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Blood clots as prevalent with Pfizer and Moderna vaccine as with AstraZeneca's: report

Study says Pfizer, Moderna vaccines pose same blood clot risk as AstraZeneca's

4/15/2021 1:26:00 PM

Study says Pfizer, Moderna vaccines pose same blood clot risk as AstraZeneca's

A study by Oxford University found the number of people who receive blood clots after getting vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine are about the same for...

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Hit by COVID, Senegal's women find renewed hope in fishing

BARGNY, Senegal (AP) — Since her birth on Senegal’s coast, the ocean has always given Ndeye Yacine Dieng life. Her grandfather was a fisherman, and her grandmother and mother processed fish. Like generations of women, she now helps support her family in the small community of Bargny by drying, smoking, salting and fermenting the catch brought home by male villagers...

Unfortunately twitter has no disinformation flag - the study you cite did not even compare vaccines never mind draw that conclusion. Super irresponsible of you. So why only viral load vaccines targeted for bad publicity? chenweihua But also interesting cause I expected the adenovirus vaccines (J&J, Zeneca) to have worse adverse events than mRNA based.

Agree based on friends’ death and near death experiences chenweihua I think the bigger statement is that people who get COVID without being vaccinated are 7 times more likely to have the similar blood clotting adverse event. Well of course- Pfizer just managed to hush it up better Which is to say, a vanishingly small risk? You have better odds of being struck by lightning

There’s a risk every time you get in a vehicle, so.... And how do we know these two things are correlated? Out of the 1 million, 5 get clots? Pfizer ... - illegal & corrupt marketing practices - bribing physicians - suppressing adverse trial results ... habitually ... ? ocgn