Billie Eilish Fans Having Meltdown Over 'Queerbaiting' Accusations

Billie has yet to respond to her very riled-up fans.

6/14/2021 3:58:00 AM

Billie Eilish Fans Having Meltdown Over 'Queerbaiting' Accusations

Billie has yet to respond to her very riled-up fans.

's fandom appears to be disavowing her -- all over what they perceive as queerbaiting ... but, truthfully, it's just A LOT of assumptions and expectations.If you saw the hashtag"#youlikegirls" trending Sunday evening and dove in ... you probably saw a whole bunch of folks up in arms over Billie's recent social media activity/love life, with many saying they were done with her and her music because they consider her problematic.

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SplashNews.comLong story short ... Billie has recently been romantically linked to actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, whom she's been seen out with on what some took as dates -- including this past week, when they were spotted getting cozy at Disneyland. Some are straight up calling him the BF.

That kinda threw some of her fans for a loop in and of itself, it seems, as there appears to have been some speculation that Billie might've been on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We can't say why people thought that -- other than good old-fashioned conclusion-jumping.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.At any rate ... some of those same fans were even more confused with her latest musical offering, which they say sends mixed signals. It's Billie's music video for her new single,"Lost Cause," which sees her dancing in somewhat suggestive fashion with other women.

The true smoking gun for their queerbaiting case -- as the fandom has insisted -- was a follow-up post Billie threw up after this video, which featured the caption"i love girls."Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.Some took that as Billie toying with her fans, as well as pre-conceived notions about her sexuality -- which many have called counterproductive/harmfully misleading. Basically, they're suggesting she's doing more hurting than helping in the LGBTQ+ movement ... during Pride months, no less. That, coupled with her apparent interest in men, is causing an uproar.

We're gonna bust out the soapbox here for a minute and just say ... Billie doesn't owe anyone anything when it comes to all this speculation and projecting that's been thrust on her -- not before, not now, and not even in the future (that is, if she doesn't want to).

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Who are her fans anyways? No one. She need to ignore them and live her life the way she wants. Who cares what they think:) “Queerbating Accusations”? These people having a go at Billie really need to toughen up a bit. Pathetic. Queerbaiting? Seriously wtf Is wrong with you people. A girl can’t just say I love girls? We are fucking dope. women are fucking amazing I hope she doesn’t let you dumb people get to her and continues to love girls straight or gay girls are dope Everyone should love us 😂

All she said in a caption was “I love girls” if all girls in general can’t say “ I love girls without getting blasted all over the internet y’all really are fucking bored and need to find something to educate yourself in. Probably self love. Isn’t her boyfriend, like ten years older and is a gigantic homophobe and racist and she’s okay with it?

Imagine for a moment Minding the business that Pays YOU! The people who are outraged that she queetbaited, which she didn't need to evaluate life. Y'all are the reason why people despise the Lgbtq community No. No no. a luta pra saber o que e Queerbaiting How about everyone mind your damn business and Live let Live she can be anything she wants wtf so much judging who cares it’s her life let her live it! Be kind and mindful of everyone else why does what she does or likes affect anyone else? Live and let Live!

The b in lgbtq must mean booty warrior

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SHE DID NOT QUEERBAIT AT ALL. Getting your ass slapped by friends in a mv or saying “i love women” IS NOT QUEERBAIT She better go back to that little room w her brother cause her agent and this media marketers will end her career, she was better off without any of these people that will just push her to blend in the trends. You was Billie Eilish before they liked you girl!! billieeilish

She is a RACIST too. So people don't like her now because she's not gay. I'm not a fan of her caterwauling but whether she munches the taco or takes the long hard one that should have no bearing on her Talent Really who cares? Lol, turned on her like the fascist gang they are. CancelCulture is only about destroying all who they decide are not righteous

She maybe just show, but she's a good cause I’m actually surprised by this but anyways it’s true no one owes you shit someone’s sexuality it’s no ones fucking business but their owns and if they don’t wanna share it then they shouldn’t have to i just know that whoever wrote this article is a str*ight person trying to invalidate bisexuals feelings

I like her spider tattoo...

Billie Shepherd thanks fans as Mummy Diaries cancelled due to sister Sam's exitBillie Shepherd has taken to Instagram to address the end of The Mummy Diaries following her sister Sam Faiers' departure from the show and what comes next for the Shepherd clan Thank God For That. There's even a silver lining, in these dark times. 😃😃😃😃 Shame ! I used to enjoy that DailyMirror Yay about time.


I don't recall all this happening when Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it so why is it happening for Billie? y’all misunderstood what she said,it’s not queerbaiting.all bc y’all are so strict w her☠️ Sorry girls she’s ours 😈 guess she loves the D 🤷🏽‍♂️, y’all just gotta take the L an go home So a girl can’t appreciate another girl ? And say they like their girls without being gay? So now friends can’t call them girlfriends either ? . Katy perry did I kiss a girl ?

I thought her fans were livid bc of her racist/homophobic/grooming bf binaryshaming at its best! How very inclusive. straightshaming LGBTQIA You never leave her alone She is a young woman who is coming to her own. Can we not like her for her music, her voice. Can we not be kind?

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This headline is one of the best I've seen so far🙌🏾 her 'fans' need help She’s 19! How about we back off and remember shes 19. lol, we didn’t even start the stream please. we would never do this to Billie knowing how much she does not like Twitter or getting her name dragged across the mud. no one is “having and meltdown” we’re holding her accountable and it’s barely about queer-bating.

A bunch of morons are upset again. Surprise, surprise... Get out I swear its always the F.A.G.S Well duh!!!! Everyone trolling her needs a life Hmm, let me think,..........nope, don't care. Question: does the 'LGBTQ+ spectrum' include bisexuality? If so, does that not mean it is entirely possibly for her to be included in that spectrum and still have a boyfriend? I don't understand what's going on here...

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More like the lustful queer fans are having a meltdown. youlikegirs She is QUEER BAITING bc she has an album coming out & is trying to get more sells & the LBGTQ community to believe the hype ItsAStunt Queerbaiting? C'mon now with the stupid made up words k. And leave her alone. They big mad bcuz she's hot and now a victim of the industry. Sex sells. It shows.

All I got from this ridiculous post was TMZ stating “Who cares, it’s nobody’s damn business”. Don’t these journalist scum make a living reporting gossip we don’t care about? hell nah Billie Eilish is like every other girl under 25. They're all gay until they're in a relationship. The biggest problem is that a barely eight-teen year-old girl is dating a 29 year-old man. That's sick.

This is ridiculous bro shut up

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Why even have the “B” in LGBTQIA+ if most of the community doesn’t claim us anyway? all imma say is, Billie’s fanbase are a bunch of controlling entitled bitches that cry when their ideal headcannon of their fav doesn’t fit with their personal delusion. -thanks for coming to my ted talk. Uh oh they caught on

MELTDOWN Who is Billy Eyelash? Being a teenage celebrity nowadays is a one way ticket to s****ide. People are way too fickle and will jump on any train that’s trending. Everyone will be reciting lyrics and talking about their favorite tour memories in a few months… BTS_twt BTS_Butter Her PR team must be shaking right now.

It's their own fault, when you listen to the ignorant people behind the music, this is what you get. LEAVE HER ALONE, you like her boring music, fine. But when she speaks out about things, ignore her, who is she FREAKIN SOCRATES? She is a girl that probably didn't finish school Harvey should know?

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And I read that thinking she had done something more serious. FFS!! She owes nobody anything when it comes to her personal life. apaguem essa merda All I know is, as interesting and decent a person as she is, multiple Grammys notwithstanding, mad fan base notwithstanding, I’m not entirely convinced she can sing. She seems to be mumbling.

Oh. So she’s not allowed to love who she wants at whatever time she wants? Weird. So people are mad she isn’t gay? Wtf is wrong with you people. Let the girl live her life. Someone always going to feel something about something 🤫🤔 AYEEEE WE FAMOUS HAHAHHAHAHHA Became famous at a very young age. It's only obvious that she would make mistakes(that's not to say what she did is wrong), but I wonder how she can handle this pressure and being 19 🤔

pls stop promoting ppls valid anger as a “meltdown”. this title should be “Billie being called out for queer baiting” it’s not an accusation, it’s the facts. The correct title for this story should be “Who Gives a Fuck?” don't get carried away by the clickbait and enter the full note yall was ratioed so bad delete this already and stop embarrassing yourselves

This is stupid. harry styles is the real queerbaiter out there... for magazines / normal day (not to mention that he only dates women) What she deserves 🙈🙈🙈🙈 pls *** not Meltdown .

Many of your favorite celebrities do this, this is nothing new she has fans um.... no taesquare The ppl behind tmz are heartless wbk it’s not her fans Imagine a world where artist don’t actually do everything they say in their lyrics.. Eminem Oml... cant sing anyway What the rainbow hair wrist cutter club has turned on their QUEEN?

Seems like it was easier back in the 70s when it was just assumed that rock stars slept with practically anything that moved. palhaçada em irmão NATERERUN LMFAOOOOO So… wait. The “community” is mad because she’s not identifying they way they’d all want her to? Imagine a world where irony overload was a thing 🤔🤔🤔

We ain't got a video of her crying about it