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Brexit in chaos after court rules PM's suspension of parliament was unlawful

Brexit in chaos after court rules PM's suspension of parliament was unlawful


Brexit in chaos after court rules PM's suspension of parliament was unlawful

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of the British parliament was unl...

After three years of tortuous Brexit crisis, British politics is in turmoil, with the prime minister blocked by parliament and an election or even a second referendum on the cards.

Judge James Drummond Young had determined that “the only inference that could be drawn was that the UK government and the Prime Minister wished to restrict Parliament”, it added.

It has also triggered civil war inside both of Britain’s main political parties as dozens of lawmakers put what they see as the United Kingdom’s fate above that of party loyalty.

His argument, which puts him at odds with leader Jeremy Corbyn, is that an election might fail to resolve the deadlock over Brexit. Corbyn says Labour would offer the people a second referendum on a credible option to leave against remaining in the EU after an election.

Additional reporting by Kate Holton, Elizabeth Piper, William James and Kylie MacLellan; Editing by Angus MacSwan and Catherine Evans

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The only unlawful act Parliament has done is deny the result of a democratic referendum.. all the Scottish judges confirm is the law is for the networked few not the unwashed starving many..👍🍻 LMAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO Thats a little insulting to the Queen. As if there was no way she's capable of agreeing to this and MUST have been tricked. BrexitDerangementSyndrome

I hate to break this to you but Brexit has been in chaos for over three years now. I love chaos & change; it's promoting creativity & reflects already ongoing technical disruptions. In God we trust; so we have nothing to fear. I am tired on GreedTV. Life is too short dancing around golden calfs & those who will lose even that what they love more than God.

Watch this space for another brexit court case tomorrow. “Misleading the monarch, who under Britain's unwritten constitution must be apolitical, would be considered a grave affront... Dominic Grieve...said that if Johnson had misled the queen over the reasons for prorogation, he should resign.” And the queen aided and abetted...

Does this mean the court has ruled against the queen? Brexit; I thought it was Brexshit where people talked a load of crap 🤪

UK business minister says focus is to get Brexit deal at Oct. 17 EU summitBritish business minister Andrea Leadsom said on Wednesday her government's... I don't believe that, I don't believe that BorisJohnson et al are really trying to get a deal agreed. I don't believe anything that Johnson says nor do I believe anything that any members of the Cabinet say. Johnson has complete disdain for all but the hard Brexiteers. On and off, on and off, and keep going... We will see. Lady MacBeth to the rescue ?

interesting photo for 9/11

Farage warns UK PM Johnson of electoral 'kicking' over BrexitBrexit Party leader Nigel Farage offered Prime Minister Boris Johnson an electio... Farage it is an obsolete speaker ( mono, not stereo ) Great Pic. He's got the face of a serial killer.

What options are left for British PM Johnson on Brexit?Prime Minister Boris Johnson's options are narrowing to deliver on his prom... The ditch is his only way out. resignation. immediately. The UK needs a UK-Spring, including an Irish Spring!

British PM Johnson tells parliament: You can tie my hands, but I will not delay BrexitPM Boris Johnson tells parliament his government will not delay Brexit any further. More here: At least the 350 claim is scaled down to 250 now. And true enough, 'his' government may well not. Is this sleazy PM who treats the EU as enemy really saying he will not abide the law of his own country in case he does not make a deal?

UK PM insists will not ask for Brexit delay despite new lawPrime Minister Boris Johnson statement came after British lawmakers voted by 311 to 302 for a motion demanding the government publish all documents relating to Operation Yellowhammer, the effort to prepare for a 'no deal' Brexit. Actually he doesn't have to do anything to crash out of the EU. It will happen even if he keeps twiddling his thumbs.

Ex-UK PM May's Brexit negotiator Robbins to join Goldman SachsFormer British Prime Minister Theresa May's chief Brexit negotiator Olly Ro... 高盛? jakejakeny There is nothing quite like the sweet smell of abject failure. Don't get more deep state than this...

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