Ava DuVernay's 'New Gods,' James Wan's 'The Trench' DC Movies Not Moving Forward at Warner Bros. (Exclusive)

Ava DuVernay’s ‘New Gods,’ James Wan’s ‘The Trench’ DC Movies Not Moving Forward at Warner Bros. (Exclusive)

4/1/2021 11:33:00 PM

Ava DuVernay’s ‘New Gods,’ James Wan’s ‘The Trench’ DC Movies Not Moving Forward at Warner Bros. (Exclusive)

Filmmakers Ava DuVernay and James Wan won't be developing 'New Gods' or 'The Trench' at this moment for DC Films.

With, sources say that the upcomingAquamansequel was considered enough, but Warners could come back to it down the line if there is thirst for more adventures set in the Atlantean kingdoms. It was also considered a possibility for streaming, but it is more of a standalone story rather than having a strong tying into

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Aquamanor the rest of the DC universe.New Gods, which would have been a sprawling tale, was complicated by the fact that its villain, Darkseid, just appeared as a major foil inZack Snyder's Justice Leagueand there was a desire to have space between the latter and any new appearances.

Except forThe Batman, which is set on an alternate Earth known to geeks as Earth-2, DC is plotting its films and shows to share the same universe. Key to setting up its new status quo will beThe Flash(Nov. 4, 2022), which will tackle the multiverse and is said to also lend clarity to the future of the Justice League with multiple Batmen, as well as Supergirl, appearing. headtopics.com

Other projects on the slate due out in 2022-23 include Warners' and New Line'sBlack AdamShazam! Fury Of The Gods(June 2, 2023), as well as Warners' Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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Canceling new goods is hands down going to be top 5 dumbest things Warner Bros has done with DC just a coincidence that POC's projects get shelved and white guy's (snyder, gunn,reeves,) projects all get the go-ahead, i'm sure. But they have room for that weird canon aquaman cartoon? Haha. Honestly WB don't deserve DC films. They are incompetent to me.

good. after a wrinkle in time she shouldn't have gotten any more blockbuster directing gigs Good A black writer and Asian writers movies are being canceled. How interesting smh Noooooo 'Sprawling' doesn't work with superhero films anyway. The New Gods was already a risk. 'Hey, let's get that A Wrinkle in Time sure hand on it.'

WB sucks period ..... What’s interesting is Ava was offered the chance to direct Black Panther but she turned it down in favor of doing A Wrinkle Time. She probably should have just taken the opportunity to direct Black Panther Warner Bros talks about having a multiverse and putting films back in the hands of creators...then they continue to do shit like this. It’s seriously made me question who is in charge in making these decisions.

Awesome. That's Why. WB sucks in superhero genres No planning and no time limit for any single movie. No output results. Just announce and cancel after 2-3yrs. RestoreTheSnyderVerse UsUnited WarnerMedia warnerbros hbomax Dropping this here for your consideration 😔 RestoreTheSnyderVerse That's Why. WB sucks in superhero genres No planning and no time limit for any single movie. No output results. Just announce and cancel after 2-3yrs.

Lmaooo ohhhh my goodness 😂 what the hell is going on at WB Can't believe Warner Bros. is blaming Snyder for his cut of JL for canceling these movies. If the Snyderverse is no more than why should it have any effect on their plans? Argh! Does anyone at Warner Bro Studios know WTF they are doing?! What a shit show they are running there!

I’ve read enough Tom King at this point to know not look forward to his stuff. Some good news. Incompetent!! Warner Bros doesn't know what to do with these memorable characters and blames Zack Snyder because Darkseid has already appeared in the recent movie but according to Warner Bros, ZSJL isn't canon, right? So, why Zack Snyder is blamed for this all?

Well then they might as well do sonething worthwhile and just RestoreTheSnyderVerse Damn, this is a dark day indeed for DC I know this day will come. Just have wait another for ended up like this DC will do everything but make a good movie 🤣 RestoreTheSnyderVerse I really didn’t want to see a ‘woke’ New Gods movie and to be honest The Trench wasn’t a good enough feature concept. I feel bad for James Wan but hopefully Aquaman 2 is shapes up.

Good Oh what a surprise, warnerbros is the only studio who makes announcements on movies that they never plan to make. Like what kind of idiots are running that DC Films division.... Darkseid is not DC’s greatest villain, Hamada, Emmerich and Sarnoff are. they’ve cancelled it because people will confuse it with the darkseid seen in ZSJL. does that mean that they’re gonna use darkseid again?

💔😔 TheCulturedNerd Oh!Good news! Give $70m to make a terrible justice league movie into a less terrible justice league movie but shelve new gods..yep wb can't help but screw things up This is a terrible April fool’s joke. ThomasConnorsJr Well maybe there's hope.. But than again the new leader never finished a single run of DC comic's.

GOOD. (But sad for 'the trench') RestoreTheSnyderVerse Well sounded more like a Mister Miracle than a New Gods movie anyway. Mister Miracle is about Barda, Scott & the Furries, while New Gods are about Apokolips & New Genesis conflict, so it would have probably sucked anyway. WB CEOs think we are dumb? This company need to be reformulated soon as possible!

They’re canceling New Gods but they’re gonna give us another bland Wonder Woman movie 😔 Fuck wbpictures I'm curious....how much did all their development&collaboration cost? Anyone happen to know what a big name director gets for this sorta thing? Ava is not good for this kind of productions, loot a ' A wrinkle in time' horrible, she is great with social justice stories.

Noooooooo. WB is an idiot HBO Max better SaveNewGods SaveTheTrench Ann Sarnoff is by far and away the most incompetent executive in Hollywood As long as they don't RestoretheSnyderVerese I think we'll be okay. Its April's fools day. Why does WB hate making money Unacceptable. As a fan I have never experienced so much passive-aggressive studio executive behavior as has been demonstrated by wbpictures. WarnerMedia jasonkilar hbomax you have insiders sabotaging your reputation and your brand. ZackSnydersJusticeLeage was incredible.

it was nothing but gas ups & announcements for a wbros dc development universe by idiotas emmerich, judas johns & hamada. warner idiots stay making feige look good SnyderCut RestoreTheSnyderVerse Warner Bros you are a shame and a nightmare restorethesnyderverse Now RestoreTheSnyderVerse warnerbros hbomax

Darkseid is in ZackSnydersJusticeLeague RestoreTheSnyderVerse warnerbros WB are now petrified of anything dark thay contains sequels. 🤣 What a joke they’ve become tbh. Nothing remains of the company that once was and all we now have is a bunch of narcissistic individuals that put pride and saving face before admitting the obvious errors they made.

Im disapointed. Why ava's NewGods script cant fit in the 5000 years between story lesson and now?Theres no need of another iteration. Why not going forward with TheTrench? spin-off with Garth meeting air-breather? Many ideas but WB not able to deal with their movies + DC movies Tbh, I think I would like it more, if they made a series for The New Gods on hbomax.

Good After the failure of A Wrinkle In Time it makes sense to not move forward with Ava DuverNay directing the project, but cancelling it altogether? Warner Bros. must be very afraid of Eternals or they don't want to have Darkseid in a movie because that would tie into the Snyder Cut. What is wbpictures if not dumb decisions persevering?

Sucks The Trench got the boot. New Gods should be done by someone else. Don't really care about The Trench but pretty bummed about Ava's New Gods. Some of the coolest, richest stories in all of DC comics ready to be brought to life and WB just cans it. Can't say I'm surprised by WB's incompetence... The Trench, seriously, who wanted this to begin with?. Proceed with Aquaman 2, please. 🤔

RestoreTheSnyderVerse for more JL and New Gods! 🙏❤️🔥 hbomax WarnerMedia ATT wbpictures warnerbros WBHomeEnt DCComics “Guys”, stop fighting they are shelving newgods, it can come back(might win Oscar). I believe ava had a different version of new gods(like joker), but WB wanted a DCEU version to rival MCU, and with the success of ZackSnydersJusticeLeague they probably want to keep that design

The Trench is understandable, but New Gods? Wtf Warner That’s why WB needs to restorethesynderverse We already have the New Gods Introduced by Zack Snyder NextBestPicture GraceRandolph must be crying now that she won't get to see her suggestion of DuVernay hiring Beyonce to play Big Barda. I mean could someone tell me what movie ADuVernay directed that was a “Hit” at the box office cus all I’ve seen was trash!!

Sigh Another day in Warner. This is very disappointing by WarnerMedia wbpictures. Looks like they are obsessed to cut all ties to SnyderCut which sucks. dccomics movies are losing sight day by day. NextBestPicture Thank Fucking God. The fact that DuVernay got hew gig immediately after the disaster that was 'A Wrinkle In Time' proved how much it pays to be well-liked in Hollywood.

Look for Natural Force. It's the only Force. Nature is our Lord. It's what we can see and feel. It's what we strive for, too gradually. Humans have been dumb for too long. I'm blacker or whiter than you. Yeah, color has to do with it. I must be real dumb. DC Remember when WB kept throwing the term “multiverse” around but seemingly had no idea what it means

dude what the fuck How is Warner Bros so bad at this. Does this include Jenkin’s Amazon movie? Ava DuVernay is a loser and failure. Ahahahahahaha. Strikes out yet again. How about RestoreTheSnyderVerse Bet they got Cold Feet when a Wrinkle in Time Bombed RestoreTheSnyderverse For me this is good news. Stop making more DC movie to tell character back story. this will complicated thing. Just concentrate finishing The SnyderVerse. Just 2 to 3 movie.. Then WB can reboot DCEU with new actor

Warner Bros is an EMBARASSMENT I insist WB and Hamada don't have a clue on what to do with DC, They don't care about the IP and they're missing someone who loves the source material as Feige does at Marvel and if they don't change that and see it just as $ they won't catch up to Marvel anytime soon Is this an April’s Fool article?

What the fuck BOOO!! So much for expanding. Hey warnerbros I have an idea. Remember the little multiverse concept that was introduced at DC FanDome? You can RestoreTheSnyderVerse as well as doing whatever else that doesn't have to tie with it. Food for thought. WeirdScienceDC .... I dont think this is april fools...

New day, new 'what the flying fuck is WB doing?!' RestoreTheSnyderVerse TheNewGods Ah damn, but also GOOD Goodbye, Ava 😃😃😃😃😃 Didn't care much about Ava's project as I didn't have any hopes for it. It probably would've been a woke mess. But I would've loved to see Wan's 'The Trench' as I was really impressed with its portrayal in aquaman , it's a real shame on WB's side.

WB is trying to Blame Zack for not having Ava's film being made when it was WB's own fault for not releasing Zack's film in 2017. Even now Ava's film can happen inside its universe. WB is just trying to misguide public. Agatha strikes again. This is for the best. Both were mistakes. Very disappointing news. stefandesolo

RestoreTheSnyderVerse wbpictures RestoreTheSnyderVerse Oh, that's disappointing. I was looking forward to enjoying a DC movie finally. Ava does amazing work. Oh well. Sorry mister Walter Hamada, no need to accuse Zack Snyder for your incompetency, Zack gave an amazing teasing of Darkseid and Ava could have used it if she wanted in her Multiverse, but you were TOO LATE against Disney's Eternals

wbpictures please sell the rights to DC, I’m begging you! ATT jasonkilar The Trench movie couldve been interesting but oh well. New Gods is such a deep and complicated story that Ava Duvernay wouldve been more worried about making woke than getting it right. So glad its not happening! RestoreTheSnyderverse

Aw, no! I was really looking forward to DuVernay & King's New Gods! WB=Why Bother? The thing about not doing it because darkseid was in the snyder cut doesn't make sense, Just as there will be 2 batmen, 2 jokers and 2 supermen there could also be 2 darkseids, that's the whole point of the multiverse. ReleaseAvasNewGods

warnerbros dodged a stupid ass woke bullet on the NewGods movie. RestoreTheSnyderVerse i actually wanted that new gods movie 😐 Ok then RestoretheSnyderVerse This is a blessing in disguise. I personally have not been a fan of Ava’s work tbh wbpictures the worst studio ever Hahahahaha RestoretheSnyderVerse

Cc the_snickman some good news Good thing New Gods is shelved. Can we please get a better director for it in future. WB/DC is a never ending shit storm of uncertainty. WB is gonna WB. RestoreTheSnyderVerse That sucks. Wait is this not an april fools joke? Seeing multiple sources posting this now. If it’s cancelled then I’m gutted.

A NewGods film would be Great to see, but with the uncertainty that WB have with dccomics right now, it’s for the best that they shelved it. SnyderCut Sad but not at all surprising que loucura irmão Why do you guys believing this so easily? Which means the closest thing to a New Gods movie is still and shall always be MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Thank GOD!!! A whole movie about them sea monsters Heck no Kevin Feige strikes again I honestly not surprised at all ChampagneSoki Actually this is good 🤦🏽‍♂️ RestoretheSnyderVerse That was obvious to any one with a brain lol Trench was never getting made its not big screen material for mainstream audiences its streaming series material.

Can’t believe The Trench was even a thing HAHAHAH I told Ava that movie would never come out and she blocked me bitch I was right ALL ALONG😂☠️✋🏽 Beside myself with surprise. Yet another DC movie WB had no intention of making canned. They’ve cancelled 5 times as many DC films as they’ve ever made. DCsDoctorFate I guess we should take this L... Actually living in Spain without the S.

The trench 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not surprised on New Gods. Surprised about The Trench. Really wanted to see both. Warner Bros just saved the New Gods. Ava would have destroyed the brand. She has no idea how to make a New Gods Film. Thank you to the film gods!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🍾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂 Walter Hamada So what was the fucking plan then? They didn't want darkseid to be in the SnyderCut cause they were going to use him and now it turns out they won't?

WB's current direction Comic book Ann sarnaoff here flexing: Lol WB what are you doing? Those fucking idiots.