China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO

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In January, the WHO praised China for what they called a quick and transparent response to the coronavirus. But behind the scenes, it was a different story: one of significant delays by China and considerable frustration by WHO officials, AP has found.

“Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been continuously sharing information on the epidemic with the WHO and the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner,” said Liu Mingzhu, an official with the National Health Commission’s International Department, at aThe race to find the genetic map of the virus started in late December, according to the story that unfolds in interviews, documents and the WHO recordings.

Chinese law states that research institutes cannot conduct experiments on potentially dangerous new viruses without approval from top health authorities. Although the law is intended to keep experiments safe, it gives top health officials wide-ranging powers over what lower-level labs can or cannot do.

Li, the coronavirus expert, said he immediately suspected the pathogen was infectious when he spotted a leaked copy of a sequencing report in a group chat on a SARS-like coronavirus. But the Chinese CDC team that sequenced the virus lacked specialists in the molecular structure of coronaviruses and failed to consult with outside scientists, Li said.

The next day, the Chinese CDC raised its emergency level to the second highest. Staffers proceeded to isolate the virus, draft lab testing guidelines, and design test kits. But the agency did not have the authority to issue public warnings, and the heightened emergency level was kept secret even from many of its own staff.had sequenced the pathogen and found it matched Shi’s, making Shi certain they had identified a novel coronavirus.

“We were getting suspicious, since within one or two days you would get a sequencing result,” a lab technician said, declining to be identified for fear of retribution.reported that scientists had identified a new coronavirus in samples from pneumonia patients in Wuhan, pre-empting and embarrassing Chinese officials. The lab technician told the AP they first learned about the discovery of the virus from the Journal.

Emergencies chief Ryan grumbled that since China was providing the minimal information required by international law, there was little WHO could do. But he also noted that last September, WHO had issued an unusual public rebuke of Tanzania for not providing enough details about a worrisome Ebola outbreak.

Zhang referred a request for comment to the Chinese CDC. The National Health Commission, which oversees the Chinese CDC, declined multiple times to make its officials available for interviews and did not answer questions about Zhang.

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samkai1401 chinamustexplain chinamustpay

yu852hk The world should hold CCP liable for the lives lost. We must make China pay. CCPChinaJudgmentDay

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News Coronavirus WHO Covid19 China WorldHealthOrganization

ccp always delay,that’s why WuhanCoronavirus make many people died ChinaLiedPeopleDied BoycottChina

What? Can’t be. You and the rest of the MSM believe everything they say. So Trump was right

We all know that WHO and DrTedros is manipulated or even bribed by CCP China. They are sacrificing global health for their own interests and power. They must be held accountable and heavily punished for causing the WuhanVirus pandemic. WhoLiedPeopleDied COVID19 ChinaVirus

In coaxing with China WHO has indirectly caused the suffering the world experiences now.

Form day one, ccp hide the wuhancoronavirus information. Wuhan has five million people go to the whole world before announce epidemic.WHO is an accomplice which help ccp cheat the whole world. Don't let them escape! CCP_is_terrorist ChinaLiedPeopleDied CCPVirus

Wait, you mean to tell us Tedros and Bruce Aylward were the good guys all along That calling others racist over legit reasons like incompetency in handling the virus was justified? Or objecting to Taiwan joining WHO? Or telling the world to not wear masks? Yeah right.

China do very well for such a new virus , you all double standard

How did considerable frustration became praise?

They also said no human to human transmission

Trump and senior members of the administration have attempted to brand the outbreak as the result of a 'Chinese virus' as they ramp up accusations that Beijing failed to identify, stop or warn about the virus early on. CNN Politics 3/25/2020 A little late to the party AP

The censorship in China and in WHO by CCP and WHO leaders caused the pandemic, they have to be held accountable for the lives lost

belovedcew Why am i not surprised?

. Communist China is an evil nation and the whole world should unite together to annihilate this evil nation. ..

Excellent investigative journalism. The world deserves to know how the pandemic spreads globally.

The media is in the tank with the CCCP

Oh now they are saving face? Since they lost the biggest contributor? The funny thing about here is you say good things about China so that you will not loose info from China. Imagine if you announce that China is uncooperative maybe most nation will close its borders from China

Any delays and frustrations suffered by whoever could be amended entirely with the $2,000 million contribution that'll give China in the next 2 years...guess to who? :)))

America, 2020/06/02 COVID-19 TOTAL CASES 1,859,323

So did trump

You can image once you identified a new virus which MAYBE the cause of disease in January, what you will do firstly is cross checking with results from several labs. It takes time. And by that time you do not have enough samples, but you don’t want cause misleading.

People were shining the light on this well before you were.

China should pay the whole world for the troubles and losses...LET THEM PAY NOW!!!

Кто с этим согласен?

How many ' declining to be identified for fear of retribution.' Can you count? 😥

uh oh. this thesis is not contradictory to Trump

Yeah everybody knew that

Perhaps something even more clandestine. The truth remains under a tight lid, tighter lips

How much will the United States pay to spread the Spanish flu around the world, causing countless deaths? Does the United States bring less disaster to the world? It's not enough to compensate the whole United States!

As Trump hides in a bunker to tweet like he hid from the Vietnam War, a true coward!

You are just now reporting this ?!?! Duh

Oh ask China pay all the fund then CCP_is_terrorist ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied WuhanVirus

China: only my words are word, others are shit

WHO got fooled & played by China...ummm duh!! 🙄

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Because TRUMP screwed it all up! He will be voted out! Dump the TURD on the THIRD!

You are about 2 months behind the story AP, great job

In late February Trump was still telling his followers that concerns about coronavirus were merely a hoax perpetrated by Democrats to make him look bad. It just meant that the weeks during which Trump was denying that it was a real threat were even more critical than we knew.

Oh so trump was right lol.

Wow. Didn’t expect this piece from the

AP is cooperating with Trump:BLAME CHINA

China, the starting point of this pandemic, sits with 84k cases and 4700 deaths while the rest of the world has well over 100k cases and thousands dead. They have a pattern of being dishonest... what did WHO expect 🙄

I'm shocked, just shocked they lied to us! This isn't news, it was months ago tho. You and the rest of the lib media chose to take the side of the ccp. GFY

should look at the UK government's response...smoke and mirrors...over 60K deaths, slaughter/cull over 12,000 elderly in care homes - political move

It’s too bad the AP couldn’t be bothered to do their job and report the truth back then. Must’ve been too busy making up fake stories about Trump.

Instead of exposing China, WHO made a deliberate decision not to alert other countries so they could adequately prepare for the coming pandemic. Trump made the right move to end their funding.

No way

This is the WHO trying to blame china and not take accountability If the WHO wasn’t getting info they should have also told us that NOT say it was safe/not transmissible THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST

Awww, WHO was fwustwated

So Trump was right. Again.


The G2 set very bad examples for the whole world.

What a surprise.

So… the AP is saying Trump was right. Cool!

Oh, has found, well I would believe that, it's not like they tell a whole bunch of other convenient lies... Oh wait!

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