

Sounds good to me. DineshDSouza Came from the sea, went back to the sea. Filthy animals. hutchinson Please don't throw garbage into the river. Rivers are already polluted enough as it is. How strange Columbus lived less than 12 years after the sins he is accused, indebted to history power and financiers for a visionary enterprise in those times, breaking down a statue sins of those who have thrived a lifetime without make any other contribution to progress are amended?

DineshDSouza Baltimore is another city that should be defunded by the Federal Government, along with Minneapolis, Seattle and NYC...have your protesters chip in to bail you out... No one looks at statues anyhow....Their only purpose is to collect bird droppings. Such would be the case if a statue is ever erected for Donnie Trump.

Now it's time to eliminate Columbus Day and replace it with National Voting Day. They are not protestors They should realize that they are living monuments of colonization. So by their own rationale, unless they were native americans, they should also throw themselves into the sea. Good. DineshDSouza This has got to stop.

He came across the sea and he was returned to the sea. Fitting burial when does the Mayflower leave for the return trip, it would be a great act of hypocrisy to stay there ? Where is local leadership? Police? Are there no laws anymore? Ppl can't just remove what they think is not proper. It needs a process.

Yamiche When does the new one go up? To the people who are celebrating lawlessness. Remember my words. You sat back or joined in spirit to this bad behavior. Wait until you have a different opinion or believe. Next they will be putting ropes around peoples necks and throwing them into the river. It should have come down, but not this way

That's perfectly reasonable if the city won't take it down. That guy in particular deserves no statue. Fucking monster.. As a Viking I aprove this!! They should put a statue of Leifur Eiriksson instead. Columbus was a criminal. Fuck him. DineshDSouza Stop paying EBT/welfare to arrested/documented terrorists.😎

Thats not the news. It’s a piece of metal. How many people were there & what was their reason for doing this? Why the fascination with these symbols, & reporting on them? To me that isn’t the story. “where one was decapitated”....C’mon, it’s not a person. There’s a difference. Its 2020 dont let people today who are fed up with injustice in america be the scapegoat for this. Campaigns to have these monuments removed began in the 60s & 70s its not new more TRUTH is out there. We faultered altered TRUTH denied TRUTH & now were paying for it. REVOLUTION

After he went through all that trouble discovering Camden Yards? Tragic. Columbus Confederate Sadistic doctors. These monuments its time for the American government American historians American educational system to tell the TRUTH yes the truth can & will hurt. Time to tell the exact TRUTH. Documented Truth unconditional TRUTH.

What gives mobs the right to destroy property that offends them? I'm glad that Columbus discovered 'America' 500 years ago Otherwise it would take another 500 years to find out that people all around the world have red blood and should be treated equally Seriously! How many statues do you people have? 🤷‍♂️

Forth of July too, what a statement! Stop calling them protestors Hell yeah! I hope that eases their guilt for a day or two, when they can go back to their institutional racism. And maybe they can update the silly names of Columbus’ ships. No one has the courage to prosecute even one of these? Not a serious country.

Yes, discovering America was an unforgivable mistake. Good. It’s time to change the world. JoeFreedomLove 'Protesters' ? No. They're Democrats. Trumps order withholds federal funding to cities that don’t protect statues from demonstrators. Looks like Baltimore is about to lose some Federal money realDonaldTrump

Someone should update the location of the statue on Google Maps. There is barely a single leader/explorer etc. from world history who wasn't cruel and treated people badly. Yet people seem to be shocked and want to tore down statues when they learn about how violent the world used to be. I heard that when he was sailing around discovering the New World he was actually transporting slaves and he’s finally been found out that’s good ?

Why they are doing this? Translation: Domestic terrorists in Baltimore toppled a statue of Christopher Columbus, the Spanish explorer who in 1492 was searching for a shorter trade route to Asia. He accidentally collided with an unkown continent and proved the earth is globe, rather than a pancake. Uneducted stupid mob of the street. CristobalColon himself driven Not by Gold plunder He is comparable to those innovators who beg for money who are Not interested in their mission. Surrendered to greedy investors he lost his own mission & freedom FiveNations Passport matters.

Most people don’t need statues of oppressors to learn about history. Awesome 👏🏾 If they’re tearing down statues, why aren’t they tearing down mosques for all the slave trading that continues to this day? Columbus did nothing wrong ;) aarenp Oops! It slipped! Take Ronald Reagan with you Chris 💩👎🏼🤮 The Baltimore Statue Party

DineshDSouza They'll soon be getting a visit from the FBI. Appalling brats So not only are the terrorists destroying the country they're polluting it as well? FuckTrump realDonaldTrump Terrorists Good👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Glad it’s down. After reading about the Accusations of tyranny and brutality of Columbus in Wikipedia, I now know what a cruel and deranged person he was with the dismembering body parts and public shaming.

These statues represent the past . They show us where we came from and how we have progress as a nation. They are part of our story. They should be put in a museum not vandalized. Where were the Italians...?! 🇮🇹 literElly Excellent AdedePaor He was an immigrant though. The same as all Americans I feel bad for the harbor.

...I am sorry to admit this, and by no means do I condone this sort of destructive shenanigans...but I wouldn't know, nor if I did know would I care one whit, a Christopher Columbus statue if it bit me on the tukus and wouldn't let go. And the ducking Caribs were cannibals who preyed on the OTHER Native Indigenous peoples BEFORE Columbus. And ate Verrazzano on his 3rd voyage.

realDonaldTrump GoJackFlynn Baltimore is a shithole. Well done Baltimore! I thought Columbus was a good dude DineshDSouza And who cares DineshDSouza God people are babies, if he didn’t discover America blacks would still be slaves in Africa just for other blacks, whites would be ruled by a king and America would be another 3rd world country as natives have not done any great things on the reservations.

Freedemic Really, your city is full of crime and this you have energy for DineshDSouza These left wing Snowflakes are so f..up it's sickening! This just assume that Columbus did not discover America. Non of us would even be hear to celebrate our Independence. America wouldn't exist..the greatest country in the freaking WORLD! Sick Left!!

Loathsome and down right despicable! Just a reenactment, seems like they got confused with the tea party in Boston though. Close enough, happy 4th of July. DineshDSouza You encouraged it. History repeating itself in a reconfigured iteration. Some people always Forgetting lifetime is upside down during Hostry NOTHING stays on Sam please all the time.!!

Who the fuck is stoking division, it's you, the hate porn press! Impeached President Donald J Trump instigated the toppling of a statue of Christopher Columbus. DineshDSouza Nice the police needs to end this 🤔 They know he was Spanish right? 🧐 🙄 DineshDSouza Just gotta get one of them and that’s 10 plus years in prison!! A little pressure and they will give up the others!! This stupidity has to end!!

How dare anyone do this? Regardless of your feelings, this is a priceless object that should never be treated in such a caviler manner. The perps should be persecuted to the full extent of the law and and to pay retribution. Surely there are better ways to show discontent. Baltimore is fucked. Let it burn.

Good !!! Holiday for this loser is BS. Shipwreck Columbus never made it to American shores and the fact is the Vikings were here 600 years before Columbus was born. They were in as far as Minnesota Replace shipwreck day with VIKINGS DAY. Cool. And no police officer stopped this from happening ? Anyone going to be arrested for this? This is anarchy

They must stop destroying the country. Can somebody stop them already? Lock them up! maggieNYT Don't forget the tea! If we're tearing down statues of ppl who never set foot on North America such as Columbus, then can we tear down the Stalin statue in Seattle? DineshDSouza Achieving nothing worthwhile except highlighting how wrong their opinions are. You can't change the past. You havn't changed the past. Coloumbus was a great and pioneering explorer and sea-farer. Monuments are to learn from the past.

They’re anarchists, not protesters. Good. Homeboy was a prick anyway POTUS realDonaldTrump when is this going to stop ? Where are others to stop this!? Good These people will be spend ing 10 years in prison. Wonder if they think it was funny then. DineshDSouza now CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS is a bad figure in history, people our nuts

Yamiche Out of control hell yeah! Glub glub glub Klantifa polluting waterways doesn't seem ecologically sound Nice FakeNews They were not 'protesters.' They were rioters. POTUS I know you big MAD eh? DCAbloob WTF GovLarryHogan !!! Did Herr Hogan forget to protect our history Giving into the fucking mob Do your orders not apply to Riots You'll arrest a business order, but lawlessness is acceptable

maggieNYT Ten years. Hope they got good footage. Everyone who agrees with pulling down the CC statue and arrived in North America after 1492 need to GTFO or admit you're a hypocrite. ps9714 Bravo!! ps9714 Bye Felicia DevinCow Better get rid of the all monument and sites as at one time in history all race have done evil. History has significance, when you close an eye you are more blinded than ever.

Now fish it back out, set it out in the sun for a few days, then haul it to the nearest foundry and toss it in the smelter. This kind of nonsense is why I love watching the Seattle driver 'bowling for losers'. 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 By the way AP, you mean rioters, those were NOT protestors!!! Trump

Protesters or trumps henchmen acting like protesters. Shameful. these people should have been jailed nothing less then destruction of taxpayer property why we have court or address release to the public so we can visit heir home and loot and trash them since their property has no value it seems. As Baltimore PD watches

Columbus, Cortes and Pizzaro are 3 of the biggest terrorists of all-time. Where were you BaltimorePolice ? Amazing 👏🏽 Seriously fuck these people. I wish them all tremendous ill will Can we please focus this energy towards real and more significant issues like mass incarceration, police brutality, criminal justice system......PLEASE!!!! BlackLivesMattters

History can be good or bad & we might like it or not. But it’s important to know history & study it so to plan the future from lessons learned. You can’t take out history bcs you don’t like it. Simply it can’t be changed! Good! Petulant children throw a temper tantrum When they destroy public property, they are vandals, not protestors. Sadly, the longer this violence goes on, the further we get from working together to resolve inequality or injustice. Violence only serves to turn off people who otherwise support the cause.

Who cares. A city with no promise just made itself more insignificant. Good. Yassssssss Awesome Good Democrats creating anarchy in the US. Could it be funded by Chinese to overthrow Trump? DineshDSouza Serious questions for you… If Columbus hadn’t come here, how many of us would never have been born? Do you hate your life that much?

Is this a good time to say ‘Happy 4th’? BernieSanders these are your guys doing this! WonderJaye That's my people. You can take the girl out of Baltimore... but... RepKinzinger Good Good! DineshDSouza If it’s a federal statue...10 years! Hey y'all, even Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand stripped Columbus of his governorship when they heard of his actions. If the supporters of the darn Spanish Inquisition thought he went too far, he may have gone too far.

Yes! YES!!!! DineshDSouza Maybe that will solve all of the murders in Baltimore. 2 in murder in the US but statues, my friends, are the real issue at hand. Welp we went from the 1920’s straight back to the 1700s DineshDSouza Why were they not shot? Who allowed this? DineshDSouza We need a civil war to cleanse these communists

ComeToMyWidow How the hell?!😂 there is a legal way to go about removing statues... then, there is the other way... Lest there be any doubt that democrats hate Italians, and any proud Italian-Americans. DineshDSouza As a US citizen, don’t these statues belong to me too? Why are the white people called protestors? They're rioters

DineshDSouza Gatherings of more than 10 people is currently prohibited. They should all be cited. RepKinzinger Baltimore is a **** place anyway. Muh is all a statute's fault..... DineshDSouza I thought that was mandatory jail time DineshDSouza Guess the Baltimore Mayor didn’t feel like enforcing the rule of law A Democrat perhaps?

DineshDSouza Apparently Italian Americans don't mean much in this country. Millions of immigrants worked hard to contribute to building them and our country & this is allowed to happen. Every monument must be protected! Every one taken down is a piece of our country destroyed. Irreplaceable! Throw them all in Prison!!!!!!!!

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yamiche DineshDSouza Another blue state DineshDSouza I sure hope our President, Donald J. Trump (love saying that) is waiting 4 them 2 stop pulling all the statues down & the 1,000s responsible locked up or severely fined ... 2 announce that everyone of the damaged or destroyed items R being repaired or rebuilt stronger than B4 !!!

throneofthesun And while at it, how racist is it to call the White House , White And how about - dynamite Mount Rushmore BLMMOVEMENT Baltimore BidensCognitiveDecline Protesters? Rioters. Lock 'em up. Good riddens. 💪🏽✊🏽 Yamiche Now we celebrate 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 If you read history. He was a pretty heinous character. Probably not deserving of a statue

DineshDSouza DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Tripped and fell. Grazie! fuck yeah Why? And Democrats think they’re going to win the election? He was a rapist of young girls and a seller of humans! Awesome You know, these are the same people who give me shit for throwing my McDonald’s bag in the inner harbor.

Idiots Fuck yeah!!!! Resist sandratrevino See, who needs red tape when you can just do it yourself? callanj70 NO!!! COLUMBUS FIND AMERICA!!! NO RESPECT!!! NATIVE AMERICANS GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!! COLUMBUS DID DineshDSouza Arrest the bastards! These protestors are out of control. DevinCow And now everything will be better.

DineshDSouza Pulling down a city statue is nothing to be proud of. Denigrating your city is embarrassing. Does anyone have a brain in that city DineshDSouza Vandals, not protesters. All of Trump's speeches, and all of Barr's men, ... couldn't keep the nation's statues up again. I can think of dozens of Italians who deserve a statue more than Columbus!!!

I will never tire of these stories. DineshDSouza They aren’t protestors. They’re domestic terrorists. DineshDSouza You mean rioters and anarchists. Dude awesome. Columbus didn't do shit but get lost & claim a land in order to hide his embarrassment DineshDSouza Baltimore, another demoRat controlled cess pit

Old order is passed, new era in human history, we are now on the precipice of Global change DineshDSouza TRACK THE CRIMINALS DOWN AND PUT THEM AWAY FOR A LONG TIME. Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic and Hati maybe it can float over there. DineshDSouza I sincerely hope that everyone celebrating this act of lawlessness will happily accept similar acts committed against their property or public property they appreciate. You condone it now; you reap what’s coming.

DineshDSouza Marxist mob. Not protesters. DineshDSouza Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. DineshDSouza What do you think NYGovCuomo Keep giving in! Your mom and ad will weep! Not to mention Fredo!! DineshDSouza Left-wing scumbag criminals. A step too far. No longer a protest, it’s public disorder and should be dealt with accordingly. Acts like this do not increase support but have a negative effect. You can’t erase history, but you can learn from it. Shall we erase Auswitz too ? think not. All lives matter.

Animals 🤣 Good riddance DineshDSouza Sad day in America when you let the mentally ill have free reign. Arrest them. Since the first man stepped on a bug, history was inevitable. Men who understand the moon and the stars take from those who don't. We expand, we always have and continue to today. Columbus did just what anyone of us would have done in his time and you all are IDIOTS.

DineshDSouza All on video. 10 years in prison for each. 🤣🤣🤣 Those are NOT protestors. Those are anarchist losers. Learn the difference. Protestors are non violent & not destructive. Anarchists are destructive and and do not obey laws. Are you certain the statue didn't trip on its own? Chip off the ol'block.

DineshDSouza Stop calling them protesters. They’re fucking criminals and should be treated as such. Yeah baby 👏👏👏 Well done! All the talk in the world wouldn’t have moved that statue. But don’t put up other figure heads either. Just leave statues to another era. Let’s move onto saving real people not imagined pasts.

Good. Fuck that lost ass hat. DineshDSouza ten years is not a light sentence DineshDSouza The historic, charming city devolved into a lawless, fleabag dump decades ago. Yamiche Now that’s how you spend the 4th of July 👏🏾👏🏾 DineshDSouza “Protesters”. You “journalists” can’t help yourselves. Wow😂 DineshDSouza Columbus literally had nothing to do with United States. These people are just goblins frothing at the mouth. Stupid people.

Terrorism. Mobs Bwahahahahahahaha Praise the lawd! He’ll never find his way home now!😢😐😂ColumbusWasaGenocidalistJudgedRightlyAsSuchByTheStandardsOfHisTimes MamaJDrap Perfect on the 4th!! Columbus was a genocidal monster & he should be in no place of honor, but relegated to history books as a cautionary tale of how NOT to greet a new people/culture…maybe if we’re lucky if/when aliens visit us publicly, they won’t “Columbus” us!! columbus

10 years for you! James_Escarcega Was anybody arrested? Detained? Until they go after the Georgia Guidestones none of it matters. Just part of the division from the small group who wants 90% of us dead. Race, Sex, Belief, none of it matters. It’s all a rich mans trick Warms my cold little heart Ahhhhh PINO is raging! Poor guy.

Can we push the 'protestors ' no they are rioters in tge river too I would be more impressed if the protestors took the statue down and found it a home in a local museum. Destruction is less likely to change the future than teaching people about the past. Warts and all. KellieMeyerNews Bunch of idiots. Hope they find who did it and throw them in jail.

I'm glad to see that Baltimore is solving its problems. 👍🏻 Those are Terrorists, not demonstrators. Get it right! That's why they are going for historical figures. To eventually change History! They're not protesters at that point They should have thrown the BaltimoreDems into the harbor. They have absolutely destroyed Baltimore.

stevelackmeyer Arrest them all. It’s like they have forgotten what they are wanting. do they want justice and peace because they are using violence and vandalism to try to get it so then complain when the police finally stop it A little focus would be more beneficial to affecting change. Attacking everything makes it easier to dismiss any one. Maybe that's the plan for some. Many think the Nazis burned down the Reichstag (their Parliament) as an excuse to take everyone's freedom.

They should be shot Rioters TheRealStanRay 1773 Boston patriots threw tea in the harbor. Over a million bucks worth (today money) He’ll probably end up in India again. I love it. Nice Morons on parade. Joe_M_Douglass Hopefully some NativeAmericans were there to partake in the festivities. maggieNYT Don't worry, when he washes up he'll claim he's in China.

Gardening_Angel 1) If you win elections, you get to build bridges and name them. 2) They tried to erase Pharoah Akhenaten, failed, and it made no difference. Sooner or later we're all some history nerds PhD, or a tourist attraction IF they remember our names. Action2getherNJ KorsunNancy Oh Dear.... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Bunch of thugs. Just put em all on a sinking boat. Sad, so sad. Spent last year 4th in Annapolis. Beautiful & heartwarming parade, loved remembering those who sacrificed for our freedoms. ANGNewsLA 10 years in jail!!!!!!!!! Pulling down statues? It’s a tradition that dates back to U.S. independence Enthusiasm for the American Revolution led colonists to burn, disfigure, and deface any symbol of Britain and its hated king.

Criminals are not protesters stop calling themprotesters. Yamiche Columbus was a great American. What are we doing 15 year old minds do a lot of crazy shit... plalor Lolz And tomorrow they will still wake up in Baltimore. Who has the last laugh? Bravo!! maggieNYT Don't think Columbus ever learned how to swim.

Yamiche Columbus will still not be able to locate the Baltimore harbor. 😂😂 Ridiculous. Protestors that mess with private property are now rioters. 'Protesters' down here in Brasil we call this vandalists. But the left here also dont get jail time. You Just have to say the Wright (left) propaganda when they do it.

❤️ Yamiche Yay!!! Now replace it representing someone who wasn’t a murderous sociopath. Good. so they are ready for 10 years jail? DevinCow Excellent work, Baltimore! Crackmacs Hell yeah. Rioters, insurrectionists... not “protestors”. Good How are we different from ISIS, Taliban & Al Qaida? Please spare me the he took the land from the native, there is not a land on earth that is not taken fools, not one white saviors, not one but you would not know because your schools failed you, Americans are known to be stupid

And this is why trump is gonna win again cuz you fuckers aren't doing anything to stop this Sickening! I hope native Americans were the ones doing this. They're the group Columbus fucked over! Trash rioters. Can’t understand a map TODAY. Sick 🤙 Arrest them all. Good Wow I’m sure they’re proud of themselves, need to Tear down all the MLK statues they’re offensive too!!

Liberals Terrorists strike again. And of course the police don’t stop them. :( Hell yeah hell yea All while they continue to shatter every known record for annual black homicides, black violence in a city run by blacks, where the majority is black, where the leadership has been black & democrat for decades, yes sure this is about racism 🙆🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

How do these people organize? Who organizes them? Through Facebook? Who is their financier? Someone is arranging these mobs and paying them for sure. Good riddance. Perhaps a statue of someone who deserves to be glorified in its place? That sounds like something Christopher Columbus would do DrShayPhD You misspelled Baltimore *vandals.

✔️ Terrorists* ❤️❤️❤️ I hope they are all arrested and serve 10 years. Folks need to stop with the lies that Columbus never set foot in North America. It's well known that he stopped by Baltimore for some lake trout. And he didn't even own a single slave. What was the point then? I’m a LIFE-LONG DEMOCRAT ....but I would prefer KANYE over orange 🍊 dude...any day! CRAY CRAY seems to be the THEME now!

Yamiche I'll never know who Christopher Columbus was now : As the government of Raleigh N.c.did so BY the law Remove the statue of ROBERT E LEE: it has come to attention that a BUTTON from his Dress uniform , hair , & Confederate money was found inside a capsule IT NEEDS TO ARCHIVED ACCORDING TO LAW value in the 100s of thousands $

Baltimore is a dangerous city. Law abiding citizens should move away. Please, come to south Philly and throw ours in the Delaware River. Thanks in advance Where were the cops? Baltimore will still be a shithole Aren't you going to tell us how bad they are? We hear about how bad we are, why not them? Yamiche Tear them all down!!

maggieNYT Splish, splash, he's a takin' a bath Long about a Saturday night, yeah Protestors. lol Madness of the crowds. Boston Tea Party 2.0 IndependanceDay Christopher Columbus was a despot who ruled his subjects with an iron fist, according to documents which have emerged 500 years after his death. He routinely tortured slaves and starved his subjects in colonies on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

Yeah well.....I heard the statue was resisting arrest - and then he just tripped and fell into the water 🤷🏼‍♀️ Here is your last narrative going bye bye 👋 maggieNYT Where it belong s Very poud of my peer Marylanders! Who didn’t actually discover America. At best he “discovered” The Dominican Republic. Never set foot in “America”

They are not protestors, they are a criminal mob. It probably needed a bath. That would be the first US territory he ever touched. Oh the irony! 🤔 Good! Columbus was a rapist and a theif! *rioters *violent mob If only these people cared that much about all the people being murdered on the Baltimore streets every year....

DevinCow haahhahahahahahahaha I’m watching fireworks. Good. these are not 'protesters' they are vandals Sounds good ✅ Get rid of that stupid Federal holiday too maggieNYT Tony Soprano and crew are gonna be pissed! Where it belongs. I care this much. Oh well, that’s how the first European who committed atrocities on Natives sinks

OMGoshhhh🤦🏼‍♀️ these Terrorist running amok .... They’ve lost sight on everything ... the have hijacked BLM & made it their own cause .. how disrespectful ... oh their demands .. anybody or businesses that is accepting or supporting.... watch the silent demand win ✌🏻 Great...keep that shit up! Little Italy gonna be mad.

this sucks it really does Im pretty disapointed Im a Steelers fan so the fact that Baltimore is being so cool hurts Good job Good! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Radicals not protestors Racism is over now. When are non native Americans moving back to our countries of origin? Do the Europeans now about our exodus? Is Africa and Asia ready to take us back in so we can leave America to the indigenous? All or nothing, let’s not just settle for idiotic symbolism.

Yamiche Most excellent! F Columbus. Murderer Looks like he’s discovered the lakebed 👋🏼 No! No! No! Stop! These people should be arrested & charged. I'm all for peaceful protests but destruction of property is just plain wrong. Assholes DevinCow Y’all my alibi. I was home eating a taco! DevinCow That's a shame. The poor fish dont deserve to have that much shit in their home.

Where are the Knights? And what exactly did they prove? Absolutely nothing. They’re playing right into Trumpet’s hands. Now he can divert the attention away from rising COVID19 cases. 👍 🤡🤡🤡🤡 mathers_georgia GrassBandicoot lol they threw it in the harbor Weird, to watch republicans standing up for the statue of a thieving, mass murdering, pedophile.... weird, but not in any way shocking

DevinCow tashanreed And this accomplished what? He will still be in the history books. Going to burn all those too? Wow. Why him? Dopey c*unts Hey! Not cool! Don't throw your trash into a Chesapeake tributary! We have to worry about pollution as it is! I don’t CARE if people get indigenous, I’ll crap all over their statues.

Chinchillazllla Surprised there are any left at this point. Keep pulling the motherfuckers down! this is not protesters Lock em up for 10 years 👍🏼 Again? I thought they did that last week! Somebody got thrown in the ocean, didn't they? Different city? Protestors don’t vandalize! These are thugs, animals & criminals of all races & backgrounds. Stop calling criminals protestors.

it matters none at all. Just shows the idiocy of the left jetrotter KofC ItalyUN_NY SpainInTheUSA That place has always been a shit hole. Who is that? Now that the statue is gone I have no idea who this Christopher guy is But didn’t democrats lead Baltimore to become the shit hole it is? My goodness. Can you proof your posts please

maggieNYT It does seem odd that we’ve got all these statues of a guy who never did what apparently some people think he did. Yamiche One wonders if the statue of ChristopherColumbus (who in real life trafficked slaves, committed genocide & rape) drowned while saying ICantBreathe BlackLivesMatter Hey ap what is your definition of protestors and what is your definition of rioting?

Thank you Not protestors. Why do you ap CNN feel the need to constantly belittle the good names of peaceful law abiding protestors and associate them with these individuals. Almost like you were intentionally trying to stoke racial tensions. DevinCow What did the Inner Harbor ever do to them? Good. Bastard.

Good. Yamiche Just to be clear, Richmond, Virginia through Columbus into our lake two weeks ago. Yamiche I’m not crying about it. Columbus did not set foot on N. America. Check your history. Rioters, inciters, instigators but NOT 'protesters'. And at this point, criminals. Funny how the majority of those rioters probably never had an issue with these statues until they were paid to have an issue and, coincidentally, in an election year, too. Hmm

Wow they moved a statue, they are so brave. Still calling them protesters huh ? Should throw themselves in too. 🤷🏿‍♂️ WHERE are the POLICE ARREST these people! .POTUS , hope these people get serious time! The term protester no longer applies. Those are criminals No great loss. The fish will appreciate it because they don’t know who he is.

Stringer Bell statue 👍 When they are done with their tantrums, maybe they can put together a plan for real tangible change. Unless taking down statues is their overall goal, then good job I guess You forgot 'peaceful' protesters.... 🤣 You misspelled rioters. Sounds like Columbus gonna catch a case of crabs!

maggieNYT He Google Maps been updated yet? Fantastic B- more gangsta !!! Drag his ass JDP4FOREVER Chris is going for a swim :) BeauTFC livefreeordiez I hope they wore masks! 🙄🙄 NOW LET'S DO TRUMP! I guess he's discovering the bottom of the harbor now Very cool They are not protesters, they are lawless thugs.

maggieNYT I'll admit I busted out laughing BYE. But they keep voting for crooked Democrats, like that gift card stealer that's about to get elected. 😂 What a great event the statue of Columbus was thrown into the harbor and just like that poverty, shootings, drugs and racism in Baltimore is over Suddenly the Protesters(Domestic Terrorists) are armed with brand-new assault rifels. We all know who's(Democrats) funding these criminals.

Should've just put it in a museum imo. Woo hoo! Sickening. Yes! He was a horrible evil man; if you have ever studied him, his cruelty to the indigenous peoples in the Caribbean had no bounds. Getting rid of the Columbus statue clears the decks for respecting the truth. We have so many myths & honor them with statues. Its about time we start honoring the truth.

Disgusting. Chinchillazllla Sweet Get job Twitter stop stupid ppl like this 'protesters' Maybe the method of removal didn't dot all the i's and cross the t's, but this sadistic butcher has no business being publicly honored with a statue to begin with. 👏👏👏👏 melisandrePro Baltimore Tea Party ? The great USA showing the world why it is the greatest nation in the world once again!

Good news 👏👏📰 Denying COVID is like denying Columbus was a mudering racist rapist. You're wrong. Lol. Nice Beautiful I can wait to see how this episode of the Wire plays out. More trash in the inner harbor. Hopefully they were filmed so the DOJ can prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Don't like the statue? Petition your local government to remove it and put it in a museum then. This is lawlessness.

Charm city is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl) I guess people don't want to go work, life must be good bye hon Omg, totally winning supporters...can I join your edgy after school club too!!! mxhnoorrr Well good for them. I say lets just scrap holidays and statues, churches, movies, etc. Lets just work everyday and come home and shut the fuck up.

If it were tea and they were white they'd be patriots Yes! Oh well! Does it solve the problem? Isn't that precious. Law and Order? Happy4thofJuly caberneigh fair he sucks Roll the tape. he shouldn’t have been out at night then ProudToBeAnAmerican. Yes. Down with that statue. It will make such a difference in people's lives.

Lol It’s time. 'protestors'? 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 Oh Snap! Trump won't be sleeping tonight! 🤣 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 Getting close for click click boom. cool Will they rename the harbor Columbus Harbor in honor of the day the protesters threw the Columbus in there? maggieNYT Maybe he’s crossing the harbor? maggieNYT Baltimore vandals

Agree with the idea, disagree with the method. In 2020 Columbus swam the harbor blue. Put all of them in jail, 10 yrs min! awesome! I fully support this. Good job, everyone! 👏😀👏 Awesome Racism cured. So happy. That will show him Great news Rioters of peace

Trump celebrates July Fourth at Mount RushmoreDespite wildfire fears, fireworks followed his speech, in which he announced he would establish a statuary garden to recognize American heroes. And the maga support actors peed their pants while wildly stomping their feet and clapping their hands. 🤮 Maybe your crazy POTUS wants to become the fifth one? 🤣🤡 Trump He’s probably already suffering from Covid. That’s his exit plan before November.

Trump Flouts Virus Rules, Warns Of 'New Far-Left Fascism' In Speech Ahead Of July 4thOn the eve of Independence Day, President Trump delivered a speech at Mount Rushmore National Memorial condemning protesters who want Confederate statues and monuments removed, as well as what he called a 'new far-left fascism.' Saying 'far left fascism' is like saying 'boiling hot ice cream.' that quote gave me whiplash. Is someone gonna tell him that fascism is right-wing by definition? Is anyone gonna tell his dwindling army of ghouls?

Denmark: Statue of Little Mermaid vandalized againThe famed statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist draws, has been vandalized with the text “racist fish.” BLM is a terrorist organization!!! BLM my arse , this shit is that childish , terrorist organisation. Perfect chance to write, You like fishsticks?

A Russian billionaire wants to buy some of America's controversial statuesBillionaire businessman Andrey Filatov's foundation, which collects Soviet-era art, has offered to buy controversial American statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Baranov, saying that both figures left a 'positive mark' on Russia. They didn't waste a second making money even during these times lol We just can´t forgive. We just can´t forget. If he will come and get them and carry them off I will donate to a fund to help pay for it.

Trump defends US history, blasts 'radical left' in 'Salute to America' celebrationPresident Trump evoked the history of American patriots who defeated Nazis, toppled communists and chased down terrorists, but warned of another threat now in today's political climate -- the 'radical left.' 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕 the best show he could give would be to resign with dignity the way Nixon did 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

As monuments fall, Confederate carving has size on its sideAs statues of figures from America's slave-owning past come down across the nation, the largest Confederate monument ever crafted may outlast them all. Chisel Stone Mountain down to a tribute to Little Sorrel, Traveller and the other horse. Animals weren't the traitors. There you go again ABC , fanning the flames , don't you have any good and informative news maybe like - Hydroxychloroquine in the latest studies can reduce deaths from the virus In the future. We will see the destruction of Mount Rushmore monument as a new chapter in American History. Just like the destruction of the berlin wall was for Germany