Cancer, coronavirus are a dangerous mix, new studies find

Cancer, coronavirus are a dangerous mix, new studies find

5/29/2020 1:12:00 AM

Cancer, coronavirus are a dangerous mix, new studies find

The two studies are the largest reports on people with both diseases in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Canada.

For Luciano Orsini, that meant postponing surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia for about a month to avoid having it when virus cases were rising there. Orsini lost one kidney to cancer last year and was eager for this surgery to remove tumors on his sole remaining one. He was tested for the virus several times, including the night before his April 29 surgery.

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“It was a little daunting” waiting, he said. “I was constantly watching the clock.”He’s now recovering at home in Sicklerville, New Jersey, and tested negative for the virus as recently as last week.“The pandemic is posing incredible demands on the cancer care system” and the new studies show good reason for concern, said Dr. Howard Burris. He is president of the cancer society and heads the Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We’re trying to minimize trips to the clinic” and telling older cancer patients and those with lung problems “to be extra vigilant, extra isolated, to stay at home, be careful with family members,” Burris said.Nearly half of the patients in Warner's study were receiving cancer treatment when diagnosed with COVID-19. The others either completed treatment, had not started it, been under observation or had cancer in the past. Researchers included all of these groups because some cancer treatments can affect the lungs or immune system years later and impact the odds of surviving coronavirus, he explained.

Download theNBC News appfor full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakMen seemed to fare worse — 17 percent of them died versus 9 percent of women. That might be because breast cancer was the most common tumor type in this group, and women with it tend to be younger and with fewer health problems versus many cancers seen in men that are typically diagnosed at later ages. Smoking also is more common among men.

The risk of death also seemed higher for patients taking the malaria drugplus the antibiotic azithromycin, but this could be because sicker patients were given those drugs. Of the 928 study participants, 89 took hydroxychloroquine and 181 took the combination.

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Chill out for a second. Every germ on the planet is dangerous to current cancer patients. Btw a riot is going on. Its dangerous for any underlying conditions. But the 1 condition is being 'overweight'. If media wants to do some good its time to start covering that single fact. Its going to be the death of millions over the next decade. But America don't like to talk about the 'Fat' issue.

i should think thats obvious How dangerous it is for “fellow American citizens”. RealMenWearMasks Lol No fucking way! 🤦‍♂️ Well yeah they are vulnerable....their immune system is compromised...they are also more susceptible to death from flu or common cold Isn't any sort of pathogen and a cancer patient a deadly mix? Don't we already know this?

No matter what our ailments are if your immune system is compromised you’re susceptible from any type of virus. And FYI masks create more bacteria zones. MaskOff Considering cancer patients have an already weakened immune system...this is nothing new. What's the percentage for cancer patients who get the flu. Just curious. I imagine it's pretty high too.

No fucking shit SaveRDemocrazy Oh, oh. Not good. Have they done an article on diabetes? So 2 deadly things at the same time increase chances of death!? No kidding. Wait, people are deathly sick are more prone to dying to a disease rather then healthy people? That’s big news‼️ 🤯💥🤯💥 Whaaaaaa? Nooooooo! Sounds like a bunch of poor Americans with undiagnosed cancer are in trouble the next few months.

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