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Ron Klain, Senator Pat Toomey

Biden to name first Cabinet picks on Tuesday but Trump digs in despite election loss

Despite an emphatic court setback in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump showed no sign on Sunday of dropping his long-shot efforts to overturn the election even as President-elect Joe Biden moves ahead with planning for his incoming administration

11/22/2020 6:45:00 PM

Despite an emphatic court setback in Pennsylvania , President Donald Trump showed no sign on Sunday of dropping his long-shot efforts to overturn the election even as President-elect Joe Biden moves ahead with planning for his incoming administration

Joe Biden will announce the first of his Cabinet picks on Tuesday, a senior aide said on Sunday, as the president-elect moves ahead with planning for his incoming administration while President Donald Trump showed no sign of abandoning his long-shot bid to overturn the U.S. election. Since Biden was declared winner of the Nov. 3 election two weeks ago, Trump has launched a barrage of lawsuits and mounted a pressure campaign to prevent state officials from certifying their vote totals, suffering another emphatic legal setback on Saturday in Pennsylvania . Ron Klain , Biden's choice to be White House chief of staff, reiterated their camp's call for the Trump administration - specifically a federal agency called the General Services Administration - to formally recognize Biden's victory to unlock resources for the transition process.

1d agoPriti Patel shakes up antiquated work practices at Home OfficeThe top ranks of the civil servants at the Home Office are to be shaken up in the wake of claims of bullying by Priti Patel, with officials forced to work some weekends and be subject to performance reviews. New rules are also being drawn up to allow the Home Secretary to personally quiz junior officials who have the most up-to-date knowledge about the work of her department, The Telegraph understands. The changes have been agreed between Ms Patel and Matthew Rycroft, the department's permanent secretary, in a bid to draw a line under the Whitehall probe into Ms Patel's behaviour. A Whitehall report last week found that while Ms Patel's behaviour amounted to bullying in breach of the ministerial code, the civil service itself also "needs to reflect on its role during this period”. It emerged this weekend that not one of the allegations had been put to Ms Patel, while she had never met or spoken to Sir Alex Allan, the Whitehall civil servant who carried out the eight-month investigation into Ms Patel. Sources also confirmed that some civil servants complained if Ms Patel tried to contact them over weekends to ask for support if crises erupted. One source said: "National security is not 9-til-5", adding that on some weekends Ms Patel had found that "she was driving the ship completely". They added: "That is changing." A former adviser said: "The snowflakes in the civil service would regularly complain about working even five minutes more than their allotted hours. "Their chief complaint appears to be having to work over a weekend when they’re on call, despite this being their job." Under the new way of working, Ms Patel will be given a dedicated team of officials who she can lean on for support at weekends when other civil servants have gone home. The top ranks of civil servants at the Home Office will be required to submit themselves to performance reviews. The Home Office has agreed to allowing Ms Patel to question junior officials directly who might have day-to-day knowledge of a particular challenge, rather than relying on information fed through more senior officials. One source said some civil servants had been "quite precious" about Ms Patel's attempts to speak to staff on the frontline of the Home Office's work. Friends pointed to a history of previous Home Secretaries – such as Amber Rudd over the Windrush controversy – who had been unfairly forced out by the actions of civil servants.

The Con Pays Off: After Years Of Feigning Interest, George R.R. Martin Has Bolted From The ‘Elden Ring’ Offices With All The Topless Elf Concept Art His Arms Can Carry AOC mocked for selling $58 'tax the rich' sweatshirt The Topical

22h agoGiuliani to reportedly skip meeting with Michigan lawmakers after COVID-19 exposureMembers of President Trump's outside legal team, including Rudy Giuliani, have reportedly been sidelined from a meeting with Michigan lawmakers due to a case of COVID-19.Giuliani and other Trump lawyers won't be able to attend a White House meeting scheduled for Friday with two Michigan lawmakers because they were recently exposed to the coronavirus, Axios reports. This meeting with lawmakers from the state where President-elect Joe Biden was projected to win, according to the Times, "appears to be a part of the president's campaign to interfere with the state's certification process."But Andrew Giuliani, Rudy's son who is a staffer at the White House, on Friday announced he tested positive for COVID-19, and the Times reports he attended the Thursday news conference in which Rudy Giuliani pushed baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud. On a conference call with Trump officials on Friday, when the subject arose of which member of Trump's outside legal team would attend the White House meeting, Axios reports this planning quickly "fell apart" when it was revealed that Giuliani's son tested positive and it subsequently became clear that "the entire Giuliani-affiliated legal team was probably exposed." Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs summed up the chaos by noting that Giuliani being forced to skip this meeting due to COVID-19 comes after White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Trump adviser David Bossie were both sidelined because they tested positive for the coronavirus.> Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows sidelined after the election by coronavirus so Dave Bossie stepped in to guide strategy. Then Bossie sidelined by covid, and Rudy Giuliani became front man on election battle. Now Giuliani can’t be in the room because his son has the virus.> > — Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) November 20, 2020Indeed, Axios wrote that this was just more "turmoil" thrown into Trump's legal efforts, with a campaign adviser saying, "It's just a s--tshow, it's a joke." Read more at Axios.More stories from 5 bruisingly funny cartoons about Rudy Giuliani's dubious legal strategy 5 brutally funny cartoons about Trump's election denial America is buckling

2d agoRights groups denounce Cuba harassment of activist groupA number of international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, have denounced Cuban state harassment of a group of activists in Havana who say they have gone on hunger strike in protest against curbs on free speech. The San Isidro Movement, a group of artists, journalists and academics, has had numerous run-ins with Communist authorities in recent years as it tests and protests limits on freedom of speech in the one party state. Members and allies say they have been detained multiple times for peacefully protesting the arrest last week of rapper Denis Solis and his sentencing to eight months in prison for what authorities said was "contempt."

17h agoThousands march in Taiwan against US pork importsThousands of people marched in Taipei's streets on Sunday demanding the reversal of a decision to allow U.S. pork imports into Taiwan, alleging food safety issues. President Tsai Ing-wen's administration lifted a long-standing ban on U.S. pork and beef imports in August, in a move seen as one of the first steps toward possibly negotiating a bilateral trade agreement with the U.S. The ban is due to be lifted in January. The new policy allows imports of pork with acceptable residues of ractopamine, a drug added into animal feed that promotes the growth of lean meat that some farmers use in pigs.

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Santa Ana winds create Fire Danger in California, new major storm to hit Northeast

A major Santa Ana Wind event is ongoing right now in Southern California from outside of Los Angeles down to just outside of San Diego.

YOU STILL BELIEVE RUDY G? SHAME! FakeYahooNews, never lets us forget whose side they are on! Supreme Court here we come. C'mon man, ya know Biden Team. (Fake news media) greased the wheels for Biden to steal the election. If they succeed, payback is gonna be a bitch! Ever read what happened in the French Revolution?

SillyDude I hope president Trump will show his strong character. Don't give up Mr. Trump. Trump your acting like a child Time to GROW. UP and be a MAN and ACCEPT the Results CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win Can you just IMAGINE if the roles were reversed and Biden was doing all of this nonsense, essentially wasting million of taxpayer dollars because his ego prevented him from accepting the fact that he lost? This guy is such an embarrassment.

🤣🤡🤣🤡 A certified nut case! Trump needs to put up (show this evidence that he won) or zip it up (stop lying to the American people!) Trump has not been able to show any evidence in court that he is the actual winner. He should not be allowed to continue to make these horrendous lies! This is fraud.

Give it up! The majority has spoken! Let Biden plan all he wants. He’s not the president-elect. And the PA courts throwing out the case help it progress faster to SCOTUS, thereby doing Trump a favor. 6 million votes - enough said. Unfortunately 45 is a man without class, dignity or self-respect Putin isn't ready to give up yet

Except that the look on his face has changed since after the elections and the confidence he used to portray seems to have faded. I hope president Trump will show his strong character. Don't give up Mr. Trump. Madman Trump and his supporter and Mitch McConnell enabling Putin to block 2020 election. Russian President Putin has revealed that he is not ready to recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election because Donald Trump has not acknowledged the Democrat's victory.

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