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Capital Calls: A grim reading from Ant’s valuation tea leaves

Concise insights on global finance.

5/4/2021 7:06:00 AM

A grim reading from Ant’s valuation tea leaves, says mak_robyn in Capital Calls:

Concise insights on global finance.

, and a political campaign against founder Jack Ma adds more uncertainty.U.S. asset manager Fidelity Investments has repriced its stake. In a February filing it marked down its position by half compared to August last year, implying a total valuation of $144 billion for Ant, the Wall Street Journal reported

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read more.That looks generous. Take Ant’s stable digital payments business. If the unit resumes its pre-pandemic growth rate of 17% achieved in 2019, that implies revenue of 61 billion yuan this year, based on annualised 2020 figures. U.S. peer PayPal

boasts a 15% operating profit margin and an enterprise value 46 times forecast operating profit. On those assumptions, the payments arm is worth only $64 billion. Ant’s other business units could get smaller yet. (By Robyn Mak) Read more: ReutersBreakingviews »

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