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British American Tobacco to cut 2,300 jobs by Jan 2020

BAT plans to cut 2,300 jobs by Jan 2020


BAT plans to cut 2,300 jobs by Jan 2020

British Am erican Tobacco Plc said on Thursday it would lay off 2,300 employees g...

Reporting by Pushkala Aripaka in Bengaluru; editing by Arun Koyyur

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Recessions is coming Oh no, what will give us lung cancer if they go bankrupt?! 😰

OPEC cuts 2020 oil demand forecast, urges effort to avert new glutOPEC on Wednesday cut its forecast for growth in world oil demand in 2020 due to... GoGreen

Brokerage Charles Schwab says to cut about 600 jobsDiscount brokerage company Charles Schwab Corp is cutting about 600 jobs after a... 600 future amazon employees? Not a good sign at all .

WSJ News Exclusive | Charles Schwab to Cut 600 Employees, or About 3% of StaffCharles Schwab's move to trim staff comes as firms across Wall Street and beyond grapple with a shift in Federal Reserve policy So...the FED hints at raising rates and corporate American lays off employees. A stretch to tie company specific layoffs to a shift in Fed policy, particularly when the Fed just eased Lower net interest margins adversely impact on bank profitability

What Trump's call for 0% interest rates would mean for your walletIn the ongoing battle between President Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve over interest rates, here's a look at what cutting rates to zero would mean for everyday Am ericans. Now do my 401k during Trumps Presidency. That is exactly why we have independent Central Banks in most DM countries.... every President or PM would want to have a low ccy and low rates... maybe not even worth thinking about (even though maybe the line between Politics and Central Banks might be less clear in future) Tell us more about his 6 bankruptcies.

A Canadian Island Where Hip Meets HistoricThese days Canada's Prince Edward County serves as the terminus of an eastern flyway for Toronto chefs, mixologists, hoteliers, artists and entrepreneurs. There are some 50 wineries, cideries and breweries to visit on a weekend away.

Florida governor seeks delay in landmark voting rights caseRon DeSantis is asking a federal judge for a delay in a lawsuit seeking to restore former felons’ voting rights in the battleground state. It’s the latest chapter in a bitter battle that could affect the outcome of next year’s presidential election Just another GOP no integrity, cheater. It's how they win.... they cheat like hell. Hopefully the judge in this case isn't a cheater too. Back off, dude. The only way you Russian Republicans know how to win is by cheating. That is proven by the fact voting machines in your state were hacked into during the elections. Should the felons own guns too? Bernie would say yes because they are rehabilitated but haven't they just shown us they are unworthy of citizenship rights?

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