Blackpink, Rosé

Blackpink, Rosé

Blackpink's Rosé Looks Pretty In Monochrome In New Saint Laurent Campaign

The K-pop singer modeled the French fashion house's Fall 2020 collection

6/30/2020 12:19:00 AM

Blackpink just keeps winning, and ROSÉ is stunning in YSL's new Fall 2020 campaign 😍

The K-pop singer modeled the French fashion house's Fall 2020 collection

Elle Koreafirst sharedfour cover options on June 10, asking fans to vote for their favorite, which would then become the cover of its forthcoming print format; but due to the enthusiastic response to the covers, three of those options made it to print. The singer, now a global ambassador for Saint Laurent, appeared wearing garments from the French fashion house throughout.

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Per a, the singer toldElle Korea,"I still can’t believe that I’m a global ambassador, representing a brand that I’ve thought was really cool for a long time. It’s an honor. I also got close to creative director [Anthony] Vaccarello, and I’m learning a lot from his creativity, expertise, and humanity. It’s amazing to be able to work with such a wonderful person."

On her personal Instagram, Roséartful behind-the-scenes images from theElle Read more: MTV NEWS »

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Blackpink's Rosé is the New Global Face of Saint LaurentAfter Blackpink 's 'How You Like That' video smashed a YouTube record, member Rosé was unveiled as the global face of Yves Saint Laurent. BLACKPINK YSL Yaaasss!!! Chaeng Laurent! BLACKPINK YSL Queen ROSÉ BLACKPINK YSL Queen 👑

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Ros\u00e9 Is Finally a Saint Laurent Campaign StarThe BLACKPINK vocalist has been working with YSL for the past year. ygofficialblink Yas. Chaeng Laurent! ROSÉ BLACKPINK lilogurl88 ygofficialblink Queen Rosé ygofficialblink BLACKPINK ygofficialblink BLACKPINK Rosé

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