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Baileys, Dessert

Cheers! This St. Patrick's Day-Themed Puppy Chow Recipe Includes Baileys Irish Cream

Why have a drink on St. Patrick's Day when you can have booze-infused puppy chow?! 🍀

2/24/2021 7:46:00 PM

Why have a drink on St. Patrick's Day when you can have booze-infused puppy chow ?! 🍀

This festive St. Patrick's Day -themed puppy chow features all the best flavors of the traditional snack with the addition of Baileys Irish Cream!

tends to be overlooked or written off as an adult dessert, but it really is one of the best, most delicious, versatile, and nostalgic snacks to enjoy. It's crunchy, sweet, slightly salty, and, thanks to this recipe, got some booze, too! While puppy chow might not be the first thing that comes to mind

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, this recipe puts a festive twist on the simple treat, and we guarantee you'll want to eat the entire batch.With just a few ingredients, you canwhip up this no-bakeSt. Patrick's Day puppy chow in no time. By incorporating Rice Chex cereal, green-colored candy melts, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, and Baileys Irish Cream, you've got a slightly more elevated (and, in my opinion, tastier) version of puppy chow. Of course, if you don't want to add any alcohol to the mix, you can simply nix the Baileys, but it definitely gives it a nice little kick. This recipe also makes a pretty big batch, but don't be too surprised when this puppy chow is gone within days!

St. Patrick's Day Puppy ChowLive, Love and SugarNotesInstead of using green-colored candy melts, you can use white ones and add green food coloring to the melted mixture.Ingredients5 cups of Rice Chex cereal, divided5 ounces of white candy melts5 ounces of green candy melts

4 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream, divided1 cup of powdered sugar, divided1 cup of chocolate chipsDirectionsDivide your Rice Chex evenly into two bowls.Add your green candy melts and two tablespoons of Baileys into a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave the mixture until the Baileys starts boiling (this will only take about 10 seconds). Then, whisk your candy melts and Baileys until it forms a smooth liquid.

Pour your green candy melt mixture over one bowl of Rice Chex. Gently stir to coat each piece of cereal evenly — be careful not to break too many pieces.Add half of your powdered sugar onto the candy-covered Rice Chex, and mix until each piece is coated. Alternatively, you can pour your Rice Chex into a plastic bag, add the powdered sugar, and shake.

Next, add your white candy melts and remaining Baileys into a bowl, microwave until boiling, and stir until smooth. Pour the mixture over your other bowl of Rice Chex and stir until the pieces are evenly coated. Add the remaining powdered sugar and stir or shake until thoroughly coated.

Combine your green and white mixtures and shake them until they're nice and mixed up. Add in your chocolate chips, give the mix a shake, and enjoy! Read more: POPSUGAR Family »

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