Best Of Both Worlds? Meet The Amazing New Chicken Soup Sandwich From R&D Foods

1/23/2022 5:41:00 PM

The Prospect Heights shop just added this ingenious creation to their lineup.

Introducing the Chicken Soup Sandwich from R&D Foods in Prospect Heights—an open-faced sandwich featuring everything you'd find in a bowl, even the broth.

The Prospect Heights shop just added this ingenious creation to their lineup.

4 Ilene Rosen and Sara Dima have been making loads of good, homey food for their neighbors in Prospect Heights since 2012, when they first opened a sweet little cafe called 606 R&D on Vanderbilt Avenue.Progresso Reduced Sodium Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup Ann Marie Langrehr/Eat This, Not That! This version of Progresso's roasted chicken noodle soup received great scores all around.Brenda Cain, cleveland.nugget.

606 only lasted a few years, but their spinoff catering operation and salad and sandwich shop next door, R&D Foods, remains a solid neighborhood favorite, maybe even more so during the pandemic."In the beginning of the pandemic we were rethinking what we were doing every day and trying to remain flexible and nimble," chef and co-owner Rosen told Gothamist.Eat This, Not That! Verdict The hearty add-ins in this soup helped it climb to the second spot in our taste test."Then things sort of leveled out--I won't use the word 'normal'--and we went back to more of what we were.That said, I tend to frequent those fast-food eateries that specialize in red meat.Like, we stopped including a roll of toilet paper in each order, and we allowed people to come back inside." Another editor was a"big fan of this one and liked the chunky carrots and the noodle shape.And Open Streets was amazing for us.No word yet on where these clock in on the Scoville Scale , but the fact that the nuggets are being served with two kinds of dairy-based sauce tells us they're pretty hot.

This is a great block to be on—the sense of community here is fabulous." One last editor loved this, saying"Amazing! Great flavor and big carrots.The Methodology - I chose six local fast-food restaurants that have made their reputation on red meat only." Another pandemic side effect: everyone seems to be eating a lot more sandwiches."We're really doing so many sandwiches now, but I wanted something that would feel like the quintessential winter sandwich," said Rosen about her latest creation.1, Wolfgang Puck's chicken noodle soup took the top spot in our taste test."So, of course, I landed on chicken soup.Editor’s Note: Though I ordered medium-sized combos at every restaurant, the size of the included drinks varies in each meal.So many people are just not feeling the way they should, for obvious reasons, so I took a little of the Jewish penicillin from my heritage and morphed it into a sandwich.We'll definitely be heading back to our local grocery store to find this soup when we're starting to feel under the weather or when we're are just in the mood for some yummy soup.

" Scott Lynch / Gothamist The result is the R&D Chicken Soup Sandwich, which is exactly as wonderful as it sounds.The foundation to this open-faced beauty is a slab of challah, upon which Rosen piles tender bits of pulled chicken, hunks of soft carrots, onions, celery, a mess of crispy shallots and plenty of dill." Another thought"the shape of the carrots were lovely, it looked like they were actually chopped instead of fake-like cubes in other Cost: $7.The meat and vegetables have all been swimming in Rosen's chicken broth before moving on to the bread, and she ladles on more of the stock right before she hands it to you.The challah is sodden in the middle, but the edges keep their crustiness." Other editors thought this one was"delicious" and had"great big pieces of chicken and a great broth.Just a masterclass in sandwich construction.The coating on the chicken was so crispy it almost seemed as though it had been fried twice.

Chicken Soup Sandwich ($15)." "Wolfgang Puck doesn't disappoint.

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Sounds amazing but also messy 😂

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