Biden hosts Macron Thursday for the president's first state dinner. Here's what to know.

12/1/2022 2:15:00 AM

President Joe Biden will host French President Emmanuel Macron for the Biden's first state dinner. The two leaders will also hold a bilateral meeting.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Vice President Kamala Harris discussed collaboration efforts in space ahead of his private meeting and state dinner with President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden will host French President Emmanuel Macron for the Biden's first state dinner. The two leaders will also hold a bilateral meeting.

COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in the event.BIDEN STANDS ON CORPSES TO PROMOTE GUN CONTROL (AGAIN) Note that Biden did not say “assault weapons” or “assault-style weapons" — the liberal description of semi-automatic rifles that Democrats think look scary.seen this summer, one of his economic advisers said in an interview.uniform standards for federal agencies to consult with tribes, a plan to revitalize Native languages and new efforts to strengthen the tribal rights that are outlined in existing treaties with Washington.

This is not the first time Macron has attended a state dinner at the White House.In April 2018 for Trump’s first official state dinner.He said it is “sick” and there is “not a single solitary rationale” for people to be able to own semi-automatic weapons.What Macron’s schedule looks like The French president arrives in Washington this week ahead of Thursday’s dinner."I think the president is certainly glad to see prices come down so sharply.Macron on Wednesday will join Vice President Kamala Harris in visiting NASA headquarters.Handguns are the most popular firearms for self-defense.Kirby said the visit will “showcase our deepening collaboration on space in support of Earth climate and space science and space exploration.A 2020 from the Interior Department said $5 billion would be needed over the next 50 years for tribal relocation due to environmental damage.

” On Thursday, Biden and the first lady, along with Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, will greet Macron and his wife for the official arrival ceremony.That number has stayed relatively stable over the years, including 85% in 2018, 84% in 2017, and 85% in 2016.87 a gallon and $3.Biden and Macron will have a bilateral discussion on the same day where the two leaders “will discuss our continued close partnership on shared global challenges and areas of bilateral interest,” according to the White House.They will then hold a press conference following the bilateral meeting.“Starting in 2009, Glock-type semiautomatic handguns, purchased for personal protection, began to outsell rifles, which have been typically used in hunting,” according to the New York Times.On Capitol Hill: Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday will also host a luncheon at the State Department for Macron.Harris and Emhoff will also be in attendance at the state dinner.“Demand for semiautomatic handguns rose at the fastest rate on record, with pistol production rocketing from around three million to 5.The president said he is requesting $9.

“Throughout all of these events, you can expect to see on display both our long shared history as allies as well as our deep partnership and taking on the most urgent global challenges of today and tomorrow,” Kirby said Monday.What to expect at the state dinner The dinner is a black tie event where many lawmakers, ambassadors and diplomats are often in attendance.There are two possibilities that explain Biden’s comments.Some celebrities have also made appearances.This year, musician and Grammy winner Jon Batiste is set to perform.The other conclusion is that Biden knows nothing about guns, does not know what semi-automatic even means, and does not understand that there is little functional difference between semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic rifles.“An artist who transcends generations, Jon Batiste’s music inspires and brings people together,” said Vanessa Valdivia, a spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden, whose office is overseeing dinner preparations.” Federal agencies recently have been creating tribal advisory councils and reimagining consultation policies that go beyond a “check the box" exercise.

“We’re thrilled to have him perform at the White House for the first state dinner of the Biden-Harris administration.The result is the same: Biden would ban average law-abiding citizens from buying and owning guns to defend themselves at a time when Democrats refuse to prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law.” What is a state dinner? The state dinner is a long-standing tradition at the White House that gives the president and first lady the chance to honor a world leader with their spouse, according to the White House Historical Association.The first-ever White House state dinner was held in December 1874 by President Ulysses S.Grant, who hosted King David Kalakaua of the Kingdom of Hawai’i.Among the world leaders who have been hosted at the White House include General Secretary Mikhail S.The administration also announced that the Commerce Department will work with tribes to co-manage public resources such as water and fisheries.

Gorbachev of the Soviet Union in December 1987, who was hosted by then-President Ronald Reagan.More: In 2001, then-President George W.Bush held a white-tie state dinner for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,"to mark the 400th anniversary of the English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia," according to the White House Historical Association.Contributing: Associated Press; Merdie Nzanga Reach Rebecca Morin at Twitter @RebeccaMorin_ Biden turns 80 as he weighs reelection bid The oldest president in U.S.and highlighted deepening and long-standing inequities in tribal communities.

history is hitting a milestone birthday.Joe Biden turns 80 on Sunday, and questions are swirling about whether he has the acuity and stamina to run for president again, if he chooses to do so.(Nov.19) AP.

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Oh shit! That’s right. Dingbat is head of our space program! 😬 At least she didn't climb under the desk. Old habits die hard. Are we talking about the space between her ears?

Biden wants to take your gunsEither President JoeBiden knows what he is calling for, or he wants to restrict gun ownership without knowing anything about the guns he wants to restrict, writes ZacharyFaria. The result is the same. JoeBiden ZacharyFaria The AR-15 was banned in 1994 because its sole use is for mass killing in combat. Or supermarkets and nightclubs. GUNviolence JoeBiden ZacharyFaria Republicans again show us they are not pro-life. They are pro-gun. JoeBiden ZacharyFaria That means he has sold us out completely and it is time for the invasion. Be ready.

President Joe Biden remains 'focused' on fuel prices, even as prices come down 50 percent since June, adviser saysPresident Joe Biden remains 'focused' on how much Americans are spending on gasoline,... Biden is a Cloward-Piven fanboy. Create chaos to enhance government overreach to control the people. If we did not have the 2nd Amendment, we'd already be North Korea by now.

President Biden making new commitments at Tribal Nations SummitThe Biden administration is making new commitments to Native American nations at the first in-person summit on tribal affairs in six years. biden un tribalnations kprc2 click2houston us politics

AOC among 8 Democrats to vote against avoiding a railway strikePresident Joe Biden had warned a rail strike could spur a 'crippling' national shutdown. She’s for the destruction of America. Damn. Guess they better give in to the demands of the people on strike. 'I just screwed the people who voted for me, this much'

President Joe Biden to visit Arizona semiconductor plant under constructionPresident Joe Biden on Dec. 6 will visit the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. facility, which is under construction in north Phoenix. Please don’t Stay away. You understand that air China has been chartering flights here every day for this semiconductor plant? Makes me wonder when Pelosi went to Taiwan it was really for this and not for the China Taiwan conflict

Biden hosts national Christmas tree lighting | President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, along with their families, attend the National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington, D.C. | By Washington Examiner | Facebook0 views, 2 likes, 2 loves, 72 comments, 3 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Washington Examiner: President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, along with their families, attend the National... POTUS VP Why you should not vote for Raphael Warnock: 1)Supports defunding police 2) Supports no voter ID 3) Supports taxpayer paid illegal immigration 4) Supports govt pymts to people who don't want to work 5) Supported 2020 violent riots. 6)Ran over his wife 7)Evicted renters over $119 POTUS VP POTUS VP