Carole Baskin Says Joe Exotic Should Get Lighter Sentence if he Snitches

Carole Baskin Says Joe Exotic Should Get Lighter Sentence if he Snitches

7/31/2021 10:30:00 AM

Carole Baskin Says Joe Exotic Should Get Lighter Sentence if he Snitches

Carole Baskin says Joe Exotic should snitch to get a lighter prison sentence.

could potentially get out of prison early, but she says there's something he could do that WOULD warrant an early release -- snitch!!!We got Carole this week on Capitol Hill and asked about Joe having his 22-year sentence in his murder-for-hire conviction vacated because of trial error.

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As we reported ... Exotic's original sentenceis being tossed, and the case is getting sent back to a lower court, where he'll likely receive a shorter sentence in the range of 17-21 years. His original sentence was 22 years behind bars.The 'Tiger King' star says Joe belongs in prison, but if he really wants to get out early, Carole thinks he should rat out anyone who allegedly conspired with him to put a hit out on her.

Play video contentSO THANKFULLaw Offices of Phillips & HuntAs we first told you ... Joe's super optimistic about going home earlier than expected, and he's confident his lawyers will prove his innocence once and for all. Read more: TMZ »

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She should be locked up as well. has she forgotten he set her up to be killed? only reason it didnt happen is cause he hired an old drunk who was as sketchy & criminal as Joe was. He ran off with the money. she only wants him out so they all get another netflix season Don’t trust that %^% FreeJoeExotic $TKING

freejoeexotic Caroline is a tiger king too, lol, all garbage she killed her husband!!

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