Chris Hayes on Floyd protests: This is what Trump’s America has wrought

Chris Hayes: “There is no plan from the President…Not the pandemic. Not the economic crisis. Not the societal inequities. Not predatory policing. Not the protests in Minnesota. Nothing except to make it all worse.”

5/29/2020 5:00:00 AM

.chrislhayes: “There is no plan from the President...Not the pandemic. Not the economic crisis. Not the societal inequities. Not predatory policing. Not the protests in Minnesota. Nothing except to make it all worse.”

Chris Hayes: “There is no plan from the President…Not the pandemic. Not the economic crisis. Not the societal inequities. Not predatory policing. Not the protests in Minnesota. Nothing except to make it all worse.”

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chrislhayes Why is the media deflecting away from white privileged anarchists setting fire to black communities? You'd think they were choosing sides or something. chrislhayes Straight from the mouth of the CCP chrislhayes That’s because he isn’t smart enough to figure things out. He should step down. VoteHimOut

chrislhayes Shameful Fake News just never learns. chrislhayes There you go again Chris moving the news to fit your narrative. It is the State and local government's responsibility to keep order, if POTUS Trump usurped this power you would be calling him a facist power hungry thug. No matter what POTUS does you say the opposite!

chrislhayes Folks are now having to pay back rent from February . All of it! chrislhayes That's all he knows how to do. Stir the pot and yell! He thinks because he's POTUS he can treaten folks. Well the gop is in line for sure! chrislhayes So what plan would you put forth, put your money where your big mouth is at.

chrislhayes There’s a whole lotta Tweets though. I wonder how they’ll be displayed in the Trump Presidential Library... will it just consist of 1000s of cell phones? TweeterInChief WorstPresidentEver UnfitForOffice chrislhayes For one thing he has a solution: For Wall Streets. Stocks are rising, rising, rising as the cooperation are supported more than anyone else.

chrislhayes call in Biden as soon as you find him and get his plan chrislhayes Yes,but the people in London are showing their solidarity with us. The world will now see how weak Trump really is. chrislhayes The GOP need to make him resign. And chose Country over Power and Greed! chrislhayes A little history for you all wet behind the ears and nose is running Chris Hayes. 1967+68 Race riots + looting+torching in major cities under LBJ. Come election 1968 Pres Nixon swept into office with law+order platform. It sure looks like Pres Trump for 8 years.

chrislhayes lol burning down liberal cities with liberal mayors!!!! But it’s Trumps fault you can’t be this dumb!!!! chrislhayes I was part of a protest in Baltimore today. This shit is over! Resist! ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏻 chrislhayes You know why? Because this is what he wanted! He wants this confusion and chaos because it keeps us divided and distracted from he and the GOP’s crimes and attempts to keep us oppressed.

chrislhayes Coward... silentequalscomplicit chrislhayes '...and making things worse is our job.' - Chris Hayes chrislhayes 4 more years! Trump2020 chrislhayes DomesticTerrorists 👇🏽 chrislhayes R I O T chrislhayes Chris is an ass. Now, we hired President Trump to help us combat a deep vicious sludge infecting America. We hired him *to hire us* so we can get America's head back on straight. Trump has us. Dems have no one. A few days ago rioters, Dems all, looted/burned George's community.

chrislhayes Really? Funny, I remember the President saying call in natl. Guard, & yet liberal Mayors & Governors refused, & now their cities are in ruins. Liberals have given realDonaldTrump the greatest campaign ad money can buy, and he didn't have to spend a dime Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸 chrislhayes Violent Rioters & Looters disrespect George Floyd’s Christian Legacy:

chrislhayes The media has been begging folks to bring anarchy to to the streets now it’s trumps fault 😂😂😂 chrislhayes Yawn. chrislhayes 8 years of Obama fomenting hate against cops and whites, and dem mayors and governors suppressing american citizens, locking us in our homes, locking us out of work, this is all dems b.s.

chrislhayes Your about to FA and find out🎯 chrislhayes Just wow 🙄 chrislhayes Thought it was up to the individual states to respond to domestic terrorism, unless you’re saying now that foreign actors are involved chrislhayes This seems helpful. Cable news stoked these divisions in order to get ratings. GFY.

chrislhayes Right now radical Steve Schmidt, the fake far left antifa-pro journalist on MSNBC is blaming President Trump on all of his brethren, all the Democrats, looting and burning anything and everything. chrislhayes Any comment on the terrorist’s burning down cities? chrislhayes Chris, YOU & your pals in the Mostly Male Misogynistic Media helped bring tRump to power. It must all be a game to you. No recognition of your incompetence. No apologies. Bye Bye Berner.

chrislhayes chrislhayes /TRUMP DOESN'T CARE EXCEPT FOR BLOWING THINGS UP!!! chrislhayes Trump probably likes what he sees - he thrives on division, and anger, and he’ll find ways to make this work for his campaign chrislhayes He has a plan. Get the Communist Democrats the hell out of Washington and this shit show will go away.

chrislhayes I think predator is the key word here. Try to elect it a second time. Thanks. chrislhayes chrislhayes As opposed to the race riots during a Barry’s time? chrislhayes Well stated, chrislhayes ~ as the tragedies mount, his incompetence and abject unfitness for the office of the presidency mounts, glaringly, convincingly, in case anyone had any remaining doubt.

chrislhayes TammySahargun chrislhayes 25th Amendment chrislhayes chrislhayes Isn’t it time to evict him Now! We can’t wait till November/January chrislhayes How many votes did Chris Hayes get last election? chrislhayes He is a monster. Everyday he tweets out ever more dividing threats, garbages, stupidities. He's earned a couple sentences in history book.

chrislhayes Liar. What are you smoking? And Twitter is not fact checking you, total bias. Trump2020. Fact name 1 one country middle class and low income has better or even equal lifestyle than USA? You can’t because I have traveled to closet equal Japan and not even close to USA. Spoiled. chrislhayes MSNBC WILL BURN!!

chrislhayes When all else fails chrislhayes Bull💩! chrislhayes 🤔 i think realDonaldTrump has only one plan... “how to keep himself out of jail”. which means... he doesn’t give any fucks about america. DoBetter VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 chrislhayes Of course there is, he went “after” Twitter. You’re suppose to talk about that, disregard everything you mentioned.... RepDaveJoyce

chrislhayes Institutional systemic structural racism/ bigotry in the US criminal injustice system existed long before Trump won in 2016. chrislhayes We vote for Joe Biden Democrat to be the next president of the United States on November 3rd. chrislhayes 🤣 chrislhayes I don’t think it’s a wake up call, but this admin is reactive and never proactive. They shoot from the hip on every alleged target. realDonaldTrump is no planner, no strategist and no tactician either. He is guided by hist gut and his oversized ego. He think he’s superior.

chrislhayes Her mission accomplished for Jihad - Ilhan Omar makes Minnesota look like Somalia chrislhayes 😂 ok. Chris is a tool chrislhayes Althoug, trumpy will pull something together to make sure there are tax cuts benefits for the rich and the stock market gets high. What a waste of space he is chrislhayes Stand with human rights

chrislhayes Liars chrislhayes ya ok. remember *lots of coded language* & also still infiltrators in media etc that r otherwise ok. so every1 use ur heads. but yes msnbc u ok too. trump does not have a 'final solution' & i'm using that in the usa mainstream--fs = eugenics-y mass slaughter--meaning of term.

chrislhayes The Floyd execution by law enforcement affects Minneapolis, affects America. All Americans should demand appropriately addressing this injustice. What affects black & brown people, affects all. This is a national genocide in a Free Country. chrislhayes chrislhayes The fake news agitator from MSNBC should know that all of the inequities and economic decay happens in the democrats run states for 30 years and nothing had changed as I could see. It will get better, President Trump is creating more jobs for Americans as fast as he can.

chrislhayes chrishayes has it all wrong, it may not have been Trumps plan when the markets fell, but to win re-election, this is Trumps plan now. Do nothing because he knows most who are dying & feeling the economic despair are from communities of black, brown, & white & they’re Dems 😡 chrislhayes These young protesters NEED TO VOTE TRUMP OUT in November. MSNBC reporters need to start asking them what they plan to do in Nov. AliVelshi JoyAnnReid robreiner KingJames K_JeanPierre maddow JusticeForGeorgeFlyod TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

chrislhayes Thanks for your input. You are clearly part of the solution. chrislhayes Our Nero is fiddling while Rome burns. Action2getherNJ chrislhayes There is one overarching plan: personal profit and make Putin happy. chrislhayes Every so often, circumstances forces us, it forces us to change to evolve, this is one of those moments. Unfortunately, there are a few that will be left behind and should not be trying to lead.

chrislhayes How are people allowed to come on MSNBC and lie out their mouths and be totally disingenuous so it can fit their narrative. chrislhayes this is 99.93% media driven chrislhayes Another Day... United States cases Updated May 30 at 5:24 AM local Confirmed 1,783,132 +25,354 Deaths 104,166 +1,223

chrislhayes Yes riots chrislhayes TRUMP'S PLAN: NO PLAN AT ALL! chrislhayes Fake news chrislhayes NOPE..nothing you want to report..truth is law enforcement is a state & local where are those politicians..hiding behind walls & barriers instead of enforcing laws to protect their citizens and their property! Actions necessary against lawless police in Minneapolis!

chrislhayes It seems as if the Democrats are burning there own cities down... chrislhayes This fire in America is all about Trump. George Floyd only lit the match. chrislhayes Using the death of a black man to create to politicize and create more racial tension - this is your Leftist media, folks.....

chrislhayes 🧐 chrislhayes This guy looks like shit chrislhayes What can THE NEWS do to SAVE BLACK LIVES? (1) Record black people's stories of police abuse! (2) STOP being 'objective' when a man was MURDERED in plain sight of cameras. Objectivity = condoning violence against black people! (3) Reveal why mayors can't EASILY FIRE rogue cops!

chrislhayes chrislhayes You did not cover yourself with glory with your Tara Reade nonsense, so you are close to b.g, noise right now. Do EXCELLENT work only from here and redeem yourself. chrislhayes Hello, his only plan is personal and it’s $$$$$$$$ and even more $$$$$$$$$ for him. ShirleySharona2 chrislhayes ThereIsNoPlanFromThePresident

chrislhayes I guess we will just ignore that this constantly happens, even under Obama and the hissy fit after the 2016 election. Convenient memories. chrislhayes Stop DIVIDING our great country MSM! Stop spewing lies & division! chrislhayes Ferguson Baltimore Obama had the same issue blacks breaking laws and resisting arrest!

chrislhayes They'll still vote for him in Nov chrislhayes Only a misinformed reporter would make a comment like that chrislhayes You are FakeNewsMedia you are one of the problems that need to be off the air chrislhayes This is how clueless liberals are. This has been building since way before Trump took office.

chrislhayes MSNBC is propaganda against the President of the United States & 63+million people in the United States. Plans: Pandemic check, Economy check, Social check. You may not like his plans and policies but why would you a Socialist Propaganda Medium. MSNBC is an enemy of the people. jmdavid750 chrislhayes Trump is not capable of leading the country or making any crisis plans. He's only concerned about himself and the stock market. He has chosen the worst people in his administration who are also unable to function. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

chrislhayes Winning. Fake news. POS chrislhayes Another dead black man at the hands of a white cop in a country where more confederate/nazi flags are being flown day to day. chrislhayes Of course there's a plan! Make rich people richer at any cost. Simple. And it's working, congrats on a job well done 👍

chrislhayes Desperate newspeople. Low ratings and their base burning their own cities down. LoL chrislhayes there were riots during Obama and Bush, and Obama never had a plan either...this is just BS chrislhayes Lol coming from the nation enquirer of tv get lost your ratings get any lower you will be under the building

chrislhayes chrislhayes Absolutely rediculous!!! chrislhayes The plan he has gotten from Putin is to divide the country chrislhayes That white boy head looks like a potato chrislhayes Hayes and Maddow have been calling for their followers to burn down cities and spread Covid now that it’s happened they try to blame Trump. Nope they are guilty of inciting Riots.

chrislhayes ... He PROMISED to change how the White House is run... That was a part of his campaign. Why are we acting SURPRISED. chrislhayes I thought they were going to fire this guy. What happened? chrislhayes DeathtoFakeNews chrislhayes chrislhayes It's people like chrislhayes that bring this country down due to the multitude of simple minded people willing to believe his BS. President Trump has done far more good for the usa in 3 years as CIC than the past 4 presidents, while MSM persistently try tearing him down.

chrislhayes Liar! chrislhayes Trump is a disease! chrislhayes I just saw something that was pretty good. Trump would you rather we do this or kneel at the football games? What will it be? And I also recall during Benghazi, several compounds were on fire, now what was Hillary and Pres Obama to do? Trumpee got more tweets?

chrislhayes When you don’t take responsibility for anything, when you’re not held accountable for anything, when you think it’s someone else’s job/responsibility, someone else will step up, this is what you get. chrislhayes chrislhayes That's' TRUMP' in ah Nutshell!!!!! chrislhayes Bullshit. This is what America’s liberal divisive media wrought.

chrislhayes the left and media has taught severe immaturity in society to justify all the societal wars they want to keep happening. The media needs to be sued for all the hysteria it creates in society over many things. MM arr chrislhayes You are part of this mess with your incessant race baiting and hatred of the potus.

chrislhayes He’s thinking about how to exploit for his own purposes. Sadly, it probably will help him. Hopefully not enough. chrislhayes Everything started with the President before Trump. chrislhayes Opinions from the Faje News Kings mean Absolutely 0. chrislhayes Rioters need 2 B arrested 4 disorderly conduct, rioting, arson, jay walking in streets, not having permits, disturbing the peace, terrorism which is using fear/violence 2 influence society, looting /stealing, being a mob, assault & battery, vandalism; to name a few things. MM arr

chrislhayes Chris Hayes said said the President has no plan for a list of problems that have been around for decades. But he inadvertently exposed what the Left made worse with unnecessary lockdowns to hurt economy and throwing Soros sponsored fuel on protest fires. That is their plan. chrislhayes MSNBC THE BLAME ROCK THROWER 0MAR THE BLAME

chrislhayes Here's his plan: 'Hitler Youth' trending chrislhayes Democrats chrislhayes Are these things President Trump's fault? I don't believe. chrislhayes It’s crazy how ya wanna talk down on someone who’s supposed be representing us, yet wanna be the self righteous ones to stop bullying and racism. Sure that’s not counterproductive at all 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

SaleemulHuq chrislhayes Corp media also makes it worse. Corp media is complicit in glorifying Trump, bringing him to power, not being a true news source for people. MSNBC serves its corporate owners, the 1%. chrislhayes This would be obamas america right. Im co stantly told the ecomomy was Obamas until the day covid arrived of course.

chrislhayes Why does the president have to have a plan about the protests in Minnesota? chrislhayes You are in serious trouble. If he can declare martial law his gun toting supporters will police it for him. And he won't call it off. I am starting to think the Republicans really dont3want to let go of power, and they have the right man to push it

chrislhayes 3+ years of making stuff worse it's really dragging on now chrislhayes Lies from MSNBC as usual. This is all you do. I know you’ve heard POTUS plans and still you report the opposite. We’re done with you msnbc. realDonaldTrump chrislhayes This president and this racist unjust country deserves every messed up thing it gets.

chrislhayes This about sums it up. chrislhayes He's no president, he's not even a man. He's self involved, selfish, incompetent with no common sense. All he sees or cares for is himself. chrislhayes Looks like trump n kushners administration ..are working to KILL MORE AMERICANS chrislhayes realDonaldTrump has made America a failed state. I realize that the phrase 'failed state' has no meaning for him, but the rest of America understands that he made America a failed state.

chrislhayes And this is why Elizabeth Warren should be Bidens running mate. She always has a plan.. chrislhayes What is wrong with this guy? chrislhayes At least we have all these great mayors training their PD, protecting citizens and assuring equality. chrislhayes Quack quack quack chrislhayes Sooo true.

chrislhayes Yes exactly that’s the scariest bottom line, where is the plan? GOP Turtle MoscowMitch is hidden in his bunker with a mask 😷 on. As Trump fiddles at the Whitehouse. After he ignited all the city’s. chrislhayes chrislhayes Maybe that's his plan. chrislhayes HER EMAILS!!!!! Her fukkking emails!!! 😒

chrislhayes Biden and DEMs concerned more over Hong Kong WHO than basic income economic equality of 300 million Americans. Rich have bought both parties wages financial security in a $20 trillion root of most social problems chrislhayes It suits his campaign strategy. chrislhayes chrislhayes I’m guessing golf is in Trump’s schedule this weekend

chrislhayes chrislhayes Again I ask. Why is anyone shocked? BSBonner chrislhayes That's where Trump's plans and Putin's plans coalesce. chrislhayes The new.cnn chrislhayes I request Twitter to fact check this tweets. chrislhayes That's what we get by electing a person with Zero whatsoever experience and let him run a country he defrauded from. The results: The greatest county in the world and turned upside down. How the fuck can this be in such a short time

chrislhayes Evidence of Trump's corruption is adding up! Enough is enough, this is treason! We want tribunals! NotMyPresident TrumpVirus TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpIsALaughingStock Biden2020 Resist Biden2020Landslide ThinkMirror chrislhayes chrislhayes chrislhayes chrislhayes His plan is to get help from Koch, DeVos and others to peddle lies to get elected. Racial equality, pandemic and science take a back seat.

chrislhayes So now the left WANTS Trump to be a dictator? 🤔 chrislhayes This is on Obama, leftist incompetent leadership, the Democrat Party, and ANTIFA terrorists. Try again. chrislhayes Atta girl. Was waiting to see who blames Trump. chrislhayes He also has plans to play a few rounds of golf, as soon as possible and as many times as possible.

chrislhayes Impeachment failed, Biden's not up to it, the virus looked promising but Trump weathered the crisis, now time to try race/class/generational war. It's all in the playbook. chrislhayes Because we are federated republic, not a democratic dictatorship. Those powers rest with congress and the lower governments. But hey, you obviously slept through civics.

chrislhayes Oh look Democratic run states are out of control chrislhayes All those places where the protests and rioting have occurred have been run by the DemocratPlantation for decades. chrislhayes and the corrupt lying fake bullshitting media, want the country on lockdown forever so people's livelihoods they have worked all there lives are gone forever, YOUR ANSWER IS SLEEPY CREEPY QUID PRO JOE , TOUCHING KIDS SNIFFING THEM WEIRDO

chrislhayes IMO Trump not having a plan for anything IS “The Plan”, just like “deciding not to decide is a decision in itself.” He’s just going to let us “ride it out” whether it’s COVID, unemployment, access to affordable health care, living w/air, water& ground pollution, injustice... chrislhayes 🤦

chrislhayes It will be worse world wide and only the rich will survive .You now that ´´so what theater is this? Since 2008 Usa is on War with Europa Economy Crisis and distraction Libya Syria Iraq and you Slaughter Children in Iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan with Qatar and Turkey chrislhayes What’s your plan to save your brother networks office building ?

chrislhayes Anyone remember when Keith Ellison wanted to “strike fear in the heart” of President Trump? What’s happening isn’t a coincidence, it’s a planned attack against the administration, at the expense of minority communities. Blame Trump? You should be ashamed of yourself. chrislhayes Dude, you really need to get over your hatred for Trump. Did Obama have a plan because, if I remember correctly there were a lot of black deaths under his watch as well and riots as well.

chrislhayes Oh, I bet trump has a plan- We the People just aren’t privy to it yet - but ‘all will be revealed’. chrislhayes Fake news just chrislhayes Could you please help expose that Julian Assange is held in jail by our government for exposing currupt politicians, even just publicly speaking about the issue would be a massive help

chrislhayes This is true Trump may have no plan. But it took the liberal Democrats in Minnesota to really fuck the pooch on this one. It's not Trump who is just fucked up. It is the whole System that is rotten to it's very core both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this. EVIL. chrislhayes it's what all the Politicians of America has done . Dems are as bad as the Republicans . Get rid of the lot of them and start again.

chrislhayes There's no plan because there's nothing between Trump's ears. Only a big huge gap Valerie0714 chrislhayes Totally agree. Trump*s divisive and ignorant actions played a big part in Mr . Floyd*s unnecessary death. And Barr*s questionable tactics to support a lawless president and his cronies doesn*t help. The fish rots from the head. My condolences to all such victims* families. 💔😔😡

chrislhayes GWP -vs- EWP … Until Good White People starts do more than join a protest, until GWP starts to DISMANTLE systemic & institutionalized RACISM from 'within the system', this shyyt is never going to stop. EVER! Protest, rioting, looting won't cure this VIRUS, nope. GWP … Step Up! chrislhayes You lost your damn mind it's your fault for spewing hate

chrislhayes Liberal owned buddy EdJarring chrislhayes Trump is a failure LorriMcginnis chrislhayes Although I despise Trump. I do not agree this is all Trumps fault. This is a cultural fault that has its roots in the deep south. and right wing politics. Stop hiring fascist cops! chrislhayes Right, Trump is a president without plans.

mehdirhasan chrislhayes He likes to put out fires more than he likes to prevent them. chrislhayes Chris Hayes is a CIA OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD REPORTER....... Chris Hayes is scared to death that he will soon be exposed...... Chris Hayes is soon to be in Gitmo for treason as a meme bet of the COUP Don’t be like Chris Hayes.

chrislhayes News is out of its mind chrislhayes This is why you plead you aren't real news when in court. chrislhayes You know this how? chrislhayes False. False. False. False. False. False. False. This will be a terrific test for twitter's new Truth Policing policy. TwitterSupport Twitter Jack chrislhayes No doubt Trump is an omnipresent like god and can do every ones job with the twitch of his nose but I think he is watching a re run of dancing with the stars tonight

DebraMessing chrislhayes chrislhayes you forgot his only plan, to make sure he makes money and secures his personal interests. That is where all roads lead to, everything else is sport to him. chrislhayes This is wht he wants, this is wht Trumps America was designed to do. chrislhayes Sounds like Chris Hayes wants things to get worse.

chrislhayes 'American carnage' chrislhayes CHRIS is a baffoon mehdirhasan chrislhayes Oh come now, this didn’t start with Trump. It started much earlier, under Ronald Reagan. Trump is not the problem, he is a symptom of a rotting democracy, corruption, looting of the American public, and obscene inequality. The GOP and the DNC - both, got us to where we are now.

mehdirhasan chrislhayes chrislhayes Racist greedy absent “ President” liddle Donnie dumpster you get what you didn’t vote for! chrislhayes This is the right characterization. chrislhayes All created, festered or perpetuated by moron liberal communists chrislhayes Nobody wants to hear what you have to say. GoAway!

chrislhayes Haha what an epic loser this clown is. chrislhayes What’s the point of governors then? chrislhayes Nice the sky is falling chicken little speech. Why does ignore states like Nevada where COVID-19 is under control? chrislhayes chrislhayes Hey Chris this is what trump does and he has, in3 yrs, brought USA to its knees. He always hated this country and now has bankrupt it by doing nothing when he knew about the coronavirus in early January and now Minneapolis burns while he laughs with Barr.SICK

chrislhayes No plan is the plan for christ sakes!! It meets their objectives. chrislhayes racist mayor HalMarx need to step down for his comments racist fat pig justiceforlloyd justiceforgeorge BlackLivesMatter chrislhayes Trump’s only plan is to do whatever is necessary to restart the economy so as to appease corporate giants & ensure his re-election. Loss of BAME lives / dem votes figures nicely into the equation. Barbaric capitalism.

chrislhayes How exactly did Trump make any of that worse? No matter what, people just want to blame him for everything...maybe, just maybe the problems are bigger than just the president? chrislhayes chrislhayes chrislhayes You complain more than a 2yo. No journalism. No integrity. chrislhayes Corrupt and demented

Mustimpeach45 chrislhayes 'GET UP!!! STAND UP!!! Stand up for your rights!!!!!' BOB MARLEY chrislhayes Not even “thoughts and prayers”!! chrislhayes F u chrislhayes jack this is conservatives 24/7 media assaults. It’s divisiveness sickening. Tell VP Pence, Birx and Fauchi who have worked 24/7 for four months. Shut up you pee bed

chrislhayes Chris Hayes: I have a huge wedgie and the President has no plans for that but to make it worse. chrislhayes Why isn’t the corrupt MSM checking to see how many members of Antifa are involved in the riots? chrislhayes All those things you list.....were caused by Democrats. chrislhayes No that’s the media. The media is the devil.

Why Is This Happening? with Chris HayesEvery week Chris Hayes asks the big questions that keep him up at night. How do we make sense of this unprecedented moment in world history? Why is this (all) happening? This podcast starts to answer these questions. Writers, experts, and thinkers who are also trying to get to the bottom of them

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Surveillance video does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrestSurveillance video from outside a Minneapolis restaurant appears to contradict police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest before an officer knelt on his neck This should shock me, but it's not even that shocking to me anymore. Why haven’t they been arrested yet!! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd you don't have aright to kill a man😏

'Make Whites Great Again' Photo is Not George Floyd Arrest Cop, But Professional TrollJust a day after appalling footage of George Floyd's last moments on Earth horrified America, a photo of the cop who knelt on his neck 'resurfaced', showing him wearing a cap with the disgusting slogan — except it wasn't him. TooFab Idc if it’s not the same guy eff him too TooFab Stay on track. There's a murderer walking who showed no remorse for Mr. Floyd. Hat or no hat. He's a killer! TooFab Does this matter? The actual cop murdered another human being. That's worse than if he actually wore the hat. Charge him with murder.

Minneapolis mayor says anger over George Floyd death 'not only understandable, it’s right''Anger and sadness that has been ingrained in our black community, not just because of five minutes of horror, but 400 years,” Mayor Jacob Frey said. The America and Americans we know and love. Is he trying to burn the city down what the fuck is MayorFrey doing? Now is not the time to say the anger is understandable and right when there were fucking riots last night and downtown minneapolis is boarding up!?

Surveillance Footage Shows George Floyd Moments Before Killing, He's Not ResistingThis video shows what happened moments before George Floyd had a cop's knee cutting off his airway. The gov does this to divide the people and it’s working sadly These cops doesn’t even deserve to die, they have to live their whole life with guilt and sufference for what they did Shame