Clyburn poised to endorse Biden in big boost before S.C. primary

The House majority whip wields enormous sway in the state, especially among African Americans.


House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who wields enormous influence in his home state of South Carolina, is planning to endorse Joe Biden on Wednesday

The House majority whip wields enormous sway in the state, especially among African Americans.

“I will endorse Wednesday morning,” Clyburn said Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. “I’m going to tell everybody who I’m going to vote for. I’m just not going to do it today.”Former Vice President Joe Biden. | John Locher/AP PhotoA big South Carolina win, Biden’s campaign hopes, would provide a springboard into the run of states with influential black electorates, starting with Super Tuesday three days after the Palmetto State’s Feb. 29 primary.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), Biden's campaign co-chair, said he's optimistic but not certain that Clyburn will endorse the former vice president.“We have to think of this election in more than presidential terms,” Clyburn said to more than a dozen black men at Toliver’s Mane Event barbershop, which Clyburn frequents. “Because when you go to the polls in November ... my name is going to be on the ballot. So when you tell me, you got such a big problem with who the Democratic nominee is for president that you aren't going to vote that means you ain't voting for me — that's what that means.”

For weeks Clyburn would not say definitively whether he planned to publicly back a specific candidate ahead of his state's primary, only saying if he did so it would be after Tuesday’s debate. Clyburn’s office did not return a request for comment.But in recent weeks, senior congressional Democrats and moderates representing Republican-leaning districts have watched with alarm as Sanders cemented his frontrunner status.

“I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry. This is South Carolina, and South Carolinians are pretty leery about that title socialist,” Clyburn said Sunday on ABC’s This Week.

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The DNC indebted to Jim Clyburn. Or a debt paid? Wonder why Joe was so brief last summer at Jim’s annual fish fry? Something smells fishy! Making him look weak WhipClyburn is the same guy who said 'Bloomberg's positives outweigh his negatives' last weekend on PoliticsNation so, his establishment Democrat judgement isn't the greatest to African-Americans across the country.

Sad that JimClyburn feels he Must endorse DecrepitPolicy WallStreet_Militarist NoHope_JoeBiden JoeBiden, Guaranteeing another ElectionLoss for TheDemocrats Democrats SenWarren PeteButtigieg amyklobuchar! ILikeBernie2020 MSNBC HardballChris changeiscomin69 Thank you, Jesus - and of course Representative Clyburn🗽! Love you 🌸🙌💙🌈☮️

Don’t do it please! Biden can not beat trump. Bernie voters will not vote for him. Clyburn should endorse President Trump. What has Biden or any of the other Dems done for the American people. In fact, all of the Dems should switch to the Republican Party because the Democratic Party doesn’t exist. It is now more socialist leaning.

Now is the time to hint toward a Biden/Harris ticket. JoeBiden KamalaHarris TheDemocrats 'Politico reported Sunday that Clyburn will endorse Biden, citing anonymous sources. Despite that report, Clyburn insisted any assumption that he has already picked Biden given their longstanding relationship would be wrong.'

The people of SC should ask what has Jim Clyburn done for the people? Really think about the poor communities and schools!

Biden banking on diverse voters in NevadaFormer Vice President Joe Biden is betting big on Nevada for a comeback following underwhelming finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire – hoping that black and brown voters give his campaign for president a much-needed boost. NotMeUs Biden is the only electable candidate in the pack. French-kissing babies is just ONE of his many talents Biden loses his train of thought too quickly. Early signs of dementia?

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 this is literally not news Lieburn. He as influence in one small area. He wins because of a special racist district drawn out guaranteeing him a win. He's never taken seriously. Not the brightest. It's about time. I got it right! I have been saying it that Clyburn supports JoeBiden 4 president. I have been saying that staceyabrams will be Bidens VP choice if he wins nomination. Abrams will help carry DougJones AL, win open senate seat in GA, send Lindsey home & elect harrisonjaime.

Biden: “They gonna put y’all back in chains.” Yuck. 🤮 Skyisthelimit10 Thank you WhipClyburn. i_am_pc518 As far as I'm concerned minorities have to getting the short end of the stick for quite some time and they haven't done anything to stop it. His endorsements don't mean a lot to me i_am_pc518 That is his choice

Go Biden!!

Sanders scores decisive win in Nevada, Biden heading to second placeBernie Sanders scored a decisive victory in the Democratic presidential caucuses... Help us bring 140 people to canvass SC, VA, MI, and OH from 10 universities and 5 cities during Spring break weeks!!!

auvi_lu 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Good news! FiringLineShow Too little, too late. 'Several panicked Democrats, including one with direct knowledge of the planned endorsement, said they see it as a last-ditch effort to blunt Bernie Sanders’ momentum before he runs away with the nomination.' JayWeber3 South Carolina is one of 15 open primary states, as is Wisconsin. As a conservative republican I’ll be voting for Bernie in the Wisconsin primary. I suspect he’ll do quite well in South Carolina.

Here we go - let the great turnaround begin! Ahead of the SC primary in 2008, Biden bragged that his state (Delaware) was a “slave state.” Clyburn just recently panned historically low black unemployment by saying it was even lower under slavery. Hmmm. Good deal That’s not going to save sinking Joe He may be too late. Stalling never works.

IvankaRogue Not a surprise in SC.

Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg take shots at projected Nevada caucus winner Bernie SandersBiden took veiled jabs at Sanders and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, while Buttigieg attacked Sanders at length. Of course they did Eloka51 Can’t believe Biden hasn’t dropped out yet Biden is as weak as a overdone noodle

Does this supposed 'wise' legislator not realize the party of his choice has kept 'his' people enslaved purely for its own benefit and not theirs? kstreet111 Thank you!! He rocks. I don't know about this.. smell fishy. Biden can't even hold his own State of Pennsylvania, why would Jim endorse him after Bernie has won 3 states in a row?

Rep Clyburn, your remarks about employment and 'slavery' was off the wall. where did you hear that? Biden will need way more than this I think we need to remind voters in SC about Joe “cut Social Secuirty Biden” ✂️✂️✂️ Why is Clyburn more important than the people? He's their elected representative not their Imam. If the people want Binden they should vote Biden. If Clyburn says Biden they should take Creepy Joe's sage advice and vote for someone else.

Sanders projected for decisive win in Nevada, Biden on track for second placeSenator Bernie Sanders appeared headed to a decisive win in the Democratic presidential NevadaCaucus. Early returns showed Joe Biden possibly landing a second-place finish Yay!! Good for Biden--TheComebackKid! I wonder who will pay for all the free stuff. Bernie will issue new iPhones to Obamaphone customers. ObamaPhone

I'd like to know who those 'multiple sources' are? As you say in your article, they are desperate. Are you sure they are telling the truth, or just playing you? AdosGrievances Boomers gonna boom. Wow.. what a surprise....... For those of you that don’t pray. Please send positivethoughtsforjoebiden that he does well in the next debate & win South Carolina!

He just said that he will endorse one on Wednesday after SuperTuesday, what happened? Trying to dismiss SenSanders ? Epic Fail! Did Rep. Clyburn consult with Bernie supporters about this? BernieBros biden2020 That’s what I’m talking about! AliAdair22 Now this I like! Nooooooo! Embarrassing that in this decade, blacks still do what other blacks tell them to do, modern slavery is black/black

Biden claims comeback despite distant second finish to SandersNext week's South Carolina primary looks like do or die for him. Born Loser Biden 😆👎🏾 but losing is a familiar feelling

Well yeah Black people should be the last race to be afraid of endorsing a candidate with revolutionary type of ideals. Bernie Sanders should be the candidate of choice for all people who are tired of being oppressed by corporations and employers across the spectrum of America. Backbone why do they announce today that they'll be doing 'X' in two days? I honestly don't get it.

gotta protect the old boys club. WhipClyburn, I knew you would hear us out: your decision is the right one here, BTW. According to CNN he said he will not endorse anyone until after the debate and that came straight out of his mouth! It wouldn’t surprise me but that’s not what he said on TV! NormOrnstein “'If he were not to win SouthCarolina, he would be in a precarious position,' Rep. James E. Clyburn said in an interview.' SouthCarolinaPrimary Biden Democrats JimClyburn

OF COURSE, HES A CORPORATE SELLOUT TOO, STATUS QUO GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM. Other than being a demacrate that will be the worst thingclayburn ever does biden is a crook.and as croupt as obama. Joe who? Endorsement by ? Lol yeah ok you keep trying to administer drugs into a dead patient that won Zero states in his two election bids

Joe Biden Says He Was Arrested In South Africa Decades AgoBut the presidential candidate doesn't seem to have publicly mentioned the incident before this month, The New York Times reports. What is it with establishment democrats and lying? Remember when Hillary was under sniper fire? ANOTHER old, out-of-touch Democrat pandering to People of Color. Pathetic. He thought he was going to easily get Black votes because of Obama. And that has not happened. He's desperate now. JoeBiden Enough, Joe. Withdraw in good grace before your dignity is completely shredded.

Pray to God that Biden has a good debate. WhipClyburn Thank you! NeverBernie Jim Clyburn will probably support Biden...but its a last minute endorsement. Little added value to Biden. But expect when Sanders wins the Democratic Nomination....Clyburn will strongly/enthusiastically support him. how does know it is Biden and not amyklobuchar?

Jim saw the money. KAG Shocking. Wasted vote next BarackObama ...get off the fence please

Please Do!!! Joe Biden was a Good Vice President!!! We Know who Joe Is!!! Fight to Give a True Democrat A Chance!!! Joe And Elizabeth Warren Are Good People!!! Bernie Sanders is The Shadow of Trump!!! Dang, I was hoping it would be Pete! 😔 Yeah. Well. We got Marianne. And she will defeat you all in the astral plane

if he was smart he would have endorsed Warren but now Bernie will have a clear path to the nomination. WTFC Join the 21st century, Mr. Clyburn. Endorse Elizabeth Warren. mindyfinn No one's surprised that Clyburn's endorsing him. We'll see if his support is enough to get Biden his first win to help carry him through Super Tuesday. If Biden doesn't rack up delegates over the next 9 days, this becomes a LONG campaign.

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