Before GOP convention, Trump pushes use of blood plasma treatment for COVID-19

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President Trump announced his administration has granted emergency use authorization for blood plasma as a COVID-19 treatment.

to emphasize his administration's search for a vaccine to stop the coronavirus that has killed more than 176,000 Americans and gutted the U.S. economy. The convention, which will be online because of the spread of COVID-19, opens Monday.

The blood plasma treatment Trump touted Sunday has already been given to more than 70,000 patients,"so it's available," said, speaking on CBS' Face The Nation. In a Saturday tweet, Trump claimed without evidence that"the deep state" within the FDA is"making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics. Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd."

Medical analysts said Trump may be putting too much political pressure on the FDA, part of an overall effort to develop a vaccine as soon as possible.

Source: Healthcare Press (


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What are the worlds foremost experts are saying about this ?


Haters criticizing anything that can possibly cure those that have Covid is just sickening..! The thing is that they don't even know how delusional and stupid that makes them look.

Someone needs to save us from this evil fiend!

Just go away - each state is handling this issue on their own. No one needs you..enjoy your last several months in office.

Oh, dear! Now I suppose the Democrats will come out against it.

It has not even been or oven it works yet. The same hoax as his hydro whatever.

So what? Does he want a cookie?

Was that the ‘good news’?

But all the fake news msms tore it down as a possibility Sir I know we(and you) don’t care what they think but stand up to them and tell em they are wrong and this is what we are gonna do!

Can’t unring bell about his sister bashing him.

I thought this was something already in use?

Someone mentioned steroids anti inflammatory drug like Hydroxy given early, correct dosage, Zinc. Took steroids for decades - was put on Hydroxy a year by a new doctor. Feeling great! Could have avoid many deaths of patients with inflamed lungs. POLITICS!

And it is t a breakthrough. Just setting up his brag for RNC

Nuremberg time


God, it’s time for Putin to invite this dangerous fool over for tea. That special stuff he serves.

Practicing medicine without a license. First Lysol, then bleach, then the big magic pill that didn’t work, then oleander juice, now this. The megalomaniac is getting even more people killed.

What happened to it magically disappearing ? Huh? realDonaldTrump is a criminal RepublicansForBiden

Trump 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

I will say this with no apologies. Americans are suckers. Trump knows it. So anyone who does not understand the coincidence here is a big fool period!

Was this to kick off RNC convention week?

I Love This Man!!! Our President ..... DONALD J. TRUMP! He is working so hard to make the American people proud and prosperous and I couldn’t be any more thankful. May God Bless him, always. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Funny because it was already being used. 🙄

Good move !

Just in time for the convention

What a joke.

Lol. “Before convention”. More left BS.

NO NOT NOW!!!! NO WAY in hell!!!

Treatment with plasma is a double-edged sword, if patients are infected a second time the infection will be much more serious

You have pushed every crackpot treatment out there, bleach, UV light, hydroxychloroquine, oleander juice and who knows what else while casting doubt on masks and whether the virus is a “Hoax”. U criticize the FDA about tests. U have lied to us all the time

And yet, realDonaldTrump POTUS continues to ignore ALS! NurOwn EOforALS

Are the plasma suppliers going to release the gender, religion, race and sexual preference of the donor to recipients so the Nazi MAGA s don’t get tainted?

There was no doubt that plasma harvesting works. It's been working for decades. This is what happens when liberal nazis put a stick in the wheel. Vote Trump.

VA wouldn't treat me with it. 3 weeks ago today they started with Remdisavir until last Tuesday. Moved me to a acute long term ICU to help repair my lungs. My brother was given it back in April(on ventilator already)

CNN realDonaldTrump PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt PoliticalStunt

The latest quack remedy from Trump. And what’s the “emergency”? COVID has been killing people for 6 months. The only “emergency” is it’s the eve of the Republican convention & Trump needs a miracle cure to announce

It's about time!!! They have been working on this since late March!!!


Next thing he will come out with us that arsenic will kill it!

I have found parallels to Arthur Gobineau in the black Democratic ideology. 'Race = destiny' becomes 'racism = destiny'. Black Nationalism + Socialism + Gobineau = black NAZISM. Black Panther Party should be viewed as Afro-American National Socialist movement (Black Nazism)


Here we go again

cnn A very political move...nothing has changed with this treatment or with its use. We've already treated 70,000+ patients with this. Data has been somewhat weak re it's benefits.

Everything can be bought. As he did with hydroxychloriquine, people who can afford it will buy bags of plah-sma, “just in case,” and supplies for clinical trials will evaporate. Those who will benefit most won’t be able to afford it.

Does he even know what those words mean?

That and this will occur all Republicans if taken together. Trump

biden thinks

Convalescent plasma is a 'therapy' that has been out for decades. It's not a miracle cure. But the fact that Trump is advocating this 'theory' (only 35% success rate with the initial data) as the potential 'cure' is just harming for the COVID-19 research.

No evidence that it actually works.

And he announced it from the newly decorated Rose Garden .

He has so many STDs, I hope he won’t share his....

Yeah the same treatment my brother in law had a month ago and his mom had two weeks ago? Oh... So, nothing new lol

Great news.

Dr. Trump miracle Treatment: HQC + BLEACH + PLASMA 😂 LoseEverythingWithTrump

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