Crime, Chicago

Crime, Chicago

Chicago man, 81, chases off three burglars with walking stick

Chicago man, 81, chases off three burglars with walking stick

11/22/2020 6:27:00 AM

Chicago man, 81, chases off three burglars with walking stick

Dan Donovan said a man posing as a utility worker knocked on the door of the house in the suburb of Niles claiming he needed to check a fuse box.

While the man was in the basement with the couple they heard floorboards creaking overhead."I hear the floor in the bedroom squeaking and I yelled Dan! Dan! Somebody's in our bedroom!" she said.They ran upstairs followed by the man and found two other men emerging from their bedroom holding a pillowcase.

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Dan Donovan chased the three men out of the house, grabbing his grandfather's antique Irish walking stick as he went."I was trying to find some type of persuasive weapon," he told theTribune."So I picked up the Irish shillelagh and that turned out to be the equalizer because I managed to chase them out of the house."

Speaking to Fox 32, he added:"It's 100 years old. So if I hit him with this, it'll make a point."The former marine, who was barefoot, struck the man carrying the pillowcase on the back of the head with the stick before chasing the group of men onto the road.

"I hit the guy in the head. I'm certain I got him in the head good because he wouldn't let go of the pillowcase," he said."Hopefully they got nothing more than a headache and hopefully they pursue another occupation."Read more

Married Off-Duty Police Officers Thwart Armed Robbery During Date NightHe repeatedly struck the windscreen and rear window of the men's SUV before they fled."I've never heard him speak like that. He said I got the one guy, I got the one guy right in the head. I said 'good, good,'" Barbara Donovan added.

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