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Biden campaign raises $48 million in 48 hours after naming Kamala Harris as VP choice

Biden campaign raises $48 million in 48 hours after naming Kamala Harris as VP choice

8/14/2020 11:35:00 AM

Biden campaign raises $48 million in 48 hours after naming Kamala Harris as VP choice

The campaign of Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has raised $48 million in the 48 hours since he named U.S. Senator Kamala Harris the Democratic vice presidential nominee, a campaign spokesman told Reuters late on Thursday.

Biden, a former vice president himself, on Tuesday picked Harris as his choice for VP, making her the first Black woman on a major-party U.S. presidential ticket.With social unrest over racial injustice rocking the country for months since the death in custody of an African-American man, George Floyd - after a police officer knelt on his neck for about nine minutes - Biden was under pressure to select a Black woman as his running mate.

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Harris, a 55-year-old senator from California who made her own run for the White House, is also the first Asian-American on a major presidential ticket. Her parents were immigrants, her mother from India and her father from Jamaica.She became only the second Black female U.S. senator in history when elected in 2016 and will be relied on to help mobilize African-Americans, the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency.

Four years ago, the first dip in Black voter turnout in 20 years contributed to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s upset loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election.Harris, a former prosecutor and state attorney general in California, is known for her sometimes aggressive questioning style in the Senate.

As a presidential candidate, she took Biden to task in a nationally televised debate over his past stances on mandatory busing for students as a means to desegregate schools.The choice of a running mate has added significance for Biden, 77, who would be the oldest person to become president if he is elected.

His age has led to speculation he will serve only one term, making Harris a potential top contender for the Democratic nomination in 2024.Biden and groups affiliated to his campaign had raised $140 million in July.Reporting by James Oliphant in Washington and Kanishka Singh in Bengaluru; Editing by William Mallard

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President Donald Trump said Thursday that he's not sure November's election will be 'honest' because of the use of unsolicited ballots, extending his baseless assertion that widespread mail-in voting is rife with fraud and again casting doubt on if he will accept the results of the election.

As a prosecutor, Kamala Harris supported the 3 strikes rule from Biden’s 1994 crime bill that led to a massive increase in incarceration and disproportionately affected the black community. WE STAND WITH MR TRUMP 100%. אנו עומדים עם 100% מר. you mean corporate interests are dedicated to getting establishment politicians in office? wow im shocked they want the Neo-liberals to win.... and remember she was picked for the color of her genitals instead of any merit or accomplishments.

Yes sleepy joe moving in for the kill Antifa and Soros have deep pockets Such a creeper in this picture. 😂😂😂 You mean the funneling of money through BLM and the deep state? FreeRonnieLong I'm sure it was funds from BLM who are burning down our cities. She wore a pearl necklace. shadow presidential JSmithpolitics1 I postulate substantial part is from that same fellow, Saul Goodman's (Breaking Bad) 'fat Bulgarian', running million credit card small payments. This is the biggest scandal in USA. It was so during 2008 election but then it was new. Now no excuse to let this slide thro.

$47.99 million surely came from ONE notable donor, I'm sure. It doesn’t matter... Bloomberg spent a billion bucks on his primary... we haven’t seen him since. 😂 Trump is the worst President in American history! Why does he always look like such a creeper when he interacts with women? In $1m donations - 1 per hour. From big biz. And not a set up. Nope, not at all.

They had like 30 actual people show up for their first big appearance together. Good luck buying votes 😂 Why do you think he picked her . Just $ Probably all from cop unions. You help me,I help you😅️😂️ Well yeah, Antifa and BLM funded. Looks like a few people want rid of Pres Trump 🙃 huge sigh of relief from Wall St. bankers and insurance executives

...Fools and their money are easily parted...... Hey kiddo what’s you do’on later? Coronavirus infections in Florida children surge 137 percent in a month There has been a 90% increase in Covid-19 cases in US children in the last four weeks, report says Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Children Rose By 90% in About Four Weeks This Summer, Bringing the Total to Over 380,000

How much of it was from BLM Wow that’s like a million dollars an hour. 🤑 Trump 2020 glynmoody Half of that goes to Kamala’s campaign debt 😂 Guess who’s happy with this pick, Wallstreet Kamala Harris raises $48 million in 48 hours...* (Fixed it) She should have waited 2024. Bad strategy for her, she’ll never be president

proudlyasianamerican donateandvote Annnnnddddd....there's your answer, folks! MoneyTalks 👇🏻 Imagine what they could raise if AOC were able to speak for more than 1 min at the convention... 👀 47,5 million from clinton foundation😂😂😂 Small dollar donations like Bernie was getting? How much came from BLM?

48 million dollars 💵 and you have people dying starving begging loosing their homes etc . . . What a waste . . . You want to run the country campaign on social media TV etc. During a pandemic where groups aren’t allowed to gather what’s all this $$ for? 🤔 Great, can we put that toward their proposed tax increases?

Really rolling in the dough now, its a wonder why anyone bothers working when politics is so lucrative. Glad I could help. We'll work on fixing this whole problem with ungodly amounts of money in US elections at a later date. Why do they look like they’re about to make kiss? crazy because dem primary voters hated her

Corporations investing in their future. 🍕 Lady too old? Biden keep distance. They are going to need way more $ than that to put lipstick on his pig running mate. how much from small donors how much from corporations and millionaires? the friend of the Albanian Narco'state' Blow will be happy $$$$ Hopefully this team gets annihilated in the election. Terrible for the country.

Is he leaning in for a sniff? Finally added up the BLM funds I see biden after week forget he selected her 😂 What a scam Real politics!! Democrat campaigns are paid $100,000 per abortion so this adds up 47 million from Soros and Gates ... the other million from 'the little people' ... women and power A million an hour!

They’re going to need it Biden campaign raised $48 million after naming Harris as VP? I'm finding the word raising confusing, doesn't Soros just about own the dem. party? He's constantly giving the dem party millions for protesting, rioting, looting to these radicals who pose as BLM She knows how raise it then lose it.

Gross. This will be my first election and as I look at the candidates, I already know who I won’t be voting for. There’s no way I will be voting for Kamala “Dirty Cop” Harris. Any 3rd party candidate out there? WOW! What a waste of money. His worst gaff to date. Why did they pick her? Now there’s a question about her citizenship status too! Gawd!! What happenes next

What happened to Kamala Harris believing Biden's accusers of sexual harassment and rape? Does she still support them now? Or is the power then and now more important? I guess those accusers no longer fit her narrative. आंखों ही आंखों में इशारा हो गया बैठे बैठे जीने का सहारा हो गया। LoveBirds nibba Biden nibbi KamlaHarris lol

Dirty Money, Easy Money! 😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 This just shows who the real crooks are . Terrible how blatant of a bias u have for Dems WE WOULD BE PLEASED IF SO HAPPENS. So, she didn't get much money when she was a candidate, and suddenly, in 48 hours the campaign got millions... somebody is making up numbers

That’s enough for about 6 commercials on National television & maybe a handful of billboards. Dejaron de ser la agencia de noticias 'objetiva' y sin matices, para convertirse en la agencia publicitaria y propagandística de un político, candidato a la presidencia Estan jugando con fuego, pierden toda la credibilidad, el respeto y la confianza Uds sellan su ataúd

This is the guy that wants the federal government make us wear a mask for the next 3 months. So right after the election the danger is all gone. HOW CONVENIENT TO SILENCE THE MASS. AND AVOID ANSWERING QUESTIONS. HES THE ONLY ONE THAT NEEDS TO WEAR ONE. WHAT AN IDIOT. This picture Reminiscent of INDIAN MOVIES , Now Joe must must to run and follow Kamala Around the TREES !! A funny romantic image !!

So Americans are in dire need of financial help but they have enough extra income to combined donate $48 million to a campaign? Sometimes Someone turns up Out of the Blue. . . Peanuts compared to what Hillary Clinton and their 'Phony Foundation' was able to collect ... and save/spent ... Great god I want to sniff your hair!

No money to help the poor but lots of money for politicians. Looks like he's about to sniff her hair. I would like to know sources of the money if it's not a heretical question. yes after threats aimed at biden “he will lose if he doesn’t select a black woman” said reid and nance . they couldn’t trust the process

The more important question that needs to be answered is; how many different sources are providing the $48 million is it thousands of donors across the country or is it just Hollywood and Wall Street ? Smoke & mirrors. This money is NOT a grassroots effort. Many important Democrats are fighting for their freedom, so the funds will be there. HelloGeorge Soros BLM ActBlue

Blessings from Wall Street. Crazy how people will throw money at you to keep anything from actually changing He still won't win though Trump2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory it is really inspiring to see a woman getting her second place... So, the whole things are about money not the interests of the voters.

Zionism in it’s ugliest face Bill Clinton, you did rape and Home Destruction of Victims, begun before the your president. Don't think of politics by exploiting broadcasts and news, again. Broadcasters and criminal who are loyal to you and Hillary will punish the more brutally. With Trump, you are just a scammer politician who is lying. You are following what Clinton and Hillary and Bush and Obama did before. You are committing more evil and abominations than they do. You are an evil and abominable criminal who has many crimes of his

Another Clinton in the white house? Why not ?! America has spoken! Because after having to drop out of the campaign to be the DNC nominee w a national favorability rating between 3-7% amongst dems & an inability to raise money all of a sudden dems love her. Nothing suspicious about this, nothing at all. 🤣🤣🤣

Joy: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris ticket belongs to 'the emerging America,' what Trumpism cannot stopOn Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris as his vice presidential pick, Joy says, 'This ticket belongs to the emerging America. The America what Trumpism and anger and meanness cannot stop.' JoyAnnReid Which shampoo scent will she use the next time she meets Joe? thereidout JoyAnnReid We will work for Biden much more than we did for Obama. Our black American queen deserves our blood and sweat. Game on JoyAnnReid KAMALA HARRIS----EMPOWERING BLACKS FOR TRUMP

You have to win first: What Joe Biden's pick of Kamala Harris tells us about BidenBy picking Kamala Harris as his running mate, Joe Biden gave some signals about his view of the campaign, his approach toward decision-making, and the traits he would bring to governing if he wins, writes USA TODAY's SusanPage SusanPage Kamala does better on TV than Rice. That is why it is her. SusanPage SusanPage He has no faculties,void of making decisions!

Neil Cavuto Fact-Checks Trump Campaign: Kamala Harris Never Called Biden RacistNeil Cavuto fact-checks Trump campaign: Kamala Harris never called Biden racist Right. She just accused him of not caring about young children of color and lying about bussing issues She is on the record. You can't lie your way out of this, and many other things either! haha, I like funny news.

POLITICO Playbook: Why Kamala matters for Biden — and TrumpIn nearly every sense, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) picks up where Joe Biden falls short our playbookplus authors say. Here's why 👇 playbookplus Yeah like consciousness playbookplus 🤨 playbookplus Will she admit to Biden's obvious dementia?

How Joe Biden Chose Kamala Harris As His Running MateIn private, former president Barack Obama suggested to others that he believed Harris was the favorite. Funny, because she didn't have high approvals in the primary Dem debates. Indians/Hindus beware she is pro Pakistani in her Kashmir stance and not a Hindu (Another mockery convert baptist). Only Trump is good for the Hindu cause not this or Biden. Am I tripping or what are the chances? So the WWe wrestling show announced on Monday one of their wrestler had died names James “Kamala” Harris. Two days later Biden announces his VP Kamala Harris! same names. is it a hidden sign by some crazy dark shadow govt

Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as the running mate to defeat a Trump-Pence ticketApparent Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s historic selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice president is being met with celebration by many in the Democratic Party. She is seen as someone who can go toe-to-toe with Vice President Mike Pence in debates, and who will raise enthusiasm among women and voters of color. JoyAnnReid Harris is 1/4 black, 1/4 white and 2/4 Eastern Indian. So where does she get the balls to call herself black? What happened to the Eastern Indian 2/4 of her? JoyAnnReid Its OVER for 45...stick a fork in him. JoyAnnReid the important part is she is 'up to the job and competent'