China’s draconian security law for Hong Kong buries one country, two systems

The regime in Beijing would rather be feared than admired

7/2/2020 12:37:00 AM

Hong Kong's new national-security law is one of the biggest assaults on a liberal society since the second world war

The regime in Beijing would rather be feared than admired

THE CHINESE government is spreading fear in Hong Kong. The first shock came in May, when it announced plans to impose a sweeping national-security law on the territory, without the say-so of its legislature. Then it drafted the bill behind closed doors, keeping details secret even from Hong Kong’s administration. Even after the law was passed on June 30th by China’s rubber-stamp parliament, hours passed before it was published at close to midnight. The 18-page bill, which took effect that day, was harsher even than the gloomiest analysts had predicted. It is one of the biggest assaults on a liberal society since the second world war.

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Chinese officials argue that they are doing nothing wrong: national-security laws are common around the world, even in democracies. But that is disingenuous. This one allows China’s Communist Party to rip up its promise of one country, two systems and send its secret agents into Hong Kong to impose order as it pleases. Its spooks will not be subject to local law. Most national-security cases, supposedly, will be tried in Hong Kong’s own courts. But the judges will be government-appointed. They will be allowed to dispense with juries and try cases in secret. Most worrying is that “complex” or “serious” crimes may be tried on the mainland. The past year of unrest in Hong Kong was sparked by fears of just such a possibility—that a now-shelved extradition law might let dissidents be whisked away to face the mainland’s brutal justice. That is what the new law allows. Officials do not rule out that those convicted by mainland courts could be executed.

But wait, surely this law is about crimes that threaten China’s security? Lambasting its authoritarian politics or quixotically suggesting that Hong Kong should be independent would hardly cause the ground to shake in Beijing. The party, however, takes a different view. The bill’s definitions of sedition, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers could be applied even to petty, non-violent activity. The first arrest under the new law, on July 1st, was of a man who was merely carrying a banner calling for an independent Hong Kong. The bill could be used to arrest someone who uses “unlawful means” to undermine China’s Communist system. Could that include taking part in a banned rally commemorating the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989? The party will be the judge. It errs on the side of severity.

The law also applies to activities abroad, by anyone. The wording of the bill suggests that a foreign firm which co-operated with, say, the American government in applying sanctions on China would have no defence if the party moved against it.This is a moment in modern China’s history a bit like the massacre in Beijing in 1989. It is a demonstration of the party’s ruthless determination to crush opposition no matter what the cost to its global reputation. Sadly, the world’s horror at the bloodshed, and the sanctions the West imposed on China in 1989, did not change the party’s views. And China was a minnow back then, its economy smaller than Spain’s. It is even less likely to pay heed to foreign critics today.

But the West must respond. Britain was right to say on July 1st that it would make it easier for about 3m holders of “British National (Overseas)” passports in Hong Kong to settle in Britain and eventually qualify for citizenship. America should impose sanctions on Chinese officials who violate human rights in Hong Kong. It would be more effective if it abandoned its go-it-alone approach to foreign affairs and worked with other democracies to resist China’s efforts to subvert global human rights.

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China is far closer to facism than it is to communism. You guys remeber when Nazi germany tried to say it was socialist? Sometimes people lie... Damn, you guys really just love to demonize communism. what reputation Sounds like something we can use to control the animals currently in our streets The world is not watching right now. Someone’s crisis is another’s opportunity.

CCP can control your area, so sorry, you will also lose your freedom and human rights, CCP is like a virus, if you control your area, it will infect you 压制的是cia和mi6间谍,不是反对派。 Wont be long before we see this in Canada, with a PM who openly states how he adores China for its Totalitarian Government. China wants to get this done and over with because they know they can get away with it while realDonaldTrump is president(weakling😡) and won’t be able to when JoeBiden becomes president in a few months.

So many delusional comments. Mostly propaganda . HongKongers are being killed every single day. Today there was a 10 year old girl tossed from a building. The entire World needs to dismantle these criminals NOW. what place is this happpening? Why do you care about Mr. Xiao Ping Deng's 'one country two systems'? Are you a communist?

Man Winnie the Pooh really lost himself... communism really do be like that sometimes... Yet, Trumps all about a trade deal with Communist China. Learning from past mistakes of others is not in Trumps realm of reason. Young People in Hong Kong don't worry! Please worry about the issue of racial discrimination in America first! Isn't democracy and freedom modeled after the United States? Why is that? So splitting America up is also democratic and free! Please don't be against those supporters!

As a Chinese student currently in US, I totally support the law. National security law protects our country from the shameless traitors. Thanks the national people’s congress for protecting our country. Not only does the controversial NationalSecurityLaw control HK, but also the world. The law is APPLICABLE to people outside HK territory.

HK was fallen from Free City to “Fear City”😡😡 HKers fear but we Never give up as we love our home and believe human values!! StandTogether if you love the universal values!! BoycottChina BoycottChineseProducts BoycottChineseApps CCP wants full control of Hong Kong and Hongkongers just ask for the autonomy and democracy promised in Sino-British Joint Declaration.

The article says - 'demonstration of the Communist Party’s ruthless determination to crush opposition no matter the cost'. What a coincidence. That sounds just like the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements in the United States. Do you suppose there's a connection? StandWithHongKong StayAtHome The law is only adding fuel to the flame of PoliceBrutality

., it would be an admirable public service if you could take down the paywall on Hong Kong stories like this. More people need to have exposure to what's happening in HK and what it means. The new National Security Law applies to all people, including non-Hongkongers outside HK. If you have ever publicly supported HK and Taiwan, Uyghur and Tibet, you have already broken the law, while you might face at least 3 years of jail sentence once you step on the land of HK.

It is exactly like the US police forces operated, knee on the neck, shot in the back. Remember when the US president said ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ CCP simply neglected the global-wide verbal condemnation as this is a typical characteristic of dictatorship. Negotiation doesn’t work on them. Profound global unity and concrete sanction plans are the only resolutions. Please don’t appease another totalitarianism.

China is living late, hold tight 🐺 British terrorists and Nazis are the true danger to the free world One country Two systems died long time ago. Time for Hong Kongers to begin a territory-wide mass strike? When have communists ever backed down from crushing opposition? The 'emergency statement' & use dogs kidnapping business person of US is more like a dictatorship

I guess the violence in the US against peacefull protestors really was bad timing for this propaganda push. China's police suck but not on the level of the US not even close Totalitarismo vermelho! Um partido que escravizou seu povo. Where are the protesters in Washington, DC, on June 1st? Make no mistake, the NationalSecurityLaw in Hong Kong is obvious a skeleton key for the Communist China to further suppress our deserved rights & freedom. StandWithHongKong

By leaving the EU, we may have gained sovereignty, but that role is filled by Populist risk takers & incompetents who have allowed a power vacuum. Consequently we have lost a international hard & soft power resulting in Hong Kong. See you on the other side of dystopia folks. Let’s see from another perspective:

Absolutely. CCP has long been infiltrating and taking over our city, meddling with our freedom, democracy as well as autonomy. They won't hesitate to jail opposers, abuse HumanRights and let PoliceBrutality fall upon dissent. Hong Kong is our home; that's why we are fighting But when I think of the sick and our troops hunted down while the protests fight on against The Don There's a nation in lockdown, and Hong Kong in chains. Good people, what are we waiting on? Good people, what are we waiting on? What'll it take to tear those fascists down?

Still one country two systems though. If you have time to read all these comments here. Shame mostly are Wumao, 五毛the CCPs Internet commentators. They are paid to speak here. When first some ppl warned about the evilness of CCP China, the rest of the world said 'Dun be racist'. At least no one has been killed by the police in Hong Kong.

Wow.... ruthless determination on its own citizens. What kind of dictatorship is this? Remember they're not opponents but some mobs that bring danger to HK citizens, don't use your double standard to intervene Chinese own affairs Surprise, surprise. They are Chinese after all. Don’t forget we Chinese created the book the ART OF WAR. We are the best nation to play people’s minds. I didn’t believe the conspiracy, now makes me wondered, it’s how CCP created everything, step by step. CCP wins, humans die.

Hey westerners, what did you write when the national policemen crushed the violent protesters on the street ? Will you call it beautiful scenery for fighting freedom ? SAME AS US compared with the US and UK police ,HK police are gentlemen. by the way. what did british to the north ireland ?ireland is not UK, british occupied their land,murdered their people. Now you just act like nothing happened. as a UK magazine. Why don't you talk?

原來你們管分裂分子、恐怖分子叫反對派? 2c2s was finally over... 1c2s starts on 1st July 2020...finally! You're promoting terrorism, shame on you. As a Chinese student currently in US, I totally support the law. National security law protects our country from the shameless traitors. Thanks the national people’s congress for protecting our country.

The poignancy that moment the flags were changed in 1997 was actually a harbinger of things to come. Hong Kong is militarily indefensible. The question now pivots to Taiwan. There is NO Basic Law anymore, just NationalSecurityLaw Everyone, even you are not Hong Kong citizens/ live in HK, showed any single doubts toward CCP China or HongKong gov, CCP can take all your assets & put you in jail. So, take your money & leave. Let HK doom becoz of CCP

The content of your current conversation may have violated the National Security Law and is suspected of endangering national security and subverting the current state power of China. We temporarily reserve the right to prosecute Now is offically One Country One System And is anyone really surprised? For guesses 10,000 km away, first accept the 3 million immigrants you promised. Don't say because China bans them. In fact, you don’t want

America broke her promise to Black people, jail them and gas them in the street; maybe the propagandists Economist should focus on the crimes committed in America against Black people. China did it in 1980 what action world took if u feel to support hongkong only one way boycottchineseproducts I appeal to citizens of world today hongkong than Taiwan than south China sea lists goes on to stop this BoycottChineseProduct

先有一国,再有两制。西方fake news们只盯着两制,选择性忽略香港是中国领土,以及这个领土当年是被英国侵略占领的事实。 Stop acting like you care about HK people’s lives. This is all geopolitics to you. When BLM protesters took to the streets to protest, you call them looters and criminals. But when HK protesters stab police officers you remain silent. Is it because it’s China?

Har, when HK is swarned with spies and agents from the western world Why bother to sign treaties or contracts with the Chinese Communist anyway. Are we stupid enough to really expect them to follow through? What’s the deal with their promises that they made when they joined the WTO? Free rider on the globalization. boycottChina StandWithHK

You may interpret the law as you wish, since most your readers can’t read it. But some do, and what you describe is wrong. And you seem to interpret it that way on purpose, don’t you. One country two systems never including foreign funded riots, killing and spying. Such a sad outcome That's not exactly what is happening. The Protest and Damages continue for Months. Protesters were having none of that, 'negotiating!' Finally China institutes tough new regulations; & the, 'Economist:' wants to fan the flames of fear and disgruntlement.

Look at this map of Western shame and tell me again why ending western interference in the affairs of China is a bad thing? Oh and if your concerned about 'democracy' save your energy for our ALLIES Saudi & Bahrain.. Or look at Russia where you dismiss their democratuc choices This is the most hypocritical, because each country has its National Security Law, and there is no such law in the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

Wonder if KingJames is cool with it? China has reneged on its promise of civil rights & liberties as ordained in the HK Basic Law adopted after the British handoff. This is the beginning of the end for the one country, two systems charade, and the demise of Hong Kong as we know it. It's over. Acabou. Finito. Kaput. gugachacra vai comentar?

Wait til realDonaldTrump hears of this! He'll... Oh. Don't your have national security laws? double standard NationalSecurityLaw HongKong Ridiculous!! China is going crazy LOL.A thief calls other unguilty people as thief. Deal with it. Hong Kong is not your business. And complaining will not change things. Get over yourself. You are a mouthpiece to imperialism. To think I used to respect and quote your magazine. Shame on you.

and it will kill their economic progress substantially.... Rise up my brothers and sisters rise up FreeTibet HongKongProtests HongKongIsNotChina IndiaChinaBorder ChinaIndiaFaceoff TaiwanIsNotChina Taiwan Uighurs Vietnam Philippines Malaysia Tibet China StandWithHongKong BoycottChina HongKongIndependence HongKongers

Liberal society was never allowed under British colonial rules, where were you ? Hongkong is China! As an economist paper,not doing publish paper but care for political,interesting Disgusting media, looking for humiliation. Yeah! Finally, it's time to clean up the garbage. StandWithHongKong 所以美国人对主权国家发动颜色革命没问题,侵略主权国家没问题,中国人维护国家安全倒成了biggest assaults?有本事把你们的国家安全法删了呀,有本事把国土安全部解散了呀?

It’s a typical strategy by American to destabilize a country and then carve out its wealth in the name of democracy This law will wipe out the remaining rubbish of colonialism. CHINA IS FORCIBLY STERILISING UYGHUR MUSLIM WOMEN. THESE ARE NAZI HOLOCAUST TACTICS. IF YOU CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, WHERE ARE YOU, WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?!?!?!?! THE WORLD CANNOT JUST LET THIS PASS AND CONTINUE TO BUY CHINESE GOODS

Have you even read the law before you write about it? The globe needs to separate from China. They will never change unless forced to. Communism has no place affecting non-communist countries. I wish Trudeau and the liberals understood this. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauCorruption Even the Economist is displeased with CCP's actions. Just some time ago they were praising China.

a sad day, HK is not HK but China - now. Hopefuly HK 'rs will move to 'freer' nations + many will keep a LOVE f. those days- HK ws free. NBA mcuban NBATV DEMÔNIOS Awww Anglo propaganda mouthpiece “ the economist “ Remember Catalan protest? France yellow vest protest or 🇺🇸 protest? Oh yes that’s right but but but it’s “ democracy “ ? Right ? 🤣

Defund the welfare System and see how much you save. People on welfare Except (disabled or veterans) have enough time for riots. Their data should be given to cities where they live and they can clean streets, help in Patrol with Police & Fire department or volunteer at hospital u know what are your western 'free' countries good at?stirring up shit in every corner of the world. Trouble maker!

America can have National Security Law, but China HK can not. Why? list a decent reason. Why not let liberal capital get out of Hongkong? Oh I see, because there is easier money after NSL. Time to BanChinaImports ! The only way superpowers understand and talk is money. The fire has been lit. Slowly smouldering. Ready to ignite at any moment.

A concerted global raising of Tarifs will put the brakes on China fast. Now is a good time. It's legal, it works and all have the capability. A simple concerted global move for the common good. Act now... get dialogue going. You mean conservative. Nce try. Why is the United States so concerned about the new law?

So when will foreigners retreat its market in Hong Kong? I'm still waiting. The world should wake up. China today is Nazi before WW2 who wants to control the world. After Hong Kong it will be Taiwan, South China Sea, India, Australia and so on. The world should wake up before it’s too late. Be aware or be next.

I’ll think you’ll find it’s BLM that takes that prize When Americans are angry towards you, you know you are undermining their intervention. So, Hitler was a threat and China isn't. If your trying to stir up shit in HK Unfuckingbelievably sad 😠😡😤🤬🤬 shame on you! 이제 시간이 끝났습니다. 코로나를 정확하게 성취하셨습니다. 2차한국전쟁 예언도 곧 성취됩니다. 성경에 기록된 7년 대환란이 일어납니다. 코로나와 메뚜기떼는 그 신호입니다. 마지막 말씀일수있습니다. GloriousMidweekService

Lmao more bad takes from the wicked white man media

Activist Joshua Wong quits democracy group amid Hong Kong security lawHong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Jeffrey Ngo and Agnes Chow step down from pro-democracy group Demosisto after security law passes Good Law brought in By Biejing .

China passes Hong Kong security lawChina's parliament passed national security legislation for Hong Kong, setting the stage for the most radical changes to the former British colony's way of life since it returned to Chinese rule

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong quits democracy group DemosistoHong Kong activist Joshua Wong said on Tuesday he is stepping down as leader of his democracy group Demosisto, just hours after local media reported that Beijing had passed national security legislation for the Chinese-ruled city. Harry Potter lookin ass No need to change,everyone knows he's a traitor.

Hong Kong national security law unanimously passed by Beijing, expected to become effective on July 1Beijing’s top legislative body has unanimously passed a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong prohibiting acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces to endanger national security That’s where the UK needs to intervene Covering anything and everything basically a pure grab for sovereignty Goodbye HK I never got to see you.

China passes security law for Hong Kong giving Beijing sweeping powers, Cable TV saysChina's parliament passed national security legislation for Hong Kong on Tuesday, setting the stage for the most radical changes to the former British colony's way of life since it returned to Chinese rule almost exactly 23 years ago. realDonaldTrump no more inversions on CCP territories, please Disgusted Yet no content of the law is out Fuck china

China reportedly passes national security law for Hong KongThe top decision-making body in China's parliament has reportedly passed the contentious national security law for Hong Kong, according to local media. But still no details of the NationalSecurityLaw .... how com we Hong Kong ppl will support a law that we have 0 understanding?! We are not brainless Chinese. We are Hong Kongers who fight against tyranny for freedom and democracy That is, exactly why people protested in the first place. How is that legal. UN, are corrupt. China is, also involved in the Ethiopia dam project which is another high risk area of tension. East South China Sea tensions. Military drills, with Russia and Iran? Uighar people were locked up and women are apparently also being sterilised according to reports. Serious human rights violations. China should follow the rules like everyone else. Human rights violations cannot be tolerated.