Colin Kaepernick Says It's Time for Revolution in Wake of George Floyd's Death

Colin Kaepernick Says It's Time for Revolution in Wake of George Floyd's Death

5/28/2020 8:22:00 PM

Colin Kaepernick Says It's Time for Revolution in Wake of George Floyd's Death

Colin Kaepernick's calling for more revolting in response to the police killing of George Floyd.

George Floydbeing killed by a cop, because he says civility led to his death ... so it's time to revolt.The former NFL star is addressing critics of the unrest this week in Minneapolis ... and he says they just don't get it, because all the rational discussions have not stopped the horrendous killings of black men, so it's time to ramp up the protests and not worry about keeping the peace.

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Kaepernick says in a tweet ..."When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction."He adds ..."The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance."

The"your" here is obviously the police, and Colin suggests it's due time to respond to the violence with violence, saying ..."We have the right to fight back!"As you know, Kaepernick's been outspoken about police brutality for years, and began silently protesting

by taking a kneeduring The National Anthem while playing for the 49ers in 2016. Read more: TMZ »

Video tape everything, will slow this down 📸 And I’m sure he said this from the comfort of his mansion. Nike will sponsor his cooperate revolution and Kendall Jenner will be handing out Pepsi. Lets just split the country then. Will build a wall When the irrelevant tried to become relevant. So hes saying it's time for a race war. Sounds good

JusticeForGeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydsLifeMattered AllLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter What a fool. Stop giving this idiot time!!! WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever Why isn’t this censored?.. WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever El dolor es fuerte y se entiende, y se les acompaña en su dolor, pero mucha casualidad que en medio de esta pandemia pase esto, para que muchos salgan a la calle y se contagien de Covid 19, cuidado tenemos que pensar con mente fría.

“Rise up you guys, revolt, I’ll be in my mansion keeping tabs” If you black guys don't get this Chauvin guy and kill him, then you guys need to come back to Africa. Kill him and eat his brains The world is crazy right now. 2020 is the worst year ever, by far. Don't make it worse. There's already been tons of media coverage on this and I'm sure things will get changed for the better because of it. Justice will be served for Floyd and Arbery

Facts Race baiting much sat in his luxury mansion far away encouraging poor black people to destroy their already run down neighborhoods and get themselves killed in the process? Wow that white parents guilt has really turned him into a self glorifying monster. Thank you TMZ for bringing that man back into the spot light

Acab but yall wouldnt listen to Ye during Pablo tour🚪 Colin are you sure you're allowed to say that you better check the contracts you signed to sell your soul for NFL millions where you been Colin nobody heard a word from you since you sold out you don't deserve to say Georges name SellOut No Justice No Peace

He’s right Yes NFL . You are done now . He’s coming for you ! Absolutely agree. Inequality must end. Of what sort? facts Funny, twitter hasn’t flagged any call to loot, arson, commit crimes, by the left as glorifying violence. Trump warns about people using self defense vs looters, he got flagged. Hmm...

He’s right Quarterback that sucks, don't care what he has to say. This guy shouldn't say nothing. Hadn't he learned to keep his mouth shut by now?! Not to take anything away from this horrible situation, stuff like that shouldn't happen This guy is the last person to listen to. Don't commit crimes then this won't happen.

Agreed Burn it all to the ground! You’ll see changes. iSupportKaepernick✊🏾 Peaceful demonstration. I agree it was wrong what happened and I know it needs to be dealt with but rioting will just get more people killed.. Kapernick still made he can’t play in the NFL ... lol acting like a baby Alright. You still suck at football.

Hope your the leader in this revolution.. stand up and lead the way.. since it is your idea.. be that leader To incite a riot is illegal. It's BEEN time for a revolution--with millions unemployed and millions more given $1200 and no health care to survive a pandemic while banks get trillions. It's PAST time for a revolution.

Time for Kapi to sit down and shut up. He does not matter. If this is a true photo Kaepernick is white. And let’s bring Michael Brown up again, the “peaceful” young black man who robbed a convenience store in Ferguson, MO whose grandmother made a mint selling t-shirts during their “protest.” I agree Kaepernick7.... let’s start a revolution and burn Minneapolis down and loot the city yesss!!! That will make people think we are not animals and we want justice!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

Idiot! Who cares what he says, he is a terrible/failed former NFL player. NO ONE CARES Until black lives matter nothing else matters JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Will social distancing and face masks be enforced during said revolution? And will Nike be sponsoring it with a new endorsement deal for Kap? yes! it is! WeNeedALeader

Are you there..... put up or shut up.... revolution from your priveledged perch.... geeze always a taker and never a giver... THATCOULDABEENME Using this man's murder to try and be relevant. Disgusting. Bring it on Kaepernick is an idiot I thought Obama was going to be the Revolution. Revolution No way Coin doesn't matter anymore . The St. Louis Rams will still sign him. Yeah that's the only football team that will sign him 😯😁

Bring it bitch Show your face , and not tweet about it They are crooked cops!! Crooked cops whom think they are God because they were give a gun and a badge are big bullies and KARMA will catch them for what they did. Those men will not get away with it. My condolences to the family & friends All the more reason I can't stand him!! Honestly to promote HATE VIOLENCE BREAKING AND ENTERING STEALING HURTING OTHERS BY SETTING THEIR LIVELYHOODS A BLAZE THATS OK TO COLIN. Well its WRONG just like what those 3 or four officers did and they will be punished

Sooo... someone please explain to me how Karpernic, a privileged black dude raised by white rich parents knows anything about how blacks struggle? I may be white... but in NO WAY do I agree with what has been happening and a revolution is not how you fix it! What i was saying is when I was backing kapernick he got ALL the millions and I got zilch. Kicked to the curb. No hate, just facts. Another fact. I'm black too.

What I was saying about kapernick is when I was backing him, he got ALL to millions and I got zilch. No hate. Just facts. Another fact. I'm black too. Is he gonna be in the revolution? Because a lot of celebrities pump people up to go and riot yet non of them are there with the people facing the same danger and consequences. 🧐

Who listens to Kapernick? Nobody Queue the douchebag Great, add to the hate. More innocent deaths, more destruction, going from one extreme to another never has and never will work. Fighting hate with hate only give you more hate. He’s a thought Guess they really took a knee lmao stopkneelingstartmarching

Colin Kaepernick is an idiot He's right Facts Been time! devils This is actually a dangerous tweet. I understand the intent here but irresponsibly worded. Do better. Dos pendejos! LOOKS LIKE THE COP IN MINNEAPOLIS DECIDED TO TAKE A KNEE OF HIS OWN... MAYBE THEY WERE PLAYING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM... So is he saying attack police , white people? I don’t get it. Is he a closet racist too ? The police will shoot back , not a good look. Police brutally needs to come with SEVERE jail time and needs to be addressed.Kaep is gonna get a ton of black people killed talking like this

This dude has a white mom and was adopted by 2 white parents to be raised. He is whiter than half the fn people i know This is happening to lots of Hispanic people but they don’t have a voice because they’re undocumented. FYI ... Bring it Agree Damn right!!! Not sure what he’s advocating for but it sounds like rioting and violence . That won’t end well

Because it was NEVER ABOUT THE FLAG 🇺🇸 IT WAS ABOUT THE GEORGE FLOYD’S OF AMERICA BlackLivesMatter istillstandwithkapernick To Colin. So you actually think that a revolution is the cure?. Your such a scumbag. You need to be educated all over. Hi, my name is Colin Kaepernick and I use other’s misfortunes for my own benefit.

And here he comes again, back for attention. And don’t fall for Trump false compassion. Remember he pardoned a racist sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona. He doesn’t care Kaepernick is a jackass Careful what you ask for. I’d don’t need this spoiled idiot telling me this. BlackLivesMatter Hypocrats Absolutely. John F Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” They didn’t like Colin kneeling. It’s time to do what needs to be done. No more talking.

Who is colin kaperniek Says the rich guy who will get richer by exploiting the situation. Yes and he will be glad to command the troops from his mansion. oppression He’s a nobody. He can sit down and shut up. Kaepernick he is right 💯 is time for black people to wake up ✊🏿✊🏿and do something those white people will always gonna walk over black people 🗣

This idot Kaepernick once a 1st string QB went to 3rd string Has cried like a little bitch since. He has no clue what a revolution IS Is he going to get it together How would he do that He cant lead a team. siwinski Serious question... is it racist that more white are killed than blacks in a given year by cops? Or is it racist that media doesn’t broadcast whites being killed? Does the media want blacks to revolt because they don’t care about them? They probably love black communities burning

Ok. Don’t you need an army to have a revolution? omgness kaepernick should be booted out of usa Why do black people burn their own communities rather than their local politicians? Wow he is so happy to get his name back out in the public. Thanks TMZ for helping him. He's a fool Bring it Revolution? You are a nothing. Not white or black.

I’m pretty sure a revolution is exactly what we don’t need! You don’t fight violence with violence!! There has already been too many deaths and too much bloodshed. It’s time for change!! Did we learn nothing We need to train our police officers and learn to respect everyone. Nonsense! Kap was good QB but this is Nonsense!

Hope Nike is proud of there token boy Didn’t you media types compare him with MLK? Ughh his face again 🙄 And Colin is completely wrong here rioting will not bring change ,would he be for this if it was at his home? He’s still an employee of a company that built an empire on sweatshop labor, right? Colin Kaepernick is white

Oh yea i remember him... the crybaby who got kicked out of the NFL for being a racist and couldn’t play football Tell that a-hole to address black on black crime in Chicago This officer should be charged with and convicted of murder ! But WHY don’t people care about the unprecedented numbers of blacks killing blacks? I think there is a record breaking number in Chicago already.

One thing a revolutionary must realize is he’s a dead man He is right. I will stand with my fellow humans. Lmao yeah maybe he should take a knee. Right here buddy 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 Let’s get this party started What is you talking about Kapernick 🤦🏽‍♂️ What were we waiting for? More violence..... pretty stupid You don’t say?!

he’s absolutely right as per usual Action, yeah; Revolution, NAH! The sorry fracker hasn’t even showed up for a protest. He’s all talk and then he rushes to the safety of Nessa’s skirt. Losers the both of them. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The second they took an official swipe at Obama ..... Drama. now's not the time to make fun of the man

Kaepernick got rich off of BLM, he need to keep it going How about a revolution where blacks stop killing EACH OTHER. He’s out of his mind! Poor people don't give a shit what Rich people think! Colin go set on your money A.H. Is he waiting for someone else to start it? Go on big man. Get the shit going. So, is he going to be the first in line, or is he just going to ill advise people from the comfort of his home?

What revolution? Kill Whitey? Kaepernick is a moron. Looting and arson, destroying a community, is revolution, while wealthy Kaepernick sits back with contracts with NIKE! Will he burn down his home to support these rioters? Many more white people die at the hands of police brutality tha no one ever hears about Colin. What’s up with that?

Nothing screams 'JUSTICE' like breaking into stores and businesses and stealing and destroying shit like the worthless criminals that you were destined to be. Had to be said. “If you can’t see what’s right in front of you then just kick rocks” 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Kaepernick7 CAN STFU & £AT A Dl€K 🍆!! NOBODY CARES OR GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS!! 🙄

Yes - That worked so well for him the first time. Something needs to be done but not looting pillaging and destruction of property. I agree. Black people have been marginalized for far too long, especially by cops Started up Kaepernick7! Don’t just say it act on it homie! I’m ready 2 die About time we demand what's really ours JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

If you take a knee this will stop There he is...the grifter has spoken. Hopefully his brand of revolution leaves some targets to shop at. His arm isn't good enough to throw a touch down, but if he can toss a hot dog 6 feet..There may be a job for him at Raymond James Stadium this fall. The people of this country don’t have the balls

“When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.” Ecclesiastes 8:11 NLT I expect that from Kappernick. Anything negative and aggressive. The officer was dead wrong and should get the death penalty. Let him be convicted then cheer as everyone watches him to to death row Besides, mayhem, larceny, & vandalism; what exactly do riots accomplish. They weren't rioting to support Mr. Floyd. Stealing TV's, cleaning out Target, burning bldgs., & attacking Police Officers in LA have LITERALLY nothing to do w/ Justice for Mr. Floyd & family, NOTHING.

Who? Who? I say it is time. Only way they will stop. Didn't know Kaepernick was still trying to be relevant. Rodney King to George Floyd — times they aren’t a changin’ That would make more violence, I guess Colin wants that There is bad apples in every profession. These idiot cops will face the judge soon.

A revolution? Against who? What, you gonna storm the White House, the capital? Y'all go ahead and listen to this fool see what happens. You want to eradicate black people listen to kaepernick. We're supposed to listen to a sell out Ok by looting? Where's his book? Easy to say when he WON'T lead the charge! 😂😂😂

Bring it on cupcake. Kneel down in front of me. Go kap ur better than MLK! Colin still won’t get you what u want in life.. playing football Yeah they are rioting and completely destroyed a target. Hmm revolution right Bring it homeboy Its time for him to Finally he showed up!? Where was he in the Georgia incident!?

This is very true What a piece of shit condoning violence and looting and arson. How does this help black people? How does this help anyone to respect black people? How does this stop another black person from being killed? What a troublemaker. NFL was right. Meanwhile he is in his nice house. Is Kaepernick7 violently protesting?”NO”Is he in Minneapolis with those who are protesting?”NO”If he’s calling for violence & says to “take his lead”shouldn’t he be there?This was a horrible act, I want JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ICantBreath & more violence isn’t the answer!

The multi millionaire says from his mansion How’s that knee, loser? And this is why kaepernick isn't playing Stop fanning the flames Well I gaurrentee he wont be on the front line Most black people feel the same way , we are of these police officers gettng way with killimg black people. NOPEEEEEEEEE! Big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big difference TMzzzzzzzz

I hate TMZ platform but felt compelled to reply to this post. I agree with Kaepernick. It's time to peacefully revolt. We are sick of being killed. We are sick of being the most vulnerable. We need White America to feel this pain we feel. Hell we want reparations! Well how did your last revolution work out for ya?

He’s a terrorist! BlackLivesMatter you need to turn up the volume coast to coast if you wanna Create some real change. Unite all races.... We are not all racists... injustice has no race, hate has no race.... Covid stopped the earth.... make your movement louder... when they push you push harder Explain to me how looting and pillaging honors his memory or enacts the change you want to see.

Because this rubber head say's? I thought he took his millions and ran away! really him again..come on now..what has he done for the black community other then try to profit off of it. Funny how when someone is mixed they pick the side with the most controversy to make a profit off of! Who ?. Pandemic, release prison pop, incite social unrest by horrific act, well I guess the Cabal is right on the playbook

This puss will be in his lavish mansion and the people he tells to revolt dies. All the while he will continues to live his multimillion dollar lifestyle on his thorn. Get the fk outta here. please send to me the tweet you “quoted” President Trump on today’s show about the only good democrats is a ............ Thank you

Revolution means innocent people will die. He needs to choose his words better. Give it couple more years. The new civil and economic war will happen, question is who has the advantage? The people are far too poorly educated and unprepared to fix what’s wrong. What would Kaepernick7 think if his community was being looted and burned? How f**king irresponsible to support people destroying businesses and people’s lives!

He should show up in Minneapolis but he won’t Hell naw this man is a clown Revolution is already here for you, has been here for years, started shortly after you defecated on the United States of America...which is NOT racist but rather open-minded with free speech so opportunists like you can capitalize on racism! Shame on you

Can u throw keap out of America and out of headlines please ? Who? Oh you might the nobody. And queue the douchebag... So he is promoting a War ? TRUMPiCANS 🇺🇸 Revolution? kaepernick7 is asleep on his silk sheets. He ain't nowhere near the frontlines where all this taking place. Where were the protests when he was doing McDonald's and Beats commercials? allaboutme

If his message is to retaliate in violence.. he can stop speaking for me Kaepernick is a terrorist. 'Death'? It was murder. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How to reform police in a police state enact novictimnocrime policy Here’s a revolution: A 9 year-old was shot and killed in Philadelphia yesterday. And you have not said a word about it. Blacklivesmatteronlywhenwhiteytakesit.

The revolution will not be covered by Gail Scott Heron. No one gives a shit about what that fact activist says. Media puppet who only gave a shit when he was a bench player. Please be quiet Capernick....Sit Down AND just BE QUIET...NONE looks up to you Unfollow !!! Lol says the millionaire that grew up in the suburbs

That's just gonna bring on martial law/police state. They're already bringing in the national guard. He's right ! and they should start training on elder... Colin is just doing it for publicity and to try to get a paycheck... where has he been, why not stand up everyday for your beliefs. He’s been a ghost. People die daily and where is he.. This is just a typical media stunt by Colin Kaepernick7

He didn’t die. George Floyd was murdered Chill out Kap! It was horrific what this cop did. He will get his, as did the lady in Central Park and those two rednecks in Georgia. No need to set the world on fire for a few racist monsters. The majority of us love all. says the POS who was raised by a white family in a white community....yeah, he has so much to say....this chump needs to go away and go fast...what a shill!

Violence IS NOT the answer. We need to treat each well. How did it get so out of control. NO ONE deserves to die in such a manner. Please we must come together or COVID will be the least of our problems Lol, another well thought out plan. Haha I guess he’s gonna be the General leading the pack Kneel to kill a hail of AMENS, kneel in a non-violent protest you're a disgrace to the USA. Blue Isis looks comfortable killing a human.AMEN

See how white cops treat white men vs black men Nope. Register and vote. I'll pay attention to him when he gets back on the field. Oh wait Say what you want, you’re still out aka unemployed of playing football 🏈 Don't mind Kaepernick cos he's retired Remember when Kaepernick decided he’d rather take money from the NFL then continue to protest for black lives? Kaepernick does not care about black people he’s an agent of chaos

Klapperdick says what Too bad 'privileged' poor white people are excluded. Size matters when it comes to revolution. Good luck with your self-fragmented minority. 👍🏻 In other words, 'Time to cash in on this 'opportunity.' I haven't seen Kaepernick7 in Chicago. Guess there's no money to make there. You first Colin. Be the example

BernieSanders KingJames neiltyson Kaepernick7 What does the constitution say? If you stand? They shoot you down. If you kneel? They put you down. If you lay down? They roll over you. Whats left? Still no NFL contract..... No, it's not. ThinkOneWorld One that kneel to end the abuse from cops the other that died because a cop kneel on his wind pipe

Will Nike sponsor his revolution? ✋ I'm in What did he ever actually do for the black community? Kneeling didn’t do shit! I’m not allowed to own a gun on account of alleged mistreatment of animals but this Bernie bro stands with Kap TMZ stirring the pot. I AGREE!!😡😡 It is time for a change. Absolutely. Anyone with common sense knows this. But where is the common sense of these people who want 'justice'?

Revolution ? Cant even get most people to vote and his ass wants a revolution. Try fucken voting first before you call for a call to violence. Was he wearing his Fidel Castro t-shirt when he made that comment? Folks still going to vote Democrat. Half white boy Who Ha! He’s a loser... Revolution huh? Explain that a bit more.

Someone needs to put a muzzle on Colin Kaepernick. Burn down all the democrat cities Who? And statements like that keep adding fuel to the fire;I am sorry but he is radical and scary! I been saying that since I was 7 years old when there was black and white riots in Trinidad Colorado a very small town. That was 1972 and I was 7! When does America think like a 7 year old that was taught about a different America before this happened. Revolution ARRESTMS4

That word 'revolution' masks what he really means. Btw Thanks TMZ for this race baiting fuel What happened to George Floyd was a grotesque miscarriage of justice. That police officer must be charged with murder. That said- it does not immediately validate Kaps past arguments, most of which were based on incorrect stats and heavy agenda and profit driven bias.

So what’s the hold up on arresting the murderers? No one wants to hear from Kaepernick......... And he wonders why he’s not in the NFL Nothing wrong with protesting and standing up for your rights against racist acts. But no need for violence, looting, and arson. Otherwise, keep it up. Whatever Never trust a cyclops.

He only comes out when it suits him Period... This man lost his career over this. Now look.. So you want more more deaths? Really fucking smart. Something needs to be done but a revolution is not the answer OK Kap what do you propose.... having a civil war....killing more people....i am mad too but not enough to get more people killed/further more what are you gonna do..will you be on the front lines of this...will you pick up the first gun or will let others fight 4 u

Democrat cities are the problem. Democrats making promises they never keep is the problem. Democrats supporting illegal immigrants rather than Black Americans is the problem. Joe Biden: ' If you don't vote for me, you ain't even black' Send a message. Vote Republican. Be heard Who? oh here we go again with this guy he only surfaces when it a spotlight for himwhere is he all the other days of the year

Half white if he is inciting violence he should have the balls to say it. and be arrested for it. Sat there in his mansion far far way from the mayhem. I agree. Colin should riot against half of himself. Werd up Oh no, Who put a quarter in the Colin If we can all agree on something the faster all the drama stops.

Colin better not wear any red hats outside then. I don't know why a drunk cop would be carrying a gun anyways. He’s still a shitty quarterback! Will you show for the revolution or will you change the place of the revolution last minute so nobody comes to the revolution then say the revolution was a sucess then say youre ready for the revolution?

He's right. I've always stood by Colin. You should too. Quite sure another Nike/Kaepernick sponsored commercial would help🙄 🤦🏼‍♂️ We see the resultsof economic inequality everyday in anger bitter divisions between working poor over what they see as limited resources in a $20 trillion economy controlled by a few billionaires. A basic income essential to unifying society calming tensions

Domestic terrorist says what Kaepernick7 Thank you for everything you do. An unsolicited word of advice... You have just the right platform to create change right now, PLEASE consider usit it primarily to help register young voters and get first-time voters out to the polls in November. Exactly!!! Enough is enough...

You still won’t play in the NFL 🤷🏻‍♀️ Colin Kaepernick took a knee so that George Floyd and millions of other black people do not die from a knee. TakeAKnee GeorgeFloyd JusticeForFloyd JusticeForGeorgeFloyd What Kaepernick7 did was what the looters did. Attack a third party trying to run a business because they were feeling emotional.

Colin Kaepernick And Other Prominent Athletes Demand Justice For George FloydA video released Tuesday showed the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by police officers. Fuvk the popo till forever The one that knelt on George's neck needs to be charged with first degree murder. Firing them is NOT good enough. Justice needs to be served. Black people are tired. BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Acting like bozzos the society ''w/p'' keep ignoring shit like that Every Single Day

Colin Kaepernick And Other Prominent Athletes Demand Justice For George FloydA video released Tuesday showed the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by police officers. What about Hong Protestors? Oh wait.. Watch how many white people deflect in the comments NO way, your kidding right.

LeBron James Posts Support of Colin Kaepernick After George Floyd Death: ‘Do You Understand Now?’George Floyd died after being arrested with force in Minneapolis

‘This…Is Why’ — LeBron James, Jamie Foxx react to George Floyd’s death with images of Colin Kaepernick kneelingThe viral image compares an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck with Kaepernick protesting police brutality Please...makes as much sense as these looters. Yet he didn't. WELCOME TO THE NBA ROT AND THE CHINA SYNDROME.

LeBron James shares Instagram image of George Floyd's death and Colin Kaepernick kneeling: 'Do you understand now?'Four Minneapolis Police officers were fired when Floyd died shortly after being arrested for suspected forgery. Every second of the day I worry about my son, brothers, nephews....and I even find myself saying a silent prayer whenever I see black man (young/old) walking down the street alone, praying he reaches his destination safely!! My 💔 hurts😢 Yea...... we understand people are cherry picking incidents to push an anti law agenda. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd ICantBreath BlackLivesMatter

LeBron James Posts Support of Colin Kaepernick After George Floyd Death: ‘Do You Understand Now?’George Floyd died after being arrested with force in Minneapolis