Braum's is the best burger joint. You'll wish you were here

Braum's is the best burger joint. You'll wish you were here


Braum's is the best burger joint. You'll wish you were here

Chances are, if you live outside the middle of the country, you’ve probably never heard of Braum’s.

Maybe you felt connected to Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” lady; in the 1980s, Oklahomans had comedic actor Jim Varney as a country bumpkin shilling for Braum’s. Three decades later, we’re still talking about it.

The Braum’s legend starts in the Great Depression. In 1933, Henry H. Braum opened a small butter-processing plant in a converted house in Emporia, Kan. In 1952, Henry and his son, Bill, bought an old Kraft cheese factory that they turned into a milk and ice cream processing plant and opened a small chain of retail ice cream stores called Peter Pan Ice Cream.

Today, all of the restaurants are within a 300-mile radius of the Tuttle farm — the site of its bakery and milk-processing plant — so the milk and ice cream can be delivered fresh. Bill and Mary Braum still live there, and the family doesn’t franchise.

at The Oklahoman. “Successful, beloved, and they do things in front of their own eyes. ... If they were to pop up little mini-dairies between here and points in every direction, they could probably spread all over the country and be successful at it, but they maintain their quality by not doing that.

Braum’s burgers are simple and perfect, the patties piled with cheese, onion, dill pickle, lettuce and tomato and served on a sesame seed bun baked on the Tuttle farm. You can swap your soda for an ice cream shake with any combo meal, and Braum’s golden crinkle-cut fries are crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside.

Its milk, sold by the cup and the jug, comes from the now-10,000-cow private herd on farms in rural Tuttle and Shattuck, and the milk is on store shelves within two days after it’s milked from the cows, per the company. The cows are fed Braum’s-grown corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Braum’s is a character in so many memories of home. During junior high track practice, I would stare hungrily at my coach’s glorious

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haileybranson Since my parents moved south of the Circle of Freshness, anyone traveling from or through the Circle is required to make a Braum’s stop. It’s even more important than the mandatory kolaches one must stockpile when passing through West, TX. mrmarkpotts haileybranson BRAUMS HAS THE BEST BURGERS ANYWHERE!!!!!!

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums ice cream is the best by far. Their burgers are fresh and decent. Far better than In and Out. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Lived in OKC my whole life, and I’ll tell you this.. the ice cream and milk are AMAZING!! The burgers are meh. Five Guys has them beat hands down. But, it’s always nice when the coasts recognize us little fly over states. Thanks LA! 🥰

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braum's ice cream is fantastic and the milk you can get from their little mini-grocery stores is the best. That's where the good stuff ends. The restaurants are usually dirty and the food is crap. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Been to both. No comparison. In An Out!!! mrmarkpotts haileybranson They both suck equally.

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums sucks and I’ve lived in Oklahoma for almost 20 years mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums. If you haven't tried it, it can't be explained. mrmarkpotts haileybranson brentorialist mrmarkpotts haileybranson All I can say for IN-N-OUT is “where’s the beef?” Changed burger size a while back. Lost me forever. Yuck...

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mrmarkpotts haileybranson Have you ever been ordering a burger Braums_Inc and thought, this would be a lot more satisfying if it was a 1/3 pounder?!?!!!!! mrmarkpotts haileybranson From Tuttle OKLAHOMA, Lived in LA, Braums is a real burger. In and Out is a bunch of sauces and side show to take the attention of that little baby meat patty.

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Single moms love the ability to drive through to pick up milk without having to get the kids out of the car. One of the many things I love about Braums. mrmarkpotts haileybranson It use to be a great burger until they downsized to a 1/4 pounder for the same price. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Dudes voice is annoying as hell tho.

mrmarkpotts haileybranson They took my favorite cheeseburger off the menu. It was four or five cheese. Yum! mrmarkpotts haileybranson LtGovPinnell 🍦 🍔 mrmarkpotts haileybranson Hell, sonic is better than braums. mrmarkpotts haileybranson In-n-out burger is just a smaller and more expensive burger compared to Braums. Do a side by side taste test and u will agree

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Lmao this isn’t even the best burger place in Oklahoma

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mrmarkpotts haileybranson Caption your videos! mrmarkpotts haileybranson Y'all are gonna get kicked out of LA for this shit. Besides, everybody knows the best burgers in Tulsa are from Brownies. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Jacquilyn_S ... mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums burgers are a shell of what they used to be.

mrmarkpotts haileybranson PAULINEHEIDY mrmarkpotts haileybranson chicken strips from braums is superior to all foods!!!!!!! mrmarkpotts haileybranson Quite the LA times and make a YouTube channel mrmarkpotts haileybranson Yep! In-N-Out is not that great according to family that has tried it. Braums and Whataburger are better. Braums_Inc Whataburger

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Man no lol mrmarkpotts haileybranson Clickbait

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mrmarkpotts haileybranson I love Braum’s. Of all the fast food chains out there, nothing beats a fresh Braum’s breakfast. mrmarkpotts haileybranson I've never heard of them, but now I really want to experience Braum’s. mrmarkpotts haileybranson 10 years ago it was good. Their menu overhaul 3-4 years ago changed my opinion. Now its okay.

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Their burgers used to be exponentially better. haileybranson When I saw this article, I hoped that it was because they were expanding to LA. Other than family and friends, it is literally the only thing I miss from that region. mrmarkpotts haileybranson I’m pretty partial to Tucker’s Onion Burger, but Braum’s is definitely the best widely available fast-food burger in the southern plains.

food mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums & bbq might be the only things I miss about Oklahoma. food mrmarkpotts haileybranson I just had burger in paradise here in Maui. It was wonderful with the Mai Tai! food mrmarkpotts haileybranson Crinkle-cut fries are an abomination mrmarkpotts haileybranson I'll bet The Times is doing this because of the Bible Verses , The LA Times , is actively doing everything it can to support the Anti Christian Liberal Democratic Socialist Doctrine !!!

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mrmarkpotts haileybranson The farm thing is impressive but the burgers and fries looked bad on the video. But that ice cream looks good mrmarkpotts haileybranson Remember what happened to In N Out sales the last time an idiot tried to diss them. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Five guys? mrmarkpotts haileybranson In n out is not the best fast food burger. No burger is, it’s all personal preference. It is good though, as are most burgers

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Hmmm, does not look appetizing here mattdpearce mrmarkpotts haileybranson The quality of product went down after the plane crash. mattdpearce mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braum's fresh limeade is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. mattdpearce mrmarkpotts haileybranson

mrmarkpotts haileybranson Braums has delicious ice cream, but their hot food items tasted about average to me. They weren’t really any better than dairy queen in that regard. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Literally no one thinks this. NO. ONE.

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mrmarkpotts haileybranson In and Out is overrated. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Chick-Fil-A 😀👍 mrmarkpotts haileybranson LOL I have to admit I was raised on Braums. I think they are on to something here. mrmarkpotts haileybranson no more opinions from outsiders, thanks. mrmarkpotts haileybranson Well, tbf, Californians have no taste. I have to see that every day


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