California Church Leaders Charged With Forced Labor Of Homeless, Us Attorney Says - Cnn

California Church Leaders Charged With Forced Labor Of Homeless, Us Attorney Says - Cnn

California church leaders charged with forced labor of homeless, US attorney says

A dozen leaders of a California-based ministry have been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of forced labor of mostly homeless people, a US attorney says


A dozen leaders of a California-based ministry have been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of forced labor of mostly homeless people, a US attorney says

A dozen leaders of a California-based ministry have been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of forced labor of mostly homeless people, a US attorney said.

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What do you bet these so-called Christians came up with some 'Biblical' reason why the should be able to enslave people. We can only hope they spend their lives behind bars. That's what they do instead of Helping people in need they Victimize them Study the 45 Goals of the Communist Manifesto...and see where this kind of stuff rates.

Let us prey... Church is now Corporate. Take their tax exemption away. God is exposing the churches, the corrupt government and soon the corrupt media. These idiots are Trump’s fake evangelical Christians. They answer not to Christ, but to power, money and the Republican Party. Pray for their congregation. They support and give 10% of their hard money to empower these evil people.

LucienGreaves every statement about hypocrisy in religion is so obvious anymore that every comment I think of leaving feels like a cliché. 🤬 LucienGreaves Only a dozen? You know there are loads more. Can't believe they had time to do all that AND pray for all the victims of all the mass shootings and write checks to the NRA all at once soblessed multitaskingforchrist

U.S. military likely to ramp up operations against Taliban: U.S. generalThe U.S. military is likely to accelerate the pace of its operations in Afghanistan to counter an increase in Taliban attacks, a senior U.S. general said on Monday following Washington&39;s suspension of peace talks with the insurgents. U.S. Marine General Kenneth McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Good luck general! God speed! Which God? Ours or theirs? Do we have one? US Attacks? according to trump and Pompeo this has already happened. That Americans don’t really know what the government is doing in Afghanistan is a disgrace. Especially for servicemembers/families coming from an administration that cloaks itself in patriotic theater and “loves the troops”

blessed I’d like to hear the full story from a real organization before forming an opinion on this. Holy shit! WhatWouldJesusDo LucienGreaves Check this.. They work for food has gone a whole new way Nondenominational? Sounds like trumpers? This sounds exactly like another tax exempt religious cult I've seen on AETV recently.

These people are FakeChristians that Jesus warned us about. It’s a shame that these Evangelicals are unaware of Jesus’ teachings—especially treating the poor & foreigners w/love & respect. They should read the Bible instead of following false prophets. No , it can't be true ... Faith security Inc removing the garbage of the society ... There are only saints and glory in the Lord's church ... Maybe these are only sinners and must pay for it .

They are not true Christians. A true Christian will not do what was alleged. He/she will show love to the poor and homeless. There are a lot of false teachers out there who will decimate the of Lord God. But the true ones will show by their works/action.

U.S. military likely to ramp up operations against Taliban: U.S. generalThe U.S. military is likely to accelerate the pace of its operations in Afghanis... Exactly on schedule. More military might from the apprentice master! Good the new US God Oldtestement battle plan looks great leave no stones unturnned read that any way u like 🤣🤔😎 'U.S. military likely to ramp up operations against Taliban' How those negotiations going private Trump? That's what we thought...

All churches are not alike all Christians are not a like there are great churches who are honest and help people don't put them with theses phony frauds ! Scientology does this to their members. I still can’t believe they are still going. Power without character is Satanic. Money is not the problem. It is the lust for money that give you amnesia. Take your eye of the ball. Be simple minded. Anyone that's based on violence is not Christian. Impossible.

American pastor's church leaders are biggest money scammers ever to be seen thier multi millionaires who take the money given to the poor and put it straight in thier pockets if ever one comes to ireland he will be shown the exit straight out Tax. Them. CNN always quick to criticise the church and Christians. Never criticises other religion. Very biased.

Christianity at its best. I wonder if they gave them a cup of coffee?. Such flipping' hypocrites. This is a wolf in sheep clothing type of church. Sad that it was done in the name of Christ. Come on people, y'all are acting like this was some regular Christian Church. If you read the article, you can clearly see what appears to be some cult like money making scam🤦

U.S. tech firms tell Congress: Pass U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade pact nowEleven trade groups on Monday urged U.S. lawmakers to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canad... You mean NAFTA? what about trumps eu deal ? Perfect photo lmao.

Doesn’t surprise me. They’ll seek GOD in prison when a guy named Bubba makes him his bitch mary25jane EvanHELLicals RadicalRightWing Can’t trust slick oil salesmen. Go to a small church in a rural might be better off What you want to bet that it’s some bs twist that people were asked to do chores while staying as a guest?

Wipe there ass,s 😎🤣 makes you wonder if these church leaders eve read the bible, Matthew 7:15 told of this. Maybe the church leaders gave free, no charge, job trainings to the people? Those “Christians” lol! Meanwhile CNN docs CIA agent TheKingCenter

The US lobster industry latest to get caught in the US-China trade warCNBC's Contessa Brewer reports from Kennebunkport, Maine on how the U.S. lobster is the next item to get caught up in the U.S.-China trade war. Price of Lobster should be going down for Americans. Tarriffs are working. Muh Robster! Be Patriotic order Lobster. Make sure you take your aged garlic first to reduce cholesterol.

suzukinathie What?!! What is wrong with our society?!? AndrewYang KamalaHarris TAX THE CHURCHES/SYNAGOGUES StuffCCLikes Did CNN check this story out before reporting on it. That would help to know before I put any credence in it. Once the audit is finalized.I suspect they donated to the Trump campaign.

religion Praise Jesus!!!!!! Sarcasm off 'Conservative Christian values' C’mon Christian folk...y’all gotta do better smdh....

A New California Privacy Law Could Affect Every U.S. Business—Will You Be Ready?Whether or not your company is located in the Golden State, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may still affect you. Here’s how to prepare.

Gay sexually assaulted Bartender Jesus never did this. Gay sexually assaulted Bartender Scientology does this every day and nobody says $hit or does $hit No shocker here Fake news. Tell us more please Those leaders are tryin’ to launch slavery. Way to work for the downtrodden people. Instead make them do forced work, like the slaves of old

Just when you think they can’t get any lower.....

U.S. Job Openings Cool in Slowing Labor MarketThe number of job openings decreased in July from a year earlier for the second consecutive month, underscoring slowing demand for new workers, though opportunities remain plentiful for job seekers. It could also be a sign of a continued push into automation. Productivity on a per employee basis continues to increase, meaning they can get a whole lot more out of each employee.What's the point in hiring 10 people when you can hire 1 with automated assistance and get the same? Reflect the voice of Abi Sahar's daughter FifaStandUp4Sahar Republicans destroy the economy every time they’re in power. When will we learn?

*shocked* Typical christians. The most FAKE cult religion ever. JeannieG40 This makes me sick. Especially since it's church leaders who are the abusers. You mean they were asked to work for the free stuff they were getting ? Excellent news. OH For The Love Of God!!! The biggest lie and greatest scam in history: religion.

Not real Christians Its time to start taxing these churches. I hope the ACLU represents these homeless people and sues these ChristianHypocrites In real life, all is corrupt, religion and politics, it’s shameful....i see why people drastically change....

Liars. Just because you in church don’t mean you have the truth Under his eye. Good job so called Christians, time too tax these so called churches. Ah Christians. Do as I say, not as I do. Modern day Pharisees. 'Religion ' the way these hypocrites sell it is a lie. No better than a Ponzi scheme. Thoughts &

Not in California? It can't be...that is the place where everyone is welcome and treated like family. The poor and weary are invited and cared for. No one from California would do such a thing. Just ask RepMaxineWaters and SpeakerPelosi They Run dat shit! This is why you shouldn't trust any church or organized religion. They are all cults and corrupted.

Wow!!! More frauds in religion. Truly takes away from the much good that is done. There are just too many bad apples

They should be forced into labor camps Now thats not very Christian of them is it. What a surprise.

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