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BLOOP: NeNe Leakes Addresses Tyra Banks’ Alleged ‘No Housewives’ On DWTS Comments

NeNe Leakes Addresses Tyra Banks’ Alleged ‘No Housewives’ On DWTS Comments (via @Bossip)

10/29/2020 5:00:00 PM

NeNe Leakes Addresses Tyra Banks ’ Alleged ‘No Housewives’ On DWTS Comments (via Bossip)

NeNe Leakes recently addressed an alleged comment from Tyra Banks about reality TV stars joining Dancing With The Stars .

“she didn’t want them on the dance competition show.”That clearly hit a nerve for NeNe because she responded while teasing her forthcoming show“The Read Session”that features the former RHOA star and panelists discussing hot topics.“Tyra I thought you and I were cool girl. I was on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ before you was,” said NeNe about Tyra’s rumored dig.

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While NeNe was talking, however, Nene’s male co-hosts/ friends chimed in and said Tyra denied ever making the comments. Still, NeNe continued to make her point and discussed the benefits of having the ladies of housewives franchise appearing on the show.

“I also think that, for real, this is no joke, but as a business personshe should want to have people like ‘Housewives’ on the show because people are always talking about them, right?” said NeNe. “Then they can talk about them over on that platform and it be a good thing for both parties. But you know, I don’t know if she said it for sure, but just in case she did I just wanted to touch on that.”

“I don’t know if she said it or not for sure, for sure, for sure, but just in case you did, we just wanted to touch on that,” she added. Read more: TMZ »

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