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Map Of The Soul, Map Of The Soul: 7

BTS\u2019 Album Is Here and It Already Broke TikTok

Do you know how powerful you have to be to break TIK TOK? @bts_bighit

2/22/2020 2:30:00 AM

Do you know how powerful you have to be to break TIK TOK? bts_bighit

All 20 tracks of ' MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' including a Sia feature, are out now.

all had a hand on the moody"Louder Than Bombs."Last year, BTS became the first group since The Beatles to chart three No. 1 albums in a year. Knowing the Army, there's no chanceMAP OF THE SOUL: 7won't become their fourth in a row: we'll know next week.

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"The title is '7' because we've got seven members right here… and it's been seven years since our debut," RM explained during a live"On The Plaza" interview with, which (as all their NYC appearances have attracted) saw fans camping out overnight."This album is like a big statement and declaration that we admit our destiny, recognize our destiny."

"The most important thing is that music truly transcends language and nationality," he added.BTS will takeMAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Read more: PAPER Magazine »

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bts_bighit yes we did that with anothers plataforms before :( bts_bighit Thanks for not telling me the status of my magazine and then me finding from word of mouth that magazines were already sent out and I will not be receiving one. BTS_algeria bts_bighit My 7 Angels👼 bts_bighit yes bts_bighit Not surprised BTS+ARMY power am I wrong?

bts_bighit BTS breaks apps, sites and records bts_bighit Cool story dude bts_bighit It the power of BTSxARMY, what ya expect BTS bts_bighit Bts power 😍 lukewaltham bts_bighit Nobody can handle our boys and armys 🔥 Kookie_love_OT7 bts_bighit we be like ' namjoon god of destruction ' as if we dont break every mf site .

bts_bighit U need to be BTS bts_bighit Even in tweeter you don't have that much followers they have on tiktok.. You are so pathetic 😜😜😜😜 bts_bighit bts_bighit We are a force ARMYisONwithBTS bts_bighit pls I wanna know what the ceo of paper magazine thinks abt their twt acct being a bts stan acct

bts_bighit Dude we also broke yt and twitter yt wasnt playing the mv it was keep lagging bts_bighit XIQ_twt at least we were sleeping hahahahaha bts_bighit Hahaha BTS_twt and BTSARMY have so much power 💜 and we love to see it 🤗 bts_bighit Well we have Pres. Kim NamJoon, so wbk MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 ONchallenge BTS_twt ON

bts_bighit Honestly, we break everything now.. 😶 would like to apologize to all the servers that crashed during this cb season. ArfaOT7 bts_bighit Everything some app is broken or crashed. Locals will say must be ARMY! 🤣🤣 bts_bighit was pretty bad...took almost 30 minutes for TikTok to load for me so I could listen to the preview 😆💜🌌 BTS_twt

bts_bighit its not new within the fandom. in fact if we didnt breakdown any server, its kinda weird though but at the same time ARMYs also didnt want to break any server down cause but eventually it happened. bts_bighit Stream ON 방탄소년단 USBTSARMY bts_bighit And that’s on crying in class periodt bts_bighit Can we be friends Like your cool 😎

bts_bighit Their Power😖💜 taehyunglabsmeh bts_bighit I mean... it was expected 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ bts_bighit impact bts_bighit Namjoon is our idol so ARMYs like to break things 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bts_bighit They didn't you ignorant fools. bts_bighit I'm glad and sorprise that you are a live ry now bts_bighit Go stream on armys

YOUTH_LUV_BTS bts_bighit The album is sad as nothing else, I'm in pain, they're incredible as no one ever will be, the lyrics is very intimate, producing is god tier, vocals and rapping it's nothing else ever will be like that, never, they opened their hearts to me, to us, as no one else would ever do.

bts_bighit BTS SAYS THE APPLICATION OR APPEARS IN SOME AND THE ARMY OPTIONS Is attacked KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT K ..... I FOLLOW? bts_bighit Keep streaming army pleasee bts_bighit That was the most frustrating 17 mins of my life BTS_twt bts_bighit Calling all app developers, hire ARMY if you want to test your app. 😆

lukewaltham bts_bighit Duh. Kings we stan. bts_bighit The power of A.R.M.Y.💜🎇 bts_bighit Theyre so cute jiminieyoongii bts_bighit SEE AND TRY IT😭🤣😂 BTS_twt bts ONisComing bts_bighit yeah....BTS-kind bts_bighit FOR LITERALLY NOTHING BCS IT WAS ONLY FOR KARMYS 😭😭😭😭 bts_bighit Invincible send me my magazine its been 3 months

bts_bighit we broke tiktok, we broke twitter, we broke youtube, we broke their site, we broke weverse, we broke the game they developed for 3 years in a matter of seconds. bts_bighit Keep buying the songs on iTunes. Longevity is important. We can’t go out from top again bts_bighit All I want is my issue of Break the Internet that I ordered but never received, despite endless complaints through email...🙄

bts_bighit Yea USBTSARMY bts_bighit More powerful than charlie damelio lol bts_bighit Trust me i know how that is huge bts_bighit bts_bighit They should have known, we get shocked by our own strength sometimes paper mag. ProjetBtsFrance bts_bighit We are Rm's child😂💜 xxxsunflower_02 bts_bighit Tag them too BTS_twt

bts_bighit We are especial like them ONFeatSia BTS_twt Armybrigade13_F bts_bighit We broke weverse too bts_bighit Yessir very powerful BTSChartDaily bts_bighit I mean...since when our Bangtan not powerful? 😂 Stream 💜🔛💜 fam BTS_twt bts_bighit We also broke Twitter on Jungkook's birthday. And the locals KNEW it was us.

bts_bighit we missed you bts_bighit Mr.PAPER you don't know anything, there's no app that we can't break, it's horrible, especially if we want to listen to FilterByJimin. 😌👌🏻 BTSChartDaily bts_bighit Sir, we already broke Youtube and Spotify. Thats why they freeze BangtanPromoARG bts_bighit Yea, like BTS level?🔥

BTSprojectINDIA bts_bighit Well....we shocked ourselves yesterday too ngl 😂 bts_bighit My favourite stan account back at it bts_bighit someone is whipped 🤪 VeautifulV_ bts_bighit Our kings bts_bighit U need to be bts 💜

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