World, Afghanistan: Taliban Bans Barbers From Shaving Beards And Playing Music İn İn Helmand Province - Cn

World, Afghanistan: Taliban Bans Barbers From Shaving Beards And Playing Music İn İn Helmand Province - Cn

Barbers banned from shaving beards and playing music in Afghanistan's Helmand province

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9/27/2021 11:39:00 AM

Barbers in Afghanistan's Helmand Province are now prohibited from shaving men's beards and playing music in their shops

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Not surprised A leopard never changes it’s spots! Psycho Taliban degenerates These are Trump’s good Taliban buds he wanted to invite to Camp David… America gave 20 years of money and soldier’s lives to help these Afghan people who couldn’t or wouldn’t help themselves. Appears religion is the root of all evil.

🙃🙃🙃 Wtf W Afghan thinks it’s the Stone Age. I feel sorry for those people but gathering in numbers to take back your country can work in some cases. These religious zealots are not what’s best for your country. StandUp FightBack you can do it. And women in Texas are no longer in control of their own internal organs.

A country being run by lunatics. A very sad state of affairs.

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E don set They are also banned from shaving women’s beards. On a separate note, burka sales are rocketing! Tek je pocela stega. Well they won so it’s their show Women in America are forced to carry babies from rape and incest. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Please Follow my page it can change your life completely. Fuck em if they want freedom time to stand up and do something about it America held afghans dicks for over 20 years

Expected. Nothing has changed. The Taliban 25 years ago and now are the same.

UN and Afghanistan's Taliban, figuring out how to interactThe Taliban's request to speak at the U.N. General Assembly shows the world body's continued power and relevance. The U.N. can use potential recognition as leverage to exact assurances from the Taliban on human rights and girls’ access to education. Give me a break. Says America as they fight to reduce women's rights.

Are you serious? It’s a must to keep beard 🧔‍♂️? Source of this fake news? No country for hipsters I’m sure they’ll like it better than being bombed because they had water jugs in their cars

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India says Biden agrees on Pakistan concerns in AfghanistanIndia said Friday that US President Joe Biden and other leaders agreed to keep a careful eye on Pakistan, adding that its historic rival has been an 'instigator' of trouble in Afghanistan. Pakistanis know from the start that Biden is biased towards Pakistan, he invited Modi to WH, who is mass murderer but didn't even call PM Pakistan who helped Americans and Afghans left Afghanistan safely. Bidenhas proven to always follow the wrong rulers for advice ! Why is it so? Doesn't he have a brain to recognize right from wrong?!?