Big Hit, Bts

Big Hit, Bts

BTS Owns $108 Million of Big Hit. Every Other Artist Will Be Taking Note

BTS owns $108 million of Big Hit now — and you can bet other artists are taking note

10/19/2020 10:39:00 PM

BTS owns $108 million of Big Hit now — and you can bet other artists are taking note

Whether BTS got too much or too little from Big Hit ’s IPO, the group certainly got more than artists at other large music companies could dream of

There are modern equivalents to this gratitude-driven exchange: London-based indie record label Dirty Hit is home to the band The 1975, who signed to the company back in 2012 before becoming Platinum-selling stars in the US. Fiscal filings show that Dirty Hit, which re-signed The 1975 to

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a three-album deal in 2019, is part-owned by the members of that band — each of whom own 18 ordinary shares in the label.A glance through Kobalt Music Group’s financial documents reveals that the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) and Max Martin (via MXM Music) all own slivers of the company. The fact that Kobalt may

currently be up for salewith a billion dollar-plus price tag suggests that McCartney, Dr. Luke and Martin, three of the firm’s earliest clients, could soon be fiscally rewarded for gambling on the Swedish-born, UK-based startup before it became one of the world’s biggest independent music operations.

Kobalt is famous for permitting its songwriters to keep hold of their rights, but the “take some of our company!” approach to client acquisition extends to firms who buy music copyrights, too. Earlier this year, Poo Bear — a long-time collaborator of Justin Bieber’s — sold his songwriting catalog to the aggressively acquisitive Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Poo Bear

told MBW in Julythat Hipgnosis founder Merck Mercuriadis offered him shares in Hipgnosis as part of the firm’s offer to buy his copyrights. “That for me was everything, just allowing me to be a part of my catalog even after I sold it,” said Poo Bear, adding: “I don’t really feel like any other company would have offered that.”

“Any other company” in this case, may be directed at the major music companies who, to date, haven’t gifted company equity to writers or artists — no matter how huge a superstar they might be. Part of that is down to the sheer size of catalog at these companies. How could Universal Music Group, for instance, choose between giving equity slices to Drake, Taylor Swift, The Beatles or Queen?

But BTS is not the only group on Big Hit’s roster, either, and the company still offered a sizable amount of shares to its seven members. Could BTS’s much-talked-about ownership in its parent company change this industry paradigm, pressuring the majors to hand stock in their companies to blockbuster artists during negotiations and re-negotiations?

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Universal, Sony and Warner have all previously agreed that, when they. But now they have to wrestle with the Big Hit parallel as well: What happens when large-scale music companies bank a load of cash by selling stakes inthemselves? In this situation, just as with Spotify going public, do a record label’s biggest artists deserve a mini-windfall for their individual contribution to that company’s value?

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Support my music trying to bring awareness to in invisible diseases You Hooked - Just10 Tyson Yes ... But, BigHit was small and not well known entertainment company. The company and BTS - the artists struggled together. It makes sense that they own small portion of BigHit now.The other artists who join the famous company after, I don’t think they’ll get that chance.+++

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