Ben Affleck and J Lo Take Kids to See the Movie, 'Licorice Pizza'

Ben Affleck and J Lo Take Kids to See the Movie, 'Licorice Pizza'

12/6/2021 1:03:00 AM

Ben Affleck and J Lo Take Kids to See the Movie, 'Licorice Pizza'

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did a little blending Saturday ... hitting up the Regency Theater with some of their kids for the movie 'Licorice Pizza.'

They got celeb treatment for sure ... an attendant was right there to escort them in through a side door and warn them all to step away from some puddles.

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They look happy. Anyway If I were her I would never have returned with him. Do you think it was the plaid shirt that gave Ben away? Bennifer 🙄 2.0 What color socks they had on? Kids love PTA! I would ask him so many batman questions if I was the kids. Did they buy large popcorn and beverages? How far from the screen? Pre pay for those tickets? Honestly who cares

Isn't that movie streaming too on Netflix? Why bother going out to a theater and have your kids suffer through getting gawk at by paparazzi? Will you also hound them when they break up? Guaranteed… soon as the weather changes JLO will be on the prowl! Poor Ben! 😝 ❤ I liked live by night at 2nd viewing

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