CAREN Act would outlaw false, racist 911 calls

San Francisco lawmaker proposes CAREN Act to make false, racist 911 calls illegal.

7/9/2020 5:41:00 AM

San Francisco lawmaker proposes CAREN Act to make false, racist 911 calls illegal.

The Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act is a play on 'Karens,' white women who target people of color for engaging in everyday acts.

“The CAREN Act will make it unlawful for an individual to contact law enforcement solely to discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity,” Walton said in a statement.The bill would work alongside a proposal by California state Assemblyman Rob Bonta to make discriminatory 911 calls a hate crime.

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"If you are afraid of a Black family barbecuing in the community park, a man dancing and doing his normal exercise routine in the bike lane, or someone who asks you to comply with dog leash laws in a park, and your immediate response is to call the police, the real problem is with your own personal prejudice,” Bonta said in the statement.

Current California law considers false police reports misdemeanor or felony offenses. But that does not include those who make calls like those described in the CAREN Act. Read more: NBC News »

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You’re going to have to define “racist” first because so far you haven’t been too accurate. Yes! Isn't already illegal to make false calls to 911? I'm so confused... Caren? Is this some kind of sick joke? Oh, come on, call it something else. Seriously, there are so many lovely, intelligent, non-racist women named Karen (and Caren); don't institutionalize this momentary meme. Call the women what they are—racists. Call the bill something else.

Actual calls I have been sent to as a cop. Black pastor playing basketball with a group of black boys. Two black men behind a doctors office one carrying a broom one carrying a bag of trash. Black man driving a taxi. Multiple black persons riding bikes walking or just existing. Fighting racism with a slur. Go figure

As well as bubba and smollett I thought it was Karen with a K? Karen's are so terrible .... A law has to be created to put them in check. 🤣 Karen CarenLaw RacistKaren CrazyKaren How could you prove it was racially motivated, not just a busybody bitchy flibbertigibbet getting all up in other people’s business? Like our white old lady neighbor two acres away who used to call my white mom & lecture her about fighting with our white dad in front of us kids?

Who decides if the call is discrimnation him? It would be ruled illgal in court as the general defense of the nation comes first and it would be far too broad to say oh that person called in a real 911 call cause the man was drunk and white vs a drunk black man thats racist crime How about fake hate crimes like pretend nooses?

But our kids still struggle in school. Ok, I get you have dumb priorities. 😂👍 Overboard You just make false calls illegal. (Aren’t they already?) And if they are proven to be racist false calls you can tack on a hate crime charge . Creating new laws is silly - enforce existing law. And, as a side note, anyone who names their kid 'Karen' in 2020 is a sick freak.

Well now they’re just messing with us... This will pair like cheese and wine with the homeless bodies, needles, trash and poop on the streets. With that lovely decor as backdrop, let's make calling the police while being white a crime! Mazel tov, y'all! This is going to have a chilling effect on the poor who can’t risk fines/lawsuits to call for help if they feel they’re in danger. The target is Karens, a noble cause, but this law is going to do more harm than good.

so women would too scared to call for help? dangerous law this is something People shouldn't be afraid to call 911 when they feel that they're in danger. caren.. jesus 🤣 Lmfao there bringing a law called 'Caren' 😂 i love it, its so funny to see racists beeing called with racist slurs. And this shithole country phrase was also a shot in the knee.

My cousin will be thrilled. Isn’t making false calls already illegal? I believe the term is “false alarm” Good! And I hope they get a mandatory jail sentence. 😂🤣 Should be the Amy Cooper act Well played. Ok... let’s agree to go 50/50 on this. Would anyone be opposed to the Karen Smollete Act Just charge them with making a false report and up the penalities

I love it. The CAREN Act. Let’s do this! GavinNewsom EXCELENTE!!! Caren( or Karen) isn't a race so this isn't racist. Let's see how this act will be exploited. That’s a little vague and a lot of knee jerk. People cannot be discouraged to call the police if they are scared, Karen or not. The CARENAct IS oppression ( of neurotic white chicks ) .

Can we also stop fake organizations that destroy historic statues and steal televisions.. Excellent idea. Such an offense word But he won’t clean up his city? Cool Love the fact it’s fallen caren. Is there a good reason for leaving a person's 'statistic' out of the bill as well..I been fighting for years for that very word that is not in with the rest of discrimination clauses but it can and does destroy families just the same, whatever color they are..

That's RICH! Maybe SFO need to start street cleaning first? Oh oh, JussieSmollett and BubbaWallace gonna be in trouble. fakes Thats a great idea Karenarrest Could you include the Smollett Act outlawing fake white on black attacks? Caren Act 🤣 I love it. Please pass the law. Karen's need to be held accountable.

So would this apply to jussie and bubba? Ridiculous. Imagine if Trump came up with the LAQUISHA Bill? Too bad they never made it illegal to misuse 911 royalmusing Caren is too cute by half. why is this not already illegal?! Watched a movie called Watermelon Man today. Boy, was it relevant for our day. All about a racist White Supremacist who wakes up one day and is Black! Funny movie, but also deep... It was produced in 1970. BlackLivesMatter

Common, you could have made it the KAREN Act Karens Are Racist Evangelical Nutjobs Act It’s a slur against women and it will allow prosecution of those reporting crimes committed by POC but only if you are not a POC. Racist yet? Uh, that’s not already a crime? The name is just the cherry on top Why does NBC news hate Jewish people?

F--- YOU for spreading unjustified hate and prejudice toward a group of people with a common characteristic (first name). What that lawmaker is trying to accomplish w/ his bill proposal is belied by the acronym & derived meaning of it in the name. F--- HIM & YOU, you TRUMPS! I guess if you're black it's ok to make a racial slur and turn it into a law then they wonder why there is racism

Nothing racist about that right? Good grief now. Should it not be called the Smollette Act? Why not Karen as the name used? Good idea, save police coverage time. so it should be equally fine to propose the Kiesha Act, a law proposed to add additional charges for anyone who instigates an altercation to the point force is required. dont worry, its not directed at any one race.

Yeah let's pass another law. That'll fix it. That’s slightly racist. Or a lot racist actually. Glad to see San Francisco has solved all their more pressing problems like , housing, homelessness, crime , etc that they have time to pass such bs laws. Why in the name of God would anybody want to live there?

Then I JussieSmollett charges would finally stick! How about you just train the police to respond appropriately to a call. I have mixed feelings about this. when is SanFran gonna propose the TYRONE Act? What a HUGE ISSUE? How about 'peaceful' protesters burning or looting? Destruction of public property? How about outlawing defecating in the street? WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!

Extremely offensive to propose a racial slur as an Act False 911 calls are already a crime. Why is San Francisco city policy being run by emotional teenagers looking for Twitter cred? Karen act is better.. We begin to see who the actual racist people are and it's not white people. HELLO !!!!!! All false 911 calls are illegal .... WTF

CAREN? I love it. Misuse of an emergency reporting system isn’t already against the law in California? I feel sorry for anyone named Karen. what is a 'racist' call? who makes that determination? Covid19 is the imminent threat take a number and wait until after a cure is found it's already illegal but thanks for stoking racial tensions NBC 🙄

This is hysterical.

San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces ‘CAREN Act’ To Deter False, Racially Biased 911 CallsThe Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act would allow the person who was harmed to seek civil remedy through the courts. 🌊🌊🙏🏿🙏🏿 So no ones going to admit calling people “Karen” is sexist and racist? And gun sales will go up even more.

Fed-up San Francisco lawmaker proposes ‘CAREN Act,’ targeting racist 911 callsCalling 911 to report a fabricated, racially-biased emergency would be illegal in San Francisco under a new proposal called, appropriately enough, the CAREN... Good. There should be accountability for that kind of crap The term Karen is racist as it refers to a white woman 311 is the non-emergcy

San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces ‘CAREN Act’ To Deter False, Racially Biased 911 CallsThe Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act would allow the person who was harmed to seek civil remedy through the courts. ONE well publicized event and now every white female is an entitled racist. Sheesh. Media is dividing us and idiots like this just make life in America worse. Shame on the media, that includes YOU, Forbes. I’m assuming the door swings both ways. Phew, thank god SF has its priorities in order

San Francisco lawmaker introduces CAREN Act to crack down on racially-motivated 911 callsThe Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act would make it illegal for people to call police “solely to discriminate on the basis of a person's ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.' There go my weekend plans. I can't wait till crime goes thru the roof. Because it will & mostly in the bad parts of town. Then how is all this social justice going to pan out? With a big fail! Most confusing act.

San Francisco official proposes 'CAREN Act,' making racially biased 911 calls illegalIt may soon be illegal to make discriminatory, racially biased 911 calls in San Francisco. And they can’t even spell Karen right 😂😂😂😂😂 More reasons to be thankful that I don't live in San Francisco Do it everywhere.

San Francisco lawmaker proposes CAREN Act, making racially biased 911 calls illegalCAREN would designate discriminatory bogus police calls as hate crimes and provide civil remedy for victims, Supervisor Shamann Walton says. Trump is a Karen we don't need. CancelTrumpSong 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 False 911 calls are already illegal?