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China demands 'fighting spirit' from diplomats as trade war, Hong Kong protests simmer

Chinese diplomats have been instructed to promote Beijing's view more aggre...


China demands 'fighting spirit' from diplomats as trade war, Hong Kong protests simmer

Chinese diplomats have been instructed to promote Beijing's view more aggre...

The government’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, prodded officials at a foreign ministry gathering last month to display stronger “fighting spirit” in the face of international challenges, three sources with knowledge of the matter said.

“This is the first time we have been told to show more ‘fighting spirit’,” said one source who attended the celebration.

On Monday, the foreign ministry made its debut on Twitter. One of @MFA_China’s inaugural tweets outlined China’s response to a new U.S. law on Hong Kong while another took a poke at the case of a man claiming to be a Chinese spy seeking asylum in Australia.

In the last few months, Chinese ambassadors and other senior diplomats have set up at least a dozen Twitter accounts. Twitter has said it considers “official government voices on Twitter an important element of the service”.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times newspaper which is published by the party, said China’s pushback, while perhaps appearing defensive at times, was natural.

In the last six months, Chinese ambassadors to Austria, Iran, the Maldives, Mali, Namibia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Suriname, the United States and the UK have joined Twitter.

Zhao has regularly needled the United States, with recent tweets thanking America for “squandering trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria” and highlighting racism in Washington, DC.

Reporting by John Ruwitch and Reuters; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan

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Its now or NEVER for ordinary citizens of China to get rid of this fella in the picture and his CCP compadres from within the boundaries of China if its people want to live FREE from TYRANNY and DICTATORSHIP.

China says it is banning US military visits to Hong KongChina will ban US warships and military aircraft from making stops in Hong Kong in the wake of Washington passing legislation supporting the territory's pro-democracy protesters, the country's Foreign Ministry said Monday. Cool... China needs to ban their 'reeducation camps' It's on!

China slaps sanctions on US over Hong Kong unrestSanctions will apply to NGOs that had acted 'badly' over the recent unrest in Hong Kong , China's foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, including the National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House. Yes. Time to kick some ass

China suspends U.S. military visits to Hong Kong, sanctions U.S.-based NGOsChina said on Monday U.S. military ships and aircraft won't be allowed to v... Keep on fighting for Democracy 💪 rioter !!

China to suspend U.S. Navy visits to Hong KongChina to suspend U.S. Navy visits to Hong Kong and sanction a range of pro-democracy non-governmental organizations in retaliation for the passage of legislation supporting human rights in Hong Kong None of this sh** would be happening if it wasn’t for trump. So realDonaldTrump has lost the navy vote. One of the great ports in the world. HongKong If CHINA gets too cocky watch what happens

China Hits Back at U.S. Over Hong Kong Bill in a Mostly Symbolic MoveChina said that it would suspend visits to Hong Kong by American warships and impose sanctions on several United States-based nongovernmental groups, in a retaliation for tough human rights legislation President Trump signed last week It is a war Idk. Do you guys think the “hit-back” is weak? AlanRMacLeod dancohen3000 'tough human rights legislation'

China Bars American Sailors From Hong Kong R&RChina suspended visits by U.S. military ships and aircraft to Hong Kong and placed sanctions on some U.S. nongovernment organizations, in an act of retaliation against President Trump’s signing of a bill intended to show support for Hong Kong ’s antigovernment protesters. Is American navy hurt if they dont go to hongkong? NO Does China need a trade deal? ABSOLUTELY YES India should also support Hong Kong no spine bone

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