Germany Elections 2021: Live News And Merkel Succesor Results

Germany Elections 2021: Live News And Merkel Succesor Results

Center-left SPD party narrowly ahead, exit poll suggests

The center-left SPD party is ahead in exit polls as voting ends in Germany's election but the final result remains uncertain. Follow live updates.

9/26/2021 7:13:00 PM

The center-left SPD party is ahead in exit polls as voting ends in Germany's election but the final result remains uncertain. Follow live updates.

Germans are casting their ballots in a closely fought federal election that will result in a new chancellor. View the latest news and live results.

1 hr 32 min agoAs the Merkel era draws to a close, here's who is in the race to replace herBy CNN's Rob Picheta, Alex Carey and Nadine SchmidtGerman politics is dominated by two parties — the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the left-leaning Social Democratic Party, or SPD — who have governed together in a coalition for the past eight years.

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But other parties have grown in popularity over the past decade as the CDU and SPD have lost ground. This election is particularly close; the CDU and SPD have both held polling advantages, and the Green Party has also emerged as a serious contender.Here are the candidates:

Armin Laschet: Christian Democratic Union(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)Merkel's successor at the helm of the CDU is Armin Laschet, 60, a long-time ally of the chancellor and the party's deputy leader since 2012.A devout Catholic whose father was at one point a coal mining engineer, he was selected as the party's candidate after a torturous leadership tussle.

Laschet has a background in law and journalism, and was elected to the German Bundestag in 1994.Merkel has voiced her support for Laschet, but despite her efforts to persuade Germans to stick with the CDU, polling suggests her replacement as the party's leader has struggled to win over Germans.

Olaf Scholz: Social Democratic Party(Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images)His foremost opponent is the SPD's Olaf Scholz, who has taken a surprise lead in the polls in recent weeks, leaving him as the marginal frontrunner heading into Sunday's vote.

Like Laschet, Scholz has a long history as a political player in Germany. He has been Merkel's finance minister and vice-chancellor since 2018. He previously served as Minister for Labour and Social Affairs between 2007 and 2009. These roles placing him arguably in a better position to run as her natural successor than her own party's candidate.

Scholz has earned increased visibility as he navigated Germany's economic response to the pandemic, and cleared the last electoral hurdle withan assured performancein the final television debate.The SPD, the oldest political party in Germany, set up in 1863, favors a stronger focus on social issues and wants more taxes for the more affluent individuals in Germany.

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Annalena Baerbock: Green Party(Clemens Bilan/Pool/Getty Images)The Green Party's leader Annalena Baerbock caused a brief sensation in German politics when she surged in the polls early in the campaign, prompting voters to wonder whether she could become the country's first ever Green chancellor.

The Green Party is now being seen as the potential kingmakers in coalition negotiations.Christian Lindner: Free Democratic Party(Steffi Loos/Getty Images)Another party which could be possible kingmakers in coalition talks is the liberalist Free Democratic Party (FDP).

The FDP have never led a German government but have traditionally held influence over the decades, mostly in coalitions with the CDU and the SPD.Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla: Alternative for Deutschland (AfD)(Sebastian Kahnert/picture alliance/Getty Images)

The far-right AfD remains a stubborn presence on the political scene, helmed by Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla.The refugee crisis that sparked the AfD's surge in German politics back in 2015 has subsided as a pressing political issue, but the party remains an outlet for voters angered by immigration issues. In March, they became the first German party since the Nazi era to be

put under government surveillance.It’s currently the third biggest party in the German parliament and the largest opposition party for the past four years.In 2017, the AFD managed to steal voters from the CDU (those voters unhappy with Merkel’s shift to the center) and from the SPD. However, the party has struggled to keep its momentum going since then and faced harsh criticism over ties to the extreme far-right.

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I will set up and manage your Google ads AdWords PPC campaign 👉Order Now: googleads googleadwords googleadscampaing ppccampaign DigitalMarketing digitalart SEM google UnitedStates USA ads GoogleAlerts Good to know. As long as something conservative doesn't gain full Government, or majority control in Germany, then all other results are a welcome relief.

I may not be German but I can be as efficient as one, and Reason is its own field of expertise: Arthur Schopenhauer said 'We sacrifice 3/4ths of ourselves to be like other people.' what he should have said is we sacrifice 3/4ths of democracy to be a Socialism. In such a tight race , the possibilities for a coalition are still unclear .

The far right Alternative for Germany ( AfD) and the pro- business Free Democrats ( FDP) were both on 11% with the Socialist Left party on 5%.

German climate activists end hunger strike ahead of electionTwo climate activists ended their hunger strike outside parliament after a leading candidate for chancellor of Germany agreed to a public meeting with them following Sunday's general election. Too bad. They got hungry Strike not a solution Strike harmful for working people but, but growing tree are best solution near city , stop emission of co2 are best solution, stop use of Refrizetor Because Refrizetor emitted more CFC , we hope solution is big change but strike not Grow tree near city

That's a logical impasse: a federation is defined as a union of states, each state should have its own two-party preferred, not have a national two-party system, that would functionally render Germany Unitary, not Federal. The environmentalist Greens were in a third position on 15%. The Conservative CDU / CSU bloc is tied with the central - left Social Democrats on 25% of the vote , according to initial exit polls .

Exit polls suggest election is too close to call. I think the world is at least indifferent to this German general election. This is because the candidates have a bad face. Amen What exactly tricked you into thinking the centrist SPD is a center-left party

Germans vote in close election to decide Merkel successorGermans vote in a national election on Sunday that looks too close to call, with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) mounting a strong challenge to retiring Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives. Too close to call? For the love of God, let us know when it's not too close to call. Congratulations to the public of Germany The 1st thing what Merkel should do after election is, she should send some armies to catch Greta whom want to stop her sucess from election.

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Germany Votes in Election That Will Decide Angela Merkel’s SuccessorThe latest polls before the ballot showed it was too close to call and indicated that no party is close to having an outright majority. Sad day for the free world. Succession Planning Versus Successor Planning! Why landmark?