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United States, Jamal Khashoggi

Biden needs Saudi support, and that could make it tough to pressure Riyadh on human rights: Atlantic Council CEO

Biden needs Saudi support, and that could be tough to pressure Riyadh on human rights: Atlantic Council

3/2/2021 1:53:00 PM

Biden needs Saudi support, and that could be tough to pressure Riyadh on human rights: Atlantic Council

Biden previously said he would make Riyadh a 'pariah,' but realizes Saudi Arabia 's support is important for the U.S., said Frederick Kempe of the Atlantic Council.

During his presidential campaign, Biden said Washington wouldmake Riyadh the "pariah that they are"and hold the kingdom accountable on human rights issues. However, the president now sees that Saudi Arabia's support is important for his agenda in the Middle East region, Kempe said.

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"If you want to contain Iran, if you want to build upon the positive impact of Arab-Israeli normalization through the Abraham Accords … if you want to bring some peace to Syria and Yemen, there's hardly anything you can get done in the Middle East [without Riyadh]," Kempe told CNBC's

"Capital Connection"on Tuesday."Let's not forget controlling oil prices so that you can actually have stable prices for the energy transition to renewables, none of that can be done without Saudi Arabia, so how do you implement your human rights policy?" he said. headtopics.com

The U.S. last weekimposed visa restrictions on 76 Saudiswho are "believed to have been engaged in threatening dissidents overseas, including but not limited to the Khashoggi killing."But, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has not been directly targeted by Washington, despite an intelligence report finding that he approved an operation to capture or kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Critics have accused Biden of not defending human rights, but the White House has so far resisted pressure to punish the crown prince, thoughU.S. President Joe Biden in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Anna Moneymaker | The New York Times | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesThe Atlantic Council's Kempe, who is also a CNBC contributor, said Saudi Arabia's importance is one reason why the State Department has characterized the changes in Washington-Riyadh relations

"not as a rupture, but a recalibration."While many in the Democratic Party may not be happy with this approach, it's "probably the right way to go forward," Kempe said."The reality is you'd rather have a flawed, and perhaps even deeply flawed ally, than an adversary in this era of new power and big power competition where Saudi Arabia might depend more on China, more on Russia for its arms deliveries, for its economic strength," he said. headtopics.com

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Kempe said the U.S. president is "weighing all of these things." Read more: CNBC »

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Does Joe know he is President still... whereisjoe Waww human right!! Ok are you blind about what happen in syria, libya, houthi in yemen, iran and what you did in iraq. We gonna die 4 this holly land, great leaders and great nation. Oh I see, so American values, ethics, and morals can be bought. Good to know.

POTUS Mr. Biden you have to know you will leave like everyone else, and the kingdom’s kings will remain beloved kings in the Arab world, in the Arabian Gulf, in the Arab world, and on Islamic world, and the world.. We are all MBS 🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦 Biden should take into account the possibility that Saudi Arabia settles its differences with Iran realistically, and both work to fight normalization with Israel and pressure the Gulf states to freeze normalization. And go to Russia and China to develop nuclear capabilities.

You showed us a great example of Human Rights in Abu Ghraib. Democratic unleashed Iran handed Iraq gave them cash which have similar history of Human Rights. Soon “isis” will be a threat again lol scary fear put your masks on sheep Well, cave to reality is fine but it’s double standard for US to use human rights as excuse against rival countries. Just say honestly US fights those countries for interest conflict, nothing else. Don’t pretend to own the moral high ground.

I thought we needed to be tough on Saudi Arabia's human rights violations....or at least we just heard 4 years of it from his party.... S uui u us ok 👌🏻 will ياكل زق Will he ask Twitter to suspend MBS on their platform? Even temporarily? Now he realizes who has the upper hands!!! Get back to ur place psychopaths leftest!!

🤣 I love that Hank Williams Jr song - Mind your own business. Need to send Hank to Washington to sing it in a joint session of Congress . As long as SA don’t export terrorism and keep their crazies at home whatever they do is not our business. Only in Saudi Arabia people (humans) have their full rights to survive as respectable human beings, due to the fact that their religion is Real Islam and they are ruled be fair government.

Biden doesn’t even know where he is when that pic was taken. هل يبحث عن حقوق الانسان في السعوديه ويتجاهل سوريا والعراق واليمن ولبنان !!!! Lol, case number 2745 where a candidate to US presidency says tons of 'courageous' stuff during the run to office, and then takes it all back 'because it would not make sense and benefit the security of this nation'. Burn down the capitol this time. Biden SaudiArabia

Biden presidency is hardly 100 days old .... Easy to armchair quarterback, when you aren't the one in charge isn't it POTUS? Got anything else you want to reconsider? The Keystone XL pipeline? opening the border? stopping construction of the border wall? Never make decisions based on your dislike of the former President.

He’s the greatest president of all time... surely, he will only make power moves. He who controls the oil controls the world. forsure. Does that means that AdamSchiff has completed his 'deep dive' ? So he plans to do nothing.... except make US more dependent on their oil? Just like his mentor; he talks a big game, come on tv and condemns strongly, but does nothing.

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