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Betty White's 99th Birthday Plans Are Simply Golden

1/13/2021 10:23:00 PM

Betty White's 99th Birthday Plans Are Simply Golden

With her 99th birthday coming up, Betty White has shared how she'll be celebrating her milestone day. Plus, read on for the plan she had to ditch because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In mere days, this Golden Girl celebrates a big birthday.We're talking about the belovedBetty White, who is set to turn 99 years old on Sunday, Jan. 17. With the momentous occasion approaching, a rep for the iconic star revealed to E! News how White will spend her special day amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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"Betty was going to run a mile, but COVID has kept her in the house," a rep said. "Other than this, she will be enjoying a healthy day feeding the two ducks that come to visit her every day." Despite the circumstances, we're glad White is able to keep up her signature and much-needed humor in the midst of these trying times. And, while this might not be the best time for her and her longtime crush

Robert Redfordto finally come face to face, perhaps he'll ring up the birthday gal. After all, that was her only request for her 97th birthday in 2019. Read more: E! News »

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Betty white. Mohamed Ali. Michelle Obama. Jim Carry. Happy future birthday to us. : D You go girl happy birthday Betty we love you Happy Birthday to the queen of our hearts! STOP shhh don’t remind Covid What a lovely lady Betty White is. Just plain good.