Billboard Wins 'Readers' Choice Awards' & 'Best Profile Photograph' in 2020 ASME Contest

Billboard wins 'Readers' Choice Awards' & 'Best Profile Photograph' in 2020 ASME contest

7/10/2020 4:30:00 AM

Billboard wins 'Readers' Choice Awards' & 'Best Profile Photograph' in 2020 ASME contest

Billboard won two awards for the American Society of Magazine Authors (ASME) Best Cover Contest 2020 + Awards for Photography and Illustration.

Alexandra GavilletFrom left: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé of Blackpink photographed on Feb. 8, 2019 at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles.Billboardwon two awards for the American Society of Magazine Authors (ASME) Best Cover Contest 2020 + Awards for Photography and Illustration, which were announced Thursday (July 9).

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