‘Childish’: Schiff on GOP reps boycotting intelligence briefings on Russian bounties

Rep. Schiff says Republicans have been boycotting House Intel Committee briefings. 'We’ve had important briefings on national security issues … and for whatever reason they’ve decided en masse they’re not going to attend.'

6/30/2020 2:29:00 PM

Rep. Schiff says Republicans have been boycotting House Intel Committee briefings. 'We’ve had important briefings on national security issues … and for whatever reason they’ve decided en masse they’re not going to attend.'

Rep. Schiff says Republicans have been boycotting House Intel Committee briefings: “We’ve had important briefings on national security issues…and for whatever reason they’ve decided en masse they’re not going to attend, and so they’re ignoring the work of the Committee.”

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What were they saying about do nothing dems? Vote all the GOP out! Hold them in contempt! They can take all their toys and go home if they don’t want to work. Starting with McConnell! The Republicans need to get there butt in gear and start helping the American people. Why attend a hate fest, nothing is accomplished. Legislative mark ups on fictional characters like “ Gerorge Kirby . “

They’ve jumped Schiff! MaryNesham Hear no evil, see no evil!! Denial that is what their response is. Dangerous! north_sound1 Makes perfect sense. 'Important briefings on national security issues' and they don't go. Intel on American soldiers being targeted for bounties and the President says he didn't get the memo. Whats next 'sorry! My homework was to read the constitution & the dog ate it'.

OMellieo Republicans don't want to hear things that would obligate them to defend America from their own party. Schiff Show 💩💩🤡 Rep Schiff sounds like that child who complains to his parents - mommy, sally is locked in her room and wont play with me! Grow up Republicans Just one more example of GOPDerelictionOfDuty

Violation of their oaths. It’s their job to attend or be bounced out of Congress. Do what the Republicans do in the Senate when they will still vote for their cause in the absents of the Senate Democrats. RepAdamSchiff is there policy to kick them off and get new GOP reps? because that sounds like a abdication of their oath to the office.

Is not that Treasonous behavior? They the Republicans are not doing their jobs. The jobs they were Voted in to do. Shocking anyone would interview or listen this Congressman anymore. This guy needs to be voted out worse than any politician. With any luck, very soon this is something you all won’t have to put up with! What do we expect out of this merry band of Senators? They want to avoid everything and hide right now!

Liz_Cheney, this is shameful but more importantly disgraceful. What has become of the GOP? President Pinocchio doesn't get intel briefs, why should they? Vote! I’m a LIFE-LONG DEMOCRAT ....but I would prefer KANYE over orange 🍊 dude...any day! CRAY CRAY seems to be the THEME now! You’re kidding. Are you saying that the Republicans and Democrats in Washington aren’t working together. Say it ain’t so.

jumbojim9 Republicans..... blueplanet75 And this surprises you? You remember that kid in school who was really smart and always tried to impress the teacher? But he had that odd look in his eyes....had trouble making friends and you didn’t want to be alone in the room with him. Yeah, that guy... Republicans always cry foul whenever things doesn't go to their ways. And I did wonder if they were told to do it by the foreigner resident of Kremlin....

Well if they don't want to do their job we would be happy to replace them with people who will. What do we have left to protect our dignity respect it's all gone tRumps cancelled everything we stood for I'm surprised France hasn't asked for Lady Liberty back, Jesus is too embarrassed to come to church The Pope went from blessing us to flipping us the bird.

insane. 😎👍 I'm pretty sure ALL REPUBLICANS (except Mitt Romney) get THEIR intelligent & directions from Putin, so they don't care what AMERICANS think or know, as long as we don't try to uncover the big truth before their final treasonous events take place. Putin keeps them busy! Just like their traitor leader

KarenBRubin They don’t want to have to wear a mask & displease you know who 😷 SCUM OF THE EARTH They are getting big paid by trump. That's why they follow what he says. Supreme Court better come through with the Trump Taxes, This should never happen again, Don Jr is on tape saying the were getting Tons of money from Russia, but NEVER would I expect Trumps betrayal of our Troops, and he just doesn't give a shit.

I wouldn’t believe a word out of this assholes mouth. Trump 2020 ! Republican dereliction of duty jenhansen31 Because they're attending the Russian security briefings. Republicans don't care about keeping America safe. NathanLewis42 The GOP is anti the American way of conducting our business. Their pay should be docked and the population they “serve”should be told of their snotty attitudes in American Congress. They work for Putin just like trump-never forget this behavior-Do not re-elect!

Election is around the corner . Only way to get rid of them . Elect Democrats . They can’t handle the truth. gop not doing the job we pay them for! senatemajldr YOU WORK FOR US! Taxation without representation. These corrupted criminals in the SenateGOP and HouseGOP have a reckoning coming. They really think running on racism, hate, fearmongering and Russian propaganda will get the elected this time. 130,000 Americans dead because if their complicity.

Abdication of duty We knew that they didn’t have any and it’s obvious that they really don’t want any VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteTrumpOut GOPCowards GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPComplicitTraitors HoldTrumpAccountable Well they need to be voted out sonce they don't care about the American people. Why are we paying them?

Ignorance is a defense these days 👿 A national security issue purposely created by Democrats. Playing games with human lives. If they had taken the impeachment serious we may be in a better place....all the deaths are on their hands. Today is my birthday. I am saddened and scared for my country the silence from GOP is deafning.

Yeah I just wonder how many private sector’s employees would keep their job by refusing to do the most essential part of it! I hope other voters are as fed up with the lazy, incompetent, self serving elected congress as I am! The problem is that no one trusts Adam. So .... are Dems getting false intel WHILE the Republicans go to the REAL INTEL briefing 😁🤭🤭🤭

OH NO! Need a bigger sand dune to stick their heads into. Staying ignorant is safer than knowledge they would have to lie about. What is WRONG with these people? Republican traitors Adam Schiff belongs in jail he is a traitor to America. Because they are fascists. They obviously don’t care about the security of our country! Dereliction of duty!

It is that to listen to your lies they do not have time. You disgust boy AdamSchiff LYING DOG FACE PONY SOLDIER!!! L I A R I A R Isn't it obvious by now that Trump is beholden to Putin? When will we learn why? Leaker and liar. Like the children they are! Schiff has proven he has no standing as an Intel chairman. Totally discredited. Why was your time.

Trump claims to be a right-wing nationalist with absolute authority. Definition of FASCISM is NOUN an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government.“Nazism as a form of fascism, with disdain for liberal democracy and the parliamentary system” VOTE 4ourprogeny LOL RepAdamSchiff No sir not acts of children! Dangerous acts against the Constitution! They should leave office if not doing their jobs.

Seems like I remember House Democrats not showing up period. Vote all Republicans out GOP is ignorant and complicit. Why do they remain silent, doing nothing and still protect this imbecile? This is the saddest administration in my lifetime. trump is a cancer on America he must be voted out... We should cut the crap and just speak truth. The republicans are embracing Fascism. This election is not between Trump and Biden, it is if fact between Fascism and Democracy. We must choose a path for our progeny. 4ourprogeny

Quit whining RepAdamSchiff Trump claims to be a right-wing nationalist with absolute authority. Definition of FASCISM is NOUN an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government.“Nazism as a form of fascism, with disdain for liberal democracy and the parliamentary system” VOTE 4ourprogeny

WE NEED TO HOLD TRUMP FOR WAR CRIMES AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE I don’t understand why this divisiveness just keeps getting worse. The more egregious trump’s actions, the deeper the repubs dig in. But why? Why? What possible benefit is there to sticking with a criminal? chuck2057 PutinsGOP That's a nice way to say 'obstructing justice, committing treason and high crimes.'

Sounds like good advertising fodder. HouseDemocrats It’s their damn job to show up. They work for the People not Traitor Trump. Please, EVERYONE, vote these people out so our country can start to heal. PLEASE VOTE FREAKINWOKE What they 'DON'T KNOW' they don't have to comment on! Petty and vindictive Trumpublican toddlers.

Can Democrats *please* make a gigantic deal about this, put it into ads, and flood the nation with this story? Don’t let ProjectLincoln do all the heavy lifting here guys. Simple explanation....it's about you! ladyinlksd How to government, brought to you by Republicans Outrageous. Much easier for them to go to R only meeting and get their talking poi...I mean briefings

GOP = The post-policy party. Only interested in money and power. The GOP has no INTELLIGENCE to contribute so let voters know AGAIN the GOP needs to put up or shut up !! 🔥🔥 Vote Trump and his enablers out Republicans are really getting paid to sit around and do nothing... they really don't care. Oh America!

it is possible House republicans are forming a shadow government capable of getting whatever they want to investigate Democrats because President Fearless Leader wants to destroy the governing process. This defeats the purpose of Congress, making the President a dictator Every single one of those GOP who aren't doing their jobs needs to be fired in Nov

Saying no one is showing up for meetings in Congress is rich, considering Pelosi is conducting votes by Proxy. ❤😍 Maybe it has to do with Schiff’s credibility. He has none and constantly lies. Plausible deniability RachelCordes Willful ignorance is a hallmark of today's GOP RepAdamSchiff is a traitor to our country he belongs in prison

THE GOP HOUSE MEMBERS,,are just what they show us all to be/. total failures/. they are just focused on no masks,or protection in the house where /.they think they are invincible/.that is why they will be gone in nov/. Schiff is a liar and hoaxer. Anyone who would listen to anything he says needs to see a doctor

“Childish Schiff on GOP reps boycotting intelligence briefings”. That’s about right GOPTraitors GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCowards They may have to lie or back up POTUS lies? Yadayadayada. May have something to do with the kids on the committee. Smoking gun theory... They're children wisethady Putin owns the GOPComplicitTraitors

RKJ65 then they need to be fired. vote them out. Just be honest Mr. Schiff Tell everyone that the right wing does not like our country, they only want power but no responsibility. That is the right wing cult's beliefs. Just a fact Its a whole new ballgame out there cuz. It'll get worse before it gets better.

Serial Liar, Leaker of Classified Information, Orchestrator of the Illicit Impeacment of President Trump, Guilty of Collusion with Seditionists, Democrat rep Adam Schiff is in NO position to make allegations against Trump. FACT:He should be an FBI/DOJ Target! Prison When? Why is ANYONE still listening to anything that Adam Schiff says For god's sake people!! This guy is a fraud!! .msnbc is almost as bad!! These people are NOT your friends!!!

No more Russia story from yesterday, this network making people dumber every day. 🤤

Adam Schiff accuses social media companies of misinformation negligenceHey did Shifty give you all that top secret Russian collusion information No shit Sherlock 🕵️‍♀️ but its all BLM traffic. You mean like all that evidence Schiff claimed to have but never produced that detailed Trump colluding with Russia?

Schiff: Bolton could have made a difference but he chose to make a profit with his bookBolton provides new evidence that Trump flagrantly abused power and confirms our central impeachment charge that Trump put his interests above America's. Bolton put Party before Country. THAT is why he did not testify in the impeachment hearings. Another traitor who thinks that ratting out the crime boss will buy him favor. Not with me. Nope, its big problems to lie under oath. Easier to lie in a book

Trump received written briefing on Russian bounties months ago, New York Times reportsTrump and the White House have denied that the president had been briefed on the matter. The White House had also said that the intelligence underpinning the claim was unverified. ResignNowTrump Lost me at NYT Trump knew.

U.S. has intelligence that Russians offered Taliban bounty to kill AmericansA senior defense official downplayed the intelligence reporting to NBC News, saying there was no evidence any bounty was actually paid. FakeNews However, they 'forgot' to tell Trump? Short term memory loss? 'It got to be very good sh... grass'. Ask any Mental Health professional about the 'Criminal Mind' of people, and they would say: They would do that, the Russians would.

'As bad as it gets': Pelosi, Democrats take aim at Trump over Russian bounty intelligence'And yet the president will not confront the Russians on this score, denies being briefed,' Pelosi told ABC's 'This Week.' TRUMP ALWAYS LIES Trump can never be trusted. He is a traitor TRUMP ALWAYS LIES TraitorTrump TrumpTreason lies realDonaldTrump VP GOP senatemajldr She is so vile and opportunistic- she just pounces on anything concerning him!!

Trump Says He Wasn’t Aware of Russia Bounty AllegationsThe president said neither he nor top members of his administration had been briefed on intelligence that Russians had offered a bounty to those who attacked U.S. troops in Afghanistan. He’s a well known liar. How could anyone honestly believe that?