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'BiP' Recap: A Tearful Exit, an Evacuation and Those 3 Little Words

Everyone's future on the beach was put in jeopardy on #BIP.

9/22/2021 5:24:00 AM

Everyone's future on the beach was put in jeopardy on BIP .

Only one episode remains until the sure-to-be dramatic season finale.

.While Maurissa told Demar that she had been hoping to meet him in Paradise, Riley promised he wouldn't go"down without a fight." He needn't have worried, though, as Demar opted to ask Chelsea on the date, leaving Aaron feeling"not happy."

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Demar and Chelsea, along with Ed and Natasha, left for their double date then. The couples got artsy on the date, with the women painting portraits of their dates, before using the men's bodies as their canvases. The date ended with Ed and Natasha sharing a kiss.

"Paradise is so amazing," Natasha gushed."I could not be happier right now. Finally."Kenny and Mari Get NakedMeanwhile, Kenny and Mari were the lucky recipients of a date card, and the pair headed off for their messy night out. Upon their arrival, the couple learned that they'd be assembling tacos on their partner's naked body, before eating the meal off of them.

"Kenny has a great platter. I like what I’m working with," Mari gushed, with Kenny adding,"Mari is the hottest plate I’ve ever seen. She’s a freak. Behind closed doors, watch out." The date left the pair more into each other than ever, with Mari admitting in a confessional that she's"falling in love with Kenny," and him stating,"I feel different about Mari than about anything I can remember in my life."

When the nighttime portion rolled around, Kenny told Mari,"I just felt very strongly about you fast, and I still feel that way," adding that they"might have to start talking about" an engagement soon.After Mari shared her belief in their relationship, Kenny told her,"I am falling in love with you." 

"Really?" Mari questioned."That’s funny because I’m falling in love with you, too." The pair shared a kiss and headed toward the Boom Boom Room, as Kenny began to think about"ultimately getting married" to Mari. 

Riley and Maurissa Take the Next StepThough Maurissa didn't go on the date with Demar, her talk with him led her to want"a little more" from Riley. Though she didn't want to"scare him away" with talk of the future, Maurissa eventually decided to have that all-important conversation with Riley.

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As soon as they sat down, Riley revealed that he didn't like seeing Maurissa talk to Demar, and assured her,"I don’t want you to worry about anything, anyone else coming in here and taking me away from you. It’s just not gonna happen." 

As for why he'd been guarded, Riley confided that it all went back to his family situation. His parents got divorced when he was little, and the events of those times led him to the point where he hasn't spoken to his dad in 10 years."As bad as I want a family of my own, my family situation has never been too great. I think that’s one of the things at the top that scares me," he said."... It scares me a bit to know that even though he did everything in his power, he doesn’t have a relationship with his children." 

Maurissa comforted Riley as he cried, and he revealed that he was excited for her to meet his mom."I do care about you a lot. I have been in love before, and I can see myself going that way," he said."It’s scary as hell for me, but I'm going to do it because I have to and I want to." 

"I am falling in love with you," Maurissa told him, a sentiment that he quickly returned.Riley was left dreaming about future Sunday mornings with his girl, while Maurissa was confident that she had"met the man of my dreams."A Pause in Paradise

All the love and drama was put on hold when producers made their way onto the beach and announced,"There is a tropical storm rapidly approaching. As of an hour ago, it’s heading straight for us... We actually believe it’s no longer safe for you guys to stay in Paradise." 

The group headed off in a frenzy to pack their bags and leave Paradise, with Tia worried about living and James concerned for the relationships developing. Meanwhile, Serena and Joe and Mari and Kenny were uncertain about when they'd see their loves again, leaving the latter man"nervous."

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It turned out to be less bad than forecasted, though, and the contestants were soon welcomed back onto the beach. Lil Jon informed the group that a daytime cocktail party would get underway shortly, before the women began handing out the roses.Tia Struggles to Choose Between Her Heart and Her Vagina

Throughout the episode, Tia struggled to reconcile her attraction to Blake and her like of James. The latter man had been particularly sweet this week, setting up a romantic date to get to know her better."My heart is leading me toward James who’s such a great person overall, but sometimes you have to listen to your vagina," Tia said in a confessional."… As nice as tonight was with James, when we kiss I just don’t feel a tingle in my vagina."

As the rose ceremony approached, Tia remained"torn" after James' gesture and Blake's lack of one. When she confronted Blake over wanting"to be pursued," he assured her,"There’s nothing I want more out of this than leaving with you." 

Blake added that he'd"do anything in the world" to be with her, but she didn't seem to buy it, telling him that"words only go so far.""All I needed was for you to act like you gave two s**ts for two seconds when we first got down here," she said."That’s it." 

"Tia, I don’t care about anything but you and I’s relationship," he replied."All I wanted from you was a conversation… I obviously care. I want to talk to you in a real setting." Tia was left annoyed, while Blake felt"totally blindsided."

"I really do want this rose, but I have no idea what to expect, what to think, where to go from here," he admitted in a confessional. Tia pulled James after that, thanking him for his kindness before sharing a kiss.Ivan Swoops in On Chelsea

Elsewhere, Ivan assumed that his potential for a rose left with Kendall, and told Aaron and James that he wasn't going to go after another man's rose at the last minute.Aaron expressed disappointment for his friend, before going to track down Chelsea. After they did model walks for each other, Chelsea told Aaron that she had hoped her date with Demar would end early, so that she could hang out with him.

"I think something great could come of it," Aaron replied of their relationship, feeling more confident in his quest for a rose than ever. Ivan grabbed Chelsea next, though, and she confessed that she found him"kind of cute." Ivan reciprocated the romantic feelings, and told the model that he's had"a whole lot of thoughts" about her.

"You’re dope," he said."I’m definitely interested."Ivan and Chelsea looked into each other's eyes and kissed, right in the view of Aaron, who declared,"I will slap that stupid beard off his face." After Ivan and Chelsea ended their romantic moment, Aaron stormed over to his friend and yelled at him for his"b**ch move."

"What are you gonna do about it?" Ivan replied.'The Drama Is Just Getting Started'The preview for next week's three hour-long episode teases even more drama to come with Aaron and Ivan, as Riley comes to the latter guy's defense.

Wells has some questions for Ivan, though, as he asks,"Do you have anything to tell me?"Lil Jon assures fans that"the drama is just getting started," as James speculates about what Ivan could have done."He said something happened at the hotel?" James questions, as Ivan tells Wells"I shouldn’t have gone around the system. Love makes you do weird, crazy things."

As Ivan cries in a confessional, couples are seen questioning their future."I want to make it work," Serena tells Joe."We have to figure out how we’re going to do that. It’s not just gonna happen."Joe admits in a confessional that"tensions are high" and"literally anything could happen," as Tia sobs and Kenny tells a crying Mari,"Early on it was passionate. That’s not there anymore."

Then fans got a peek at the finale, which is two weeks away. Dean and Caelynn make their return to the beach, with the former Bachelorette contestant telling the group,"It’s time to ask yourselves some really important questions."An engagement ring flashes on the screen as Joe admits,"I don’t know if I’m making the right decision."

Meanwhile, Becca is having an"internal battle," which leaves Thomas in tears. Serena and Maurissa both shed some tears, too, the latter because Riley tells her,"I’ve been thinking over and over 'Is this something we want to continue?'"

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