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Chris Evans Had the Best Response to His Nude-Photo Incident

“Now that I have your attention...”

9/15/2020 8:09:00 PM

Chris Evans Had the Best Response to His Nude Photo Incident

“Now that I have your attention...”

just secure his place as the number one famous Chris with a single tweet? I think he did.But there's a backstory here. In case you missed it, the actor was trending on social media on September 12 after a NSFW photo (maybe of Evans) briefly appeared on his Instagram Stories. You see, he was posting a video, but it included a glimpse of his photo roll—and on that photo roll was a shot of a man's, well, member. The post was quickly deleted but not before it was screen-grabbed and widely circulated around the internet.

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Chris Evans Has the Best Response Following His NSFW Photo BlunderThe actor sent the internet wild thanks to a NSFW post over the weekend.

Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked NSFW PhotosAnd now fans are coming to the actor's defense. Lol, very funny Redefines the term taking a leak. 😳 Yup, and no one should be looking for them since his privacy is none of our bussiness. Welcome to my TED talk.

Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans' Brother React to His NSFW Photo Blunder Chris Evans ' close friends and family aren't sweating his apparent NSFW photo blunder. The World had bigger things to discuss besides Chris Evans photo blunder.... Not much bigger...... More important.

Chris Evans trolled by A listers after accidental 'd**k pic' gaffe on InstagramThe Captain America star, 39, was left embarrassed after sharing a picture of his penis with his 6.1 million Instagram followers Whos'' was it? Was it in his mouth or hand😁😁😁😁😁😁🆗🆗🆗🆗🚫🚫👂👂👂

Everyone Is Having a Great Time Teasing Chris Evans About Accidentally Leaking His Own NudesLife is a series of fleeting moments, most of them unremarkable. But actor Chris Evans had what I can only assume will be a memorable one on Saturday when he accidentally posted what appeared to be a nude photo of himself on Instagram, which remained on his story for seconds?? minutes?? before he deleted it, according to People. I thought it was his brother's nudes. It's SO yesterday, when this might have mattered - y'all are such a sad aggregator blog now. Expected at least some feminist take on it. When women’s photos are STOLEN they are harassed endlessly. Isn’t your mission to stop enabling the good old boys club that pervades media?

Mark Ruffalo Comes To The Rescue After Chris Evans' NSFW LeakThe actor's fellow Avenger is offering a 'silver lining.' He should leak his in solidarity. I’m ok with it. Will we ever stop obsessing about naked body bits? At this point, Chris is probably just sighing with huge relief that most people seem to be assuming the pic is his...