Myohmy, İheartconcertonfox

Myohmy, İheartconcertonfox

Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Perform 'My Oh My' at Concert for America

.@Camila_Cabello was joined by @ShawnMendes for an acoustic performance of #MyOhMy #iHeartConcertonFOX

3/30/2020 5:37:00 AM

.Camila_Cabello was joined by ShawnMendes for an acoustic performance of MyOhMy iHeartConcertonFOX

Camila Cabello's "My Oh My" single is a bouncy anthem meant for the clubs, but for the iHeart Living Room Concert for America on Sunday night (March 29), the singer opted to transform it into a more subtle rendition.

Cabello, who was stationed at her Miami home, was joined by boyfriendShawn Mendes, who assisted with his acoustic guitar. Before the performance, the pair took a moment to show appreciation for the first responders who are aiding those affected by the coronavirus virus.

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Mendes shouted out the “brave nurses and doctors out there working so hard every day." He continued:"We’re thinking about you so much. Thank you for everything you’re doing."Cabello followed up by stating,"We love you, we're in this together, stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind and compassionate with your self and each other. Let’s pull through this together like we always do." And with a strum of Mendes' guitar, the singer jumped into performing"My Oh My."

The stripped-down version highlighted Cabello's delicate falsetto, while also displaying her rap abilities. Since featured guest DaBaby wasn't on hand, Cabello opted to rap his verse by looking at the lyrics on her phone. While Mendes didn't look up much from his guitar, the romantic energy they shared was present.

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Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ CCUpdater Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes ❤️❤️❤️ Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes An incredible performance by the queen 😘 her vocals slayed 💅 Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Ouch my ears! 😖🙉 she could use this 'off time' to work on her vocals. Maybe then she'd be able to hit those high notes without sounding like a cat in heat! 🤷🏻‍♀️ the guitarist is pretty good though!

iHeartRadio Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes The talented couple....we love to see it😍😍 iHeartRadio Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Spare us the racist trash 🤢🤮 iHeartRadio Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Chills. Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Still in awe of this performance! Like who gave them the right to be this talented? Never thought the acoustic version of My Oh My would sound so good, even the rap part. Camila delivered on vocals and Shawn is a dream on the guitar. These two are magical together, period. 👏👏👏

iHeartRadio Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Thank you so much for this mini-concert!! It made my day❤😊 Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes She killed ittt!!!😍😍😍 Doody_loves_U Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Wow, just wow. This acoustic version of My Oh My was incredible. Perfect vocals from Camila and what a guitar backup from Shawn. Can't get enough of listening to this. These two together are magic. 👏

Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes LOCKDOWN? SOCIAL DISTANCING? ShawmilaHQ Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Where can we see their performance? Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes I can't move on from this. My ears and eyes are blessed 😊 desireshawn2 Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes yiikes Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Just awful. Still can't understand how she got a record deal! Would have been nice to see Celine Dion, now she has awsome vocals!!

Gigi9718 Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes Power couple❤❤❤ iHeartRadio Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes ♥️ ShawmilaHQ Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes legends ❤️ Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes These two know how to make magic together. Amazing performance ❤❤ Camila_Cabello ShawnMendes my parents killed that ♥

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