Bad blood: Rand Paul moves to thwart a Liz Cheney Senate run

The Hatfields and McCoys of the GOP are at it again.


Rand Paul began his offensive against Liz Cheney in May, reigniting a years-long feud between their families and warring wings of the Republican Party

The Hatfields and McCoys of the GOP are at it again.

“Rand likes to pick a fight, that’s his way,” said Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.), who serves in House leadership with Cheney but is neutral on the Wyoming Senate race.

a proxy for Paul’s libertarian-inflected conservatism against Cheney’s sharp-edged ambition at home and abroad.

Early polling shows Cheney leading Lummis by over 20 points in a potential match-up, according to a survey conducted by the GOP firm The Tarrance Group.

Her decision will have an outsized effect on both the Senate, where she could one day mount a presidential run, and the House, where she’s viewed as a potential future speaker. Many are already taking sides.

Yet the “other lady” also has plenty of supporters in the Senate, and they are making a not-so-subtle effort to head Cheney off from running. In addition to Paul, Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) all support Lummis. Plenty of Senate Republicans are also still peeved by Cheney’s aborted primary campaign against Enzi six years ago.

If Cheney instead decides to challenge Lummis for the Senate, the contest would elevate the larger split in the Republican Party over foreign policy and the still simmering debate over whether Trump’s worldview is closer to Paul’s and Lummis’ or Cheney’s.

Some GOP lawmakers and aides interpreted the Cheney-Paul Twitter spat as an audition for an audience of one: Trump. If Cheney does jump into the race, there would undoubtedly be a battle for Trump’s endorsement. His supporters in Congress are unsure if Trump would weigh in.

Regardless of who wins, the Senate will be far different with the departure of the low-key Enzi. Lummis might be a headache for GOP leaders if she resumes the same confrontational stance she had in the House and joins Paul as a thorn in McConnell’s side.

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How sad. Maybe they will both just turn into lard I love con on con violence! Dump them both in a pit. morgfair Let them eat each other. They both suck big time. Horrible people. Who is more obnoxious? Toss up. They both need to go Dog eat dog They’re both sickening! Let them fight it out amongst themselves...the party will be finished after the 2020 elections

Sorry to inform both Rand Paul and Liz Cheney the emperor has no clothes. The trump mantle? Who can be most corrupt and ignorant?

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Regan vs Goneril Who cares? Besides Randall wins because he’s cozier with the Russian overlords. I'm on Rand Paul's side. The battle between Rand Paul and Liz Cheney is more than personal beef. It’s a test for how best to claim the Trump cult Let's the 2 drama Queens battle it out. A libertarian is not going to 'claim the Trump mantle' from an authoritarian. Full stop.

I prefer Rand Paul to Liz Cheney Before you can pass Trump's loyalty test you have to give him a spray tan. Let them settle it the old fashioned way . . . a duel. Give them both AR-15's and have at it!! We all win if both are gone!! I hope they both lose. Everything

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A fight for the next segment of the human Trump centipede.'s an asshat gladiatorial...don't care who wins...bring the popcorn though. Could be a movie called Bad blood Who wants THAT albatross really? Out of the many 😎 Which one of you here is the biggest Trump butt kisser? Who gives a crap. The GOP is doomed

How Islam is So Great For Personal Development He killed the GOP My wallet is closed......... EndTrumpsConcentrationCamps EndTrumpsConcentrationCamps EndTrumpsConcentrationCamps VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Rand Paul is still irrelevant in the Republican party!

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Love it when Republicans fight with each other! Two horrible politicians, and even worse, they’re horrible people too. Look, Sauron and Saruman don’t like each other. What 'wings' of the party? There are Republicans who love Trump and Republicans who REALLY love Trump. That's about it. Great stuff. The Lizard and Drumpf's golfing buddy at war. Of neither one of them does any good for the American people. With troops in Saudi Arabia THE DICK is busy firing up Halliburton to help Lizard.

Get your 🍿ready! Paul and Cheney meet cute! Paul is a Libertarian. The Dem & Rep parties are forced marriages owing to blurring of political differences by our severely outdated single-seat-district, winner-take-all electoral system. Time for elections from multi-seat legislative districts by proportional representation

Hatfields and McCoys, with teeth. 😁 Excellent entertainment :)

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Since Trump wants to take country back a few hundred years anyway, why not reinstall a duel? If we are really lucky they would kill each other and we could move on. Perhaps lawnmowers could be the weapon of choice? The pettiness of elementary school children... 🙄 He is as nutty as his dad. GO RAND!!! I truly wish Rand Paul would run for President.

Two very nasty people from two very nasty families. JRCarrollNews Fine. Let em fight!!!

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They’re both tools. I see no difference. A pox on both their “houses” Love to see these two freaks have a cat fight. Eff them both. Let's watch the radical right wing extremists devour each other. I wish them both success in their endeavors I’ve heard alligators eat their young. And their shit families. Get the popcorn ready!

Grab the popcorn.. it's gonna get dirty..

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