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Beats vs. Apple: Which of These Audio Giants Has the Best Gear In Town?

From true wireless headphones to earbuds with big sound, we review three audio offerings from Beats and Apple to decide which brand reigns supreme

9/23/2021 4:50:00 PM

With true wireless earbuds and bass-boosting headphones, Apple and Beats continually lead the pack when it comes to personal audio. But which brand (and which products) are actually worth your money?

From true wireless headphones to earbuds with big sound, we review three audio offerings from Beats and Apple to decide which brand reigns supreme

AirPods come out the gate sounding great, with ample amounts of bass to rival the Powerbeats Pro, and a decent midrange and treble. We’ve listened to rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, as well as podcasts and audiobooks, and never had any complaints about audio clarity. But since they don’t create a tight seal the same way a gummy-tipped earbud would, AirPods don’t have any sort of noise cancellation, and let a fair amount of ambient noise leak in.

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In terms of fit, the Powerbeats Pro doesn’t have ANC, but an ergonomic shape that nests comfortably in the concha bowl of the ear and blocks out some noise. Each pair of earbuds comes with four sizes of ear tips and an adjustable earhook for further customization. They’re particularly beloved by gym rats and runners, since the buds are also sweat and water-resistant to boot.

What tips the Powerbeats over the line is battery life — while both earbuds get up to 24 hours of playback with their respective charging cases, Powerbeats has nine hours of listening time off a single charge, while AirPods only get a measly five (which have spawned many

did your AirPods die? memes).WINNER: Beats PowerBeats Pro Bottom line: if you’re still WFH, or mostly listen to music or podcasts in quiet spaces, the regular AirPods are a fine choice. But Powerbeats Pro get you more hours of audio, and remain an essential for

or fitness obsessives who really like to pound the pavement.Beats Studio3 vs. AirPods Max HeadphonesWhile Apple had to work out the previous kinks with their earbuds to pull off something really special with their first entry into the headphone competition, AirPods Max, Beats had the privilege of years of crafting their headphones when they released the Beats Studio3. The AirPods Max certainly generated a lot of attention when they first came out due to their steep price point, but do they have enough key features to beat out the Beats Studio3?

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Isn't Beats owned by Apple? Is this a trick question? I think rayconglobal are the best personally Yeah they lead the pack on prices. Not much else Neither. They are both expensive, and I have had both, and they both broke, within one year of purchase. The Apple Air pods last only a few months.

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